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  • Mountaineering in the Swiss Alps
    Mountaineering in the Swiss Alps (Paperback) Stephane Maire

    Mountaineering in the Swiss Alps presents a selection of classic routes in the main climbing areas of Switzerland. Featured are over thirty climbs, including world famous peaks such as the Matterhorn (Mont Cervin) and the Monch. Written by Stephane Maire, each route features technical notes, a route description and topo, and stunning photos.

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  • Selected Climbs: Mont Blanc & the Aiguilles Rouges
    Selected Climbs: Mont Blanc & the Aiguilles Rouges (Paperback) Jean-Louis Laroche, Florence LeLong

    Written by Jean-Louis Laroche and Florence Lelong, Selected Climbs: Mont Blanc & the Aiguilles Rouges is a guide to the best 60 rock climbs in the Mont Blanc range and on the Aiguilles Rouges, from F4 to F6a+. The routes are of moderate difficulty and can all be done in a day. Features technical notes, topos, photos and route descriptions.

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  • Up and About: The Hard Road to Everest: 1
    Up and About: The Hard Road to Everest: 1 (Hardback) Doug Scott

    On 24 September 1975, Doug Scott and Dougal Haston became the first Britons to reach the summit of Everest as lead climbers on Chris Bonington's expedition to the mountain's immense south-west face. In Up and About, the first volume of his autobiography, Scott tells his story from his birth in war-time Nottingham to the summit of the world.

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  • Alpine Exposures
    Alpine Exposures (Multiple languages, Hardback) Jon Griffith, Ueli Steck

    In Alpine Exposures, mountain sports photographer Jon Griffith presents over ten years of breathtaking photography in the Western Alps.

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  • The Storms
    The Storms (Paperback) Mike Trueman

    The Storms is the memoir of British Army Gurkha officer Mike Trueman, a veteran of twenty mountaineering expeditions to the Himalaya. Trueman, a former army helicopter pilot, gives a candid account of life inside expeditions to Mount Everest, including a unique personal perspective on the 1996 Everest disaster.

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  • Dolpo
    Dolpo (Paperback) Gerda Pauler

    In Dolpo: People and Landscape, Gerda Pauler explores the individuals, communities and culture that makes the remote region of Dolpo in Nepal one of the most fascinating places in the Himalaya. Interviews with Dolpo's inhabitants, meticulous research and stunning photography make this book a must-read for anyone with an interest in Asia and Nepal.

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  • In the Shadow of Ben Nevis
    In the Shadow of Ben Nevis (Paperback) Ian Sykes

    In the Shadow of Ben Nevis is the autobiography of Ian 'Spike' Sykes. It tells his story from growing up during WWII, to his time with the RAF Kinloss mountain rescue, a stint with the British Antarctic Survey, before a return to Scotland where he set up the Nevisport shops and was a key player in the Nevis Range ski and MTB centre development.

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  • Virgin on Insanity
    Virgin on Insanity (Hardback) Steve Bell

    Outwardly, 'Britain's most experienced teenage Alpinist' is a brave young mountaineer. But he's not experienced at all, at least not in the way he really wants to be. Behind his death-defying climbs there lurks a great deal of fear. Virgin on Insanity by Steve Bell is a coming-of-age story of high adventure, youthful insecurity and immature love.

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  • Wild Country
    Wild Country (Paperback) Mark Vallance

    In Wild Country, Mark Vallance traces his story, from childhood influences like Robin Hodgkin and Sir Jack Longland, to two years in Antarctica, where he was base commander of the UK's largest and most southerly scientific station at Halley Bay, before his fateful meeting with Ray Jardine, the man who invented Friends, in Yosemite.

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  • Lake District Mountain Landscape
    Lake District Mountain Landscape (Hardback) Alastair Lee

    Lake District Mountain Landscape is a spectacular photographic perspective on the Lake District from award-winning mountain photographer and filmmaker Alastair Lee. With an emphasis on the mountain heights, Lee captures the majesty of the 'English Alps' in all seasons and conditions with 360-degree panoramas in ethereal light from the high peaks.

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  • Unseen Extremes: Mapping the World's Greatest Mountains
    Unseen Extremes: Mapping the World's Greatest Mountains (English, Hardback) Stefan Dech

    The German Centre for Aviation and Space Travel created very precise digital pictures of the Alpine mountains with the aid of satellite photographs taken from a height of several hundred kilometres. This title presents these mountain portraits along with personal accounts written by some of the finest climbers in the world.

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  • 7 Summits
    7 Summits (Paperback) Edward Buckingham

    In 7 Summits, Ed Buckingham embarks on a journey to climb the highest mountain on each continent - the 'seven summits'. He tells of hardship and near-death experiences, the sheer scale and suffering in being the first Cornishman to ascend Everest, as well as the completion of his quest on his final summit, Mount Vinson in Antarctica.

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  • Hanging on
    Hanging on (Paperback) Martin Boysen

    Hanging On is the autobiography of Martin Boysen, one of Britain's most gifted climbers. He made a huge contribution to British climbing, including discovering Gogarth in the 1960s. He was one of Britain's leading mountaineers, climbing with Chris Bonington on Annapurna and Everest. This is an insider's account of British climbing's golden age.

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  • The Shining Mountain
    The Shining Mountain (Paperback) Peter Boardman

    First published in 1978, The Shining Mountain is Peter Boardman's book about his first ascent with Joe Tasker of the West Wall of Changabang. It is a personal and honest story that is also amusing, lucidly descriptive, very exciting, and never anything but immensely readable. It was awarded the John Llewelyn Rhys Prize for literature in 1979.

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  • The Mountains of Ireland 2016
    The Mountains of Ireland 2016 (English, Hardback) Gareth McCormack

    This landmark collection showcases the Irish mountains at their very best. Gareth McCormack has spent over 20 years exploring Ireland's hills, going to extraordinary lengths to capture summits in the wildest, most dramatic light. This is a definitive portrait of the country's most dynamic landforms.

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  • Colliding Continents
    Colliding Continents (English, Hardback) Mike Searle

    Gargantuan geological forces created the spectacular mountain ranges of the Himalaya and Karakoram. Mike Searle, one of the world's most experienced field geologists, tells the scientific story, illustrating it with his own photographs, and accounts of his mountaineering and research in the region.

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  • Mount Sinai
    Mount Sinai (English, Hardback) George Manginis

    Brings together the rich history of Mount Sinai, exploring the ways in which the landscape has been has been experienced and transformed over the centuries as an important site for multiple religions.

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  • Mountains: A Very Short Introduction
    Mountains: A Very Short Introduction (English, Paperback) Martin Price

    In this Very Short Introduction, Martin Price addresses the role of mountains in global ecosystems and within human culture. Considering the global effects of melting glaciers, and the conservation of mountain regions and peoples, he discusses the future of mountainous regions and the implications for all of us.

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  • Britain's Highest Mountain Walks
    Britain's Highest Mountain Walks (Hardback) Jeremy Ashcroft

    An essential guidebook to Britain's most popular and classic mountains. From the mountaineering editor of Trail magazine this illustrated guide describes 170 of the best walking and scrambling routes and five `challenge' routes.

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  • Savage Arena
    Savage Arena (Paperback) Joe Tasker

    Joe Tasker was one of Britain's foremost mountaineers. In Savage Arena he vividly describes his participation in the first British winter ascent of the North Face of the Eiger; his first ascent of the West Wall of Changabang with Peter Boardman; the first ascent of the North Ridge of Kangchenjunga; and his two unsuccessful attempts to climb K2.

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