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Miranda Paul

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  • One Plastic Bag - Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of Gambia by Miranda Paul
    One Plastic Bag - Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of Gambia (English, Hardback) Miranda Paul

    The inspiring true story of how one African woman began a movement to recycle the plastic bags that were polluting her community....

    $16.15 $19.99
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  • Blobfish Throws a Party by Miranda Paul
    Blobfish Throws a Party (English, Hardback) Miranda Paul, Margret Caton

    Longing for friends and hungry for delicious treats, a fish who lives near the bottom of the ocean invites everyone to a party, with unexpected resuts.

    $15.24 $16.99
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  • Water Is Water by Miranda Paul
    Water Is Water (English, Hardback) Miranda Paul, Jason Chin

    Follows a group of children as they move through all the different phases of the water cycle, from rain to fog to snow to mist.

    $16.34 $18.99
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  • The Great Pasta Escape by Miranda Paul
    The Great Pasta Escape (English, Hardback) Miranda Paul, Javier Joaquin

    Various types of pasta have followed the rules since they were made but when the learn they are meant to be eaten, they plot how to escape the factory.

    $15.69 $17.99
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  • 10 Little Ninjas by Miranda Paul
    10 Little Ninjas (English, Board book) Miranda Paul

    A charming bedtime counting book about ten sneaky little characters who aren't ready to go to sleep... until daddy calls the sensei to send them back to bed....

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  • Whose Hands Are These - A Community Helper Guessing Book by Miranda Paul
    Whose Hands Are These - A Community Helper Guessing Book (English, Hardback) Miranda Paul

    If your hands can mix and mash, what job might you have? What if your hands reach, wrench, yank, and crank? The hands in this book?and the people attached to them?do all sorts of helpful work. And together, these helpers make their community a safe and fun place to live. As you read, keep an eye out for community members who make repeat appearances! Can you guess all the jobs based on the actions...

    $17.46 $19.99
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  • MIA Moves Out by Miranda Paul
    MIA Moves Out (English, Hardback) Miranda Paul, Paige Keiser

    A sweet sibling story about one fed-up big sister who wants to find a space of her own, perfect for fans of Ashley Spires's The Most Magnificent Thing....

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  • 10 Little Ninjas by Miranda Paul
    10 Little Ninjas (English, Hardback) Miranda Paul

    From ten little ninja sneaking out of bed to one cuddlebug asleep on the spread, rhyming text provides a count-down to bedtime.

    $13.12 $14.99
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  • Mia Moves Out by Miranda Paul
    Mia Moves Out (English, Hardback) Miranda Paul

    Mia was content to share her big, bright room with her baby brother, but now that they are older--and he is messier--she seeks a new space of her own.

    $15.48 $16.99
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  • Trainbots by Miranda Paul
    Trainbots (English, Hardback) Miranda Paul, Shane McG

    Trainbots make toybots for children to play with, but scheming Badbots try to stop the train that will deliver them.

    $15.42 $16.99
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  • I Am Farmer by Miranda Paul
    I Am Farmer (English, Hardback) Miranda Paul, Baptiste Paul

    Documents the inspiring story of environmental champion Tantoh Nforba, describing how he was teased in childhood for his interest in gardening before he organized programs to bring clean water and bountiful gardens to the central African nation of Cameroon.

    $18.61 $19.99
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  • Thanku by Miranda Paul
    Thanku (English, Hardback) Miranda Paul, Marlena Myles

    This poetry anthology, edited by Miranda Paul, explores a wide range of ways to be grateful (from gratitude for a puppy to gratitude for family to gratitude for the sky) with poems by a diverse group of contributors, including Joseph Bruchac, Margarita Engle, Cynthia Leitich Smith, Naomi Shihab Nye, Charles Waters, and Jane Yolen.

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  • Little Libraries, Big Heroes by Miranda Paul
    Little Libraries, Big Heroes (English, Hardback) Miranda Paul, John Parra

    From an award-winning author and illustrator, the inspiring story of how the Little Free Library organization brings communities together through books, from founder Todd Bol's first installation to the creation of more than 75,000 mini-libraries around the world.

    $17.09 $17.99
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  • Nine Months by Miranda Paul
    Nine Months (English, Hardback) Miranda Paul

    Join a family of three who spend nine whole months waiting, from a frosty winter through a sun-dappled summer, until finally . . . a baby is here....

    $18.04 $18.99
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