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Miles Kahler

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  • Decolonization in Britain and France by Miles Kahler
    Decolonization in Britain and France (English, Paperback)

    Professor Kahler focuses on organizations below the state, investigating party competition and sensitivity to political change produced by the characteristics of commercial firms. In addition, he explores transmission of external shocks to the domestic polity by the state itself and the domestic politics of settler societies under external threat....

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  • Governance in a Global Economy by Miles Kahler
    Governance in a Global Economy (English, Paperback)

    Exploring changes in governance across several policy areas (such as tourism, trade, finance, and fiscal and monetary policy), this work demonstrates that globalization changes the policy preferences of some actors, increases the bargaining power of others, and opens new institutional options for yet others.

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  • Networked Politics by Miles Kahler
    Networked Politics (English, Paperback)

    In Networked Politics, a team of political scientists investigates networks in important sectors of international relations, including human rights, security agreements, terrorist and criminal groups, international inequality, and internet governance.

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  • Politics in the New Hard Times by Miles Kahler
    Politics in the New Hard Times (English, Paperback)

    Although economic explanations for the Great Recession have proliferated, the political causes and consequences of the crisis have received less systematic attention. This is the first book to focus on it as a political rather than an economic crisis.

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