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Mike Warren

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  • Cut in Half by Mike Warren
    Cut in Half (English, Hardback) Mike Warren

    For fans of pop science, How Things Work, How It's Made, maker culture, and visual information, here's an entertaining photo exploration and literal inside look at a fun range of the everyday objects around us.

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  • Dude Crafts by Mike Warren
    Dude Crafts (English, Hardback) Mike Warren

    60 projects showing readers how to do things like craft an iPad cover from an old book, re-purpose an electric jigsaw into a martini shaker, fashion a Swiss army knife for your keys, or outfit an unsuspecting co-worker's office chair with an air horn. Each project is accompanied by a parts list and step-by-step photo instructions--

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  • 23 Things to do Before you are 11 1/2 by Mike Warren
    23 Things to do Before you are 11 1/2 (Paperback) Mike Warren, John Haslam

    An essential guide to activities a child can enjoy with their parents or grandparents.

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  • The Skin I'm in Pt.3 Pieces of Me by Mike Warren
    The Skin I'm in Pt.3 Pieces of Me (English, Paperback) Mike Warren

    Curtis Black is back with more than just his career as an actor but he has found himself in a position of having to choose between who has his mind, his body or his heart. Curtis has a woman name Joan and she has given him a home and an acting career as well.Curtis starts seeing a brotha name Derrick the same brotha that used to bully him while they were in grade school. And then there's Ru, a...

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  • The Cool in You by Mike Warren
    The Cool in You (English, Paperback) Mike Warren

    This book is about older gay brothas who still have it going on and wonder why most gay books are about younger gay men who are in their teens, 20's 30's. Are older gay brothas not considered attractive, sexy, smart and therefore, no longer wanted by society? This book is about when one's taste grows up and living your life as an older gay man who still have it going on

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  • Timing Is Everything by Mike Warren
    Timing Is Everything (English, Paperback) Mike Warren

    Sean Mathews is back yet again to come to terms with his sexuality and determined to live his life as he sees fit. Regardless as to who gets hurt. Mike, Justin, Gab and Eddie are back and each one of them does what they have to do for Sean's affection. Who will win his heart? Who will turn Sean's way in settling down and become a one man's man? Throughout it all, Sean still faces his biggest fight...

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  • The Exit Formula by Mike Warren
    The Exit Formula (English, Paperback) Mike Warren Currently Unavailable More details
  • Like Father, Like Son by Mike Warren
    Like Father, Like Son (English, Paperback) Mike Warren

    Ronald Atkins has always wanted a better relationship with his son, Jordan Atkins. Ron also knew that from an early age that his son Jordan would grow up to be gay. Ron had mixed emotions about his son, not that he would be gay but he would be a fem bottom. As far as being a fem bottom was concern, that was an absolute no no. What also bothered Ron was that Jordan would never admit that he...

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  • When Enough Isn't Enough by Mike Warren
    When Enough Isn't Enough (English, Paperback) Mike Warren

    Jason Cruz aka JC grew up in the ghetto neighborhoods of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and have always felt as though he wasn't good enough. He wasn't good enough for his boyfriends nor was he good enough for his own mother. JC finally meets Miles Thompson, a professional Football player for the Philadelphia Eagles. JC constantly wondered if Miles was good enough for him. JC grew up thinking...

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  • Choir Boy2 Living My Truth by Mike Warren
    Choir Boy2 Living My Truth (English, Paperback) Mike Warren

    Keenan Foxx has now become a semi-celeb and have gone back home while on break from his acting career to see his mom, Pastor and church family. However, Keenan is surprised to learn that his church family doesn't quite feel the same way towards him before he left.Keenan also learns that the relationship between him and Pastor is a thing of the past and they go each other's way. And even though...

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  • Reckless by Mike Warren
    Reckless (English, Paperback) Mike Warren

    Christopher Davis grew up in the mean streets of Flint, Michigan. He never knew his mother or father because he was given up at birth. Chris had been shuffled from one foster home after the next. At the young tender age of 12, he decides to run away and live on the streets. He soon finds out that the only way he can survive is by selling his body. Chris wasn't what you go a people person but he...

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  • Whip Appeal by Mike Warren
    Whip Appeal (English, Paperback) Mike Warren

    Malcolm Dupree always wanted the better things in life, even if that meant selling his body via stripping or escorting. Malcolm learned early on that he could have any male or female he wanted. Malcolm truly took advantage of his thuggish style to become one of the highest paid escorts in the New York City area. However, he soon learns that he might be a father of his best friend's sister. Will...

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  • The Skin I'm in Pt.2 by Mike Warren
    The Skin I'm in Pt.2 (English, Paperback) Mike Warren

    Malik is back and have become very successful in his modeling career. However, when he goes to celebrate his success with Ru, he is shocked and heartbroken to find the love of his life in a compromising position. Will that end their relationship for good or will it make it stronger?With all the success Malik is having, he also gets a gig to a new TV show and the powers that be, changes his name...

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  • DIY Concrete Projects by Mike Warren
    DIY Concrete Projects (Paperback) Mike Warren Currently Unavailable More details