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Miri Rubin

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  • The Hollow Crown by Miri Rubin
    The Hollow Crown (English, Paperback) Miri Rubin

    There is no more haunting, compelling period in Britain's history than the later middle ages. This account brings the reader a long lost world, a strange, Catholic, rural country of monks, peasants, knights and merchants, almost perpetually at war, but continues to define so much of England's national myth.

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  • The Middle Ages: A Very Short Introduction by Miri Rubin
    The Middle Ages: A Very Short Introduction (English, Paperback) Miri Rubin

    The Middle Ages (c.500-1500) includes a thousand years of European history. In this Very Short Introduction Miri Rubin tells the story of the times through the people and their lifestyles. Including stories of kingship and Christian salvation, agriculture and trade, Rubin demonstrates the remarkable nature and legacy of the Middle Ages.

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  • Emotion and Devotion by Miri Rubin
    Emotion and Devotion (English, Paperback) Miri Rubin

    This penetrating explanation of medieval European religious experience is a revealing description of how Mary became so embedded in our culture that it is impossible to conceive of Western history without her. Draws on a wide range of sources--including music, poetry, theology, art, scripture, and miracle tales. Of three chapters the first, The Global Middle Ages, considers the current...

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  • Corpus Christi by Miri Rubin
    Corpus Christi (English, Paperback) Miri Rubin

    A paperback edition of Miri Rubin's highly successful study of the meaning of the eucharist, c. 1150-1500.

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  • The Cambridge History of Christianity by Miri Rubin
    The Cambridge History of Christianity (English, Paperback) Miri Rubin

    This History offers a wide-ranging overview of the rich and varied life of medieval European Christians and their institutions.

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  • The Life and Passion of William of Norwich by Thomas of Monmouth
    The Life and Passion of William of Norwich (English, Paperback) Thomas of Monmouth

    Gives an insight into life in a medieval cathedral city, capturing the everyday concerns of ordinary people and focussing on the miraculous cures carried out at a shrine.

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  • Medieval Christianity in Practice by Miri Rubin
    Medieval Christianity in Practice (English, Paperback) Miri Rubin

    Provides readers with a sweeping look at the religious practices of the European Middle Ages. This volume assembles sources reflecting different genres, regions, and styles, including prayer books, chronicles, diaries, liturgical books, sermons, hagiography, and handbooks for the laity and clergy.

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  • Gentile Tales by Miri Rubin
    Gentile Tales (English, Paperback) Miri Rubin

    During the late medieval period, accusations that Jews had abused Christ by desecrating the Eucharist created a powerful anti-Jewish movement and violent clashes quickly spread throughout Europe.

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  • Gentile Tales by Miri Rubin
    Gentile Tales (English, Hardback) Miri Rubin

    A study of the creation and growth of one of the principal anti-Jewish stories of the Middle Ages and the violence it bred. Beginning in Paris in 1290, Jews were accused of abusing Christ by desecrating the Eucharist. Over the next two centuries this led to anti-semitic activity in Europe.

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  • Mother of God by Miri Rubin
    Mother of God (Paperback) Miri Rubin

    Mary, the mother of Jesus, is one of the most powerful, influential and complex of all religious figures. Mary is so entangled in our world that it is impossible to conceive of the history of Western culture and religion without her. This title presents the story of that presence and raises profound questions about the human experience.

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