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Molly Young Brown

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  • Coming Back to Life by Joanna R. Macy
    Coming Back to Life (English, Paperback)

    Personal empowerment in the face of planetary despair

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  • Unfolding Self by Molly Young Brown
    Unfolding Self (English, Paperback)

    The nine chapters explain such concepts as essential being and motivation of the individual; Assagioli's psychological laws; the psycho synthesis model of human growth; the basic principles that form this model and how to apply those principles; and specific problems that psycho synthesis addresses in the various stages of

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  • Growing Whole by Molly Young Brown
    Growing Whole (English, Paperback)

    Bridging personal and global transformation, Growing Whole explores how psychosynthesis, a spiritual psychology, can help each of us participate more fully in the Great Turning toward a life sustaining society. The book guides readers along a path of personal and spiritual growth, with numerous exercises that can be used alone or in groups.

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  • Lighting a Candle by Molly Young Brown
    Lighting a Candle (English, Paperback)

    This delightful little book offers a vivid mix of inspirational thoughts and imagery on the life of the spirit-from celebrated and lesser-known writers and thinkers,ancient and modern-to guide all those seeking to deepen their spiritual lives. The collection includes reflections from Rainer Maria Rilke, Thich Nhat Hahn, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Charlotte Joko Beck, Gary Synder, Joanna Macy,...

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  • Held in Love by Molly Young Brown
    Held in Love (English, Paperback)

    A moving collection of stories, poems, and artwork from 72 writers and artists who share experiences of connection with a loving Source within and beyond themselves-in times of hardship or unexpected grace, alone, in nature, or with others. These writings and images offer examples of the ways Love can guide and sustain us through the challenges of The Great Turning.

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  • Coming Back to Life by Joanna R. Macy
    Coming Back to Life (English, Paperback)

    A spiritual/activist handbook to help move us toward real solutions to the planet's environmental and social crisis.

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