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Milton Cooper

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  • Behold a Pale Horse by Milton Cooper
    Behold a Pale Horse (English, Paperback) Milton Cooper

    A former member of the U.S. Naval Intelligence briefing team reveals information that the government has kept secret since the 1940s, on topics ranging from UFOs and the assassination of JFK to the war on drugs

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  • The Warrior and the Priest by John Milton Cooper
    The Warrior and the Priest (English, Paperback) John Milton Cooper

    The colossal figures who shaped the politics of industrial America emerge in full scale in this comparative biography. In the depth and sophistication of intellect that they brought to politics and in the titanic conflict they waged, Roosevelt and Wilson were, like Hamilton and Jefferson before them, the political architects for an entire century.

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  • Woodrow Wilson by John Milton Cooper
    Woodrow Wilson (English, Paperback) John Milton Cooper

    Evaluates the parallel worlds of the twenty-eighth president's personal and political arenas, examining his World War I leadership, his failed efforts to bring the United States into the League of Nations, and his contributions toward the creation of theUnited Nations.

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  • Pivotal Decades by John Milton Cooper
    Pivotal Decades (English, Paperback) John Milton Cooper

    Contemporary American began in the first two decades of this century.

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