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  • Braiding Sweetgrass
    Braiding Sweetgrass (English, Paperback) Robin Wall Kimmerer

    Called the work of "a mesmerizing storyteller with deep compassion and memorable prose" (Publishers Weekly) and the book that, "anyone interested in natural history, botany, protecting nature, or Native American culture will love," byLibrary Journal, Braiding Sweetgrass is poised to be a classic of nature writing. As a botanist, Robin Wall Kimmerer asks questions of nature with the tools of...

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  • Four Reincarnations
    Four Reincarnations (English, Hardback) Max Ritvo

    Reverent and profane, entertaining and bruising, Four Reincarnations is a debut collection of poems that introduces an exciting new voice in American letters....

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  • Bright Dead Things
    Bright Dead Things (English, Paperback) Ada Limon

    ""Bright Dead Things" examines the chaos that is life, the dangerous thrill of living in a world you know you have to leave one day, and the search to find something that is ultimately disorderly, and marvelous, and ours"--

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  • Under a Wild Sky
    Under a Wild Sky (English, Paperback) William Souder

    John James Audubon is renowned for his masterpiece of natural history and art, The Birds of America, the first nearly comprehensive survey of the continent's birdlife. And yet few people understand, and many assume incorrectly, what sort of man he was. How did the illegitimate son of a French sea captain living in Haiti, who lied both about his parentage and his training, rise to become one of the...

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  • The Nature of College
    The Nature of College (English, Paperback) James J. Farrell

    Stately oaks, ivy-covered walls, the opposite sex ? these are the things that likely come to mind for most Americans when they think about the "nature" of college. But the real nature of college is hidden in plain sight: it's flowing out of the keg, it's woven into the mascots on our T-shirts. Engaging in a deep and richly entertaining study of "campus ecology," The Nature of College explores one day in the life of the average student, questioning what "natural" is and what "common sense" is really good for and weighing the collective impacts of the everyday. In the end, this fascinating, highly original book rediscovers and repurposes the great and timeless opportunity presented by college: to study the American way of life, and to develop a more sustainable, better way to live.

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  • The War on Science
    The War on Science (English, Paperback) Shawn Lawrence Otto

    The politicization of science is nothing new, of course. Ever since Galileo's clash with the Roman Catholic Church, advances in scientific knowledge have had a strained relationship with powerful interests....

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  • Seeking the Cave
    Seeking the Cave (English, Paperback) James P. Lenfestey

    Born and raised with the kind of expectations that often accompany privilege, Jim Lenfestey approached his thirtieth birthday in a state of acute anxiety. A young family and a demanding work life on one hand, and a burgeoning love for poetry on the other....

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  • Medicine Walk
    Medicine Walk (English, Hardback) Richard Wagamese

    A novel about the role of stories in our lives, those we tell ourselves about ourselves and those we agree to live by.?...

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  • Adventures in the Anthropocene
    Adventures in the Anthropocene (English, Paperback) Gaia Vince

    An illuminating exploration of our new epoch: the Anthropocene' the age of manthrough the stories of people living on its frontline.We know our planet is in crisis, but all too often the big picture is obstructed by dense data sets and politics. Struggling with this obscurity as the editor atNature, Gaia Vince decided to travel the world to see for herself what life is really like for people on...

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  • Medicine Walk
    Medicine Walk (English, Paperback) Richard Wagamese

    Struggling with mixed feelings while helping his estranged father undertake a difficult mountain backcountry journey to die, Franklin Starlight learns about his father's difficult struggles with childhood poverty and war-inflicted PTSD.

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  • Silhouette of a Sparrow
    Silhouette of a Sparrow (English, Paperback) Molly Beth Griffin

    In the summer of 1926, sixteen-year-old Garnet Richardson is sent to a lake resort to escape the polio epidemic in the city. She dreams of indulging in ornithology and a visit to an amusement park?a summer of fun before she returns to a last year of high school, marriage, and middle-class homemaking. But in the country, Garnet finds herself under supervision of oppressive guardians, her father's wealthy cousin and the matron's stuck-up daughter. Only a job in a hat shop, an intense, secret relationship with a beautiful flapper, and a deep faith in her own heart can save her from the suffocation of traditional femininity in this coming-of-age story about a search for both wildness and security in an era full of unrest. It is the tale of a young woman's discovery of the science of risk and the art of rebellion, and, of course, the power of unexpected love.

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  • A Year in the Wilderness
    A Year in the Wilderness (English, Hardback) Dave Freeman, Amy Freeman

    From National Geographic's 2014 Adventurers of the Year, a passionate and beautifully illustrated account of a year in the Boundary Waters

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  • Into the Sun
    Into the Sun (English, Paperback) Deni Ellis Bechard

    Kabul: Ten years after 9/11. Dismembered by decades of war and jerry-rigged by foreign aid, the city is flooded by journalists, relief workers, and messianic idealists living cheek by jowl in sterile compounds. They throw parties, sell their stories before they happen, trying to save others and redeem themselves. Outsiders addicted to the compulsive thrill of self-invention in a dangerously...

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  • Adventures in the Anthropocene
    Adventures in the Anthropocene (English, Hardback) Gaia Vince

    We all know our planet is in crisis, and that it is largely our fault. But all too often the full picture of change is obstructed by dense data sets and particular catastrophes. Struggling with this obscurity in her role as an editor atNature, Gaia Vince decided to travel the world and see for herself what life is really like for people on the frontline of this new reality. What she found was a...

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  • Body of Water
    Body of Water (English, Hardback) Chris Dombrowski

    "The story of the author's journey to enlightenment and a portrait of the sage who led him there"--

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  • The Home Place
    The Home Place (English, Hardback) J. Drew Lanham

    "A groundbreaking work about race and the American landscape. Thoughtful, sincere, wise, and beautiful."-Helen Macdonald

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  • Not on the Last Day, But on the Very Last
    Not on the Last Day, But on the Very Last (English, Paperback) Justin Boening

    Winner of the National Poetry Series...

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  • What a Woman Must Do
    What a Woman Must Do (English, Paperback) Faith Sullivan

    When Celia Canby Kate's niece, Bess's mother, and Harriet's cousin is killed in a car accident, it's up to Kate and Harriet to raise Bess. Ten years later, on the day of the accident, the local newspaper in Harvester, MN, dredges up the story of the accident for a carless Way Back When? piece, subjecting the women to another round of grief. Kate, arthritic and stuck far away from the farm she...

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  • Ecology of a Cracker Childhood
    Ecology of a Cracker Childhood (English, Paperback) Janisse Ray

    ?A gutsy, wholly original memoir of ragged grace and raw beauty.?...

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  • Ordinary Wolves
    Ordinary Wolves (English, Paperback) Seth Kantner

    Ordinary Wolves depicts a life different from what any of us has known: Inhuman cold, the taste of rancid salmon shared with shivering sled dogs, hunkering in a sod igloo while blizzards moan overhead. But this is the only world Cutuk Hawcley has ever known. Born and raised in the Arctic, he has learned to provide for himself by hunting, fishing, and trading. And yet, though he idolizes the...

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