Military history: post WW2 conflicts

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  • Left of Bang (English, Paperback) Patrick Van Horne, Jason a Riley

    Describes how to listen to your inner protector and increase your sensitivity to threats before they happen.

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  • Gun Shy (Paperback) Angie McDonell, Alison Stokes

    Vidar, the army search dog, spent half his life sniffing out enemy weapons and bombs on the frontline of the war in Afghanistan. His keen nose saved the lives of hundreds of soldiers, finding roadside bombs which could have killed British troops.

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  • The General and the President (English, Hardback) H. W. Brands

    From master storyteller and historian H. W. Brands, twice a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, comes the riveting story of how President Harry Truman and General Douglas MacArthur squared off to decide America's future in the post-World War II order.

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  • A Handful of Hard Men (English, Hardback) Hannes Wessels

    During the West's great transition into the post-Colonial age, the country of Rhodesia refused to succumb quietly, and throughout the 1980s fought back almost alone against Communist-supported elements that it did not believe would deliver proper governance.

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  • Nothing Ever Dies (English, Hardback) Viet Thanh Nguyen

    Nothing Ever Dies, Viet Thanh Nguyen writes. All wars are fought twice, the first time on the battlefield, the second time in memory. From the author of the bestselling novel The Sympathizer comes a searching exploration of a conflict that lives on in the collective memory of both the Americans and the Vietnamese.

    $24.00 $27.95
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  • M50 Ontos and M56 Scorpion 1956-70 (English, Paperback) Kenneth W. Estes, Henry Morshead

    The agile M50 Ontos and M56 Scorpion gained renown in the jungles of Vietnam. This book offers a combat history of these vehicles for historians of the Vietnam War and US tank enthusiasts.

    $13.63 $18.00
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  • Extreme Ownership (English, Hardback) Jocko Willink, Leif Babin

    Jocko Willink and Leif Babin are highly decorated Navy SEAL officers who served together in some of the toughest combat of the Iraq War. Together, they developed leadership lessons and organizational practices through years of experience, alongside heroes such as sniper Chris Kyle.

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  • Dustoff 7-3 (English, Paperback) Erik Sabiston

    Dustoff 7-3 tells the true story of four unlikely heroes in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, where medics are forced to descend on wires to reach the wounded and helicopter pilots must fight wind, weather, and enemy fire to pluck casualties from some of the world's most difficult combat arenas. Complete opposites thrown together, cut off, and outnumbered, Chief Warrant Officer Erik Sabiston and his flight crew answered the call in a race against time, not to take livesap0b4sbut to save them. The concept of evacuating wounded soldiers by helicopter developed in the Korean War and became a staple during the war in Vietnam where heroic, unarmed chopper crews flew vital missions known to the grateful grunts on the ground as Dustoffs. The crew of Dustoff 7-3 carried on that heroic tradition, flying over a region that had seen scores of American casualties, known among veterans as the Valley of Death. At the end of Operation Hammer Down, they had rescued 14 soldiers, made three critical supply runs, recovered two soldiers killed in action, and nearly died. It took all of three days.

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  • The Soviet-Afghan War 1979-89 (English, Paperback) Gregory Fremont-Barnes

    The Soviet invasion of neighbouring Afghanistan in December 1979 sparked a bloody nine-year conflict with the Mujahideen until Soviet forces withdrew in 1988-89, dooming the communist Afghanistan government to defeat by Afghan popular resistance backed by the USA and other powers. The Soviet invasion had enormous implications on the global stage; it prompted the US Senate to refuse to ratify the...

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  • Taliban Shuffle (English, Paperback) Kim Barker

    When Kim Barker first arrived in Kabul as a journalist in 2002, she barely owned a passport, spoke only English and had little idea how to do the “Taliban Shuffle” between Afghanistan and Pakistan. No matter—her stories about Islamic militants and shaky reconstruction were soon overshadowed by the bigger news in Iraq. But as she delved deeper into Pakistan and Afghanistan, her love for the...

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  • The Last Punisher (English, Paperback) Kevin Lacz, Ethan E Rocke

    “One of the very best books to come out of the war in Iraq,” (Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, bestselling author of On Killing), The Last Punisher is a gripping and intimate on-the-ground memoir from a Navy SEAL who was part of SEAL Team THREE with American Sniper Chris Kyle. Experience his deployment, from his first mission to his first kill to his eventual successful return to the United States to...

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  • Dancing in the Glory of Monsters (English, Paperback) Jason Stearns

    "Riveting and certain to become essential reading for anyone looking to understand Central Africa."--Wall Street Journal

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  • What Now, Lieutenant? (Hardback) Richard Neal $34.13
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  • Exocet Falklands (English, Hardback) Ewen Southby-Tailyour

    Uncovers the true story behind three daring but unsuccessful British SF operations to destroy Argentina's Exocets. The Author has had unparalleled access to those involved, both British and Argentine.

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  • US Navy F-4 Phantom II MiG Killers 1971-73: Part 2 (English, Paperback) Brad Elward, Peter E. Davies

    The second of two titles on the US Navy's Phantom II MiG killers of the Vietnam War, this volume covers the numerous actions fought over North Vietnam during the Linebacker I and II operations of 1972-3. It features first-hand accounts, and draws on primary sources and official documentation.

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  • The Battle of Cuito Cuanavale (English, Paperback) Leopold Scholz

    The battle for the town of Cuito Cuanavale is a myth. The conduct of Operations Modular, Hooper, Packer and Displace by South African and UNITA forces in the 6th Military Region of southeastern Angola initially prevented FAPLA and its allies from occupying the UNITA town of Mavinga.

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  • Debriefing the President (English, Hardback) John Nixon

    In December 2003, after one of the largest, most aggressive manhunts in history, US military forces captured Iraqi president Saddam Hussein near his hometown of Tikrit. Beset by body-double rumors and false alarms during a nine-month search, the Bush administration needed positive identification of the prisoner before it could make the announcement that would rocket around the world....

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  • Composite Warfare (English, Paperback) Eeben Barlow

    This book is intended as a guide and textbook for African soldiers and scholars who wish to understand the development of hostilities, strategy, operational design, doctrine and tactics.

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  • Retire the Colors (English, Paperback) Dario DiBattista

    Powerful, behind-the-scenes stories from Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, and the civilians who support them, that will help us form a clearer understanding of what happens back home.

    $17.72 $20.00
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