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  • The Art of Relevance
    The Art of Relevance (Paperback) Nina Simon $29.58
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  • Yokai Museum
    Yokai Museum (English, Paperback) PIE Books

    Yokai are a class of supernatural monsters in Japanese folklore. Yokai have attracted the artists and have been a common theme in art works until these days because of their unique forms and their mysterious behaviours.This book is a visual collection of art works of Yokai in Japan since the Edo period (1603 - 1868). The works are not only paintings but also wood block prints, ceramics, kimonos,...

    $26.03 $39.95
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  • Managing Previously Unmanaged Collections
    Managing Previously Unmanaged Collections (English, Paperback) Angela Kipp

    Managing previously unmanaged collections can be challenging. The process of securing the collection and making it accessible needs the mindset of a collections manager as well as the one of a project manager. The book is a step-by-step guide how to approach this situation, assuming that there's nothing to start with but a collection that has to be accessioned and the person who is assigned to do it. It is about how to bring order into the chaos, to define what is needed in terms of time, money, staff and material, to spot facility issues and potential dangers and to use the power of networking to solve an otherwise unsolvable task.

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  • Magnetic
    Magnetic (English, Paperback) Anne Bergeron, Beth Tuttle

    Looks at socalled magnetic organizations, namely ones that combine a powerful internal alignment with a compelling vision so that they are able to attract critical resources, such as talented and committed employees, loyal audiences, engaged donors, and the financial capital required to sustain programmatic excellence and growth.

    $38.39 $41.00
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  • Long Road to Hard Truth
    Long Road to Hard Truth (English, Paperback) Robert Leon Wilkins

    In Long Road to Hard Truth: The 100 Year Mission to Create the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Robert L. Wilkins tells the story of how his curiosity about why there wasn't a national museum dedicated to African American history and culture became an obsession-eventually leading him to quit his job as an attorney when his wife was seven months pregnant with their second...

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  • The Curator's Handbook
    The Curator's Handbook (English, Hardback) Adrian George

    A handbook for curators and curatorial students, that maps out every stage of the exhibition-making process from initial idea to final installation. It traces the history of curating back to its origins in the 17th century and outlines the multifarious roles of the curator, including as custodian, interpreter, educator, facilitator and organizer.

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  • Fashion and Museums
    Fashion and Museums (English, Paperback) Marie Riegels Melchior

    Why is fashion "in fashion" in museums today? This timely volume brings together expert scholars and curators to examine the reasons behind fashion's popularity in the twenty-first century museum and the impact this has had on wider museum practice.Chapters explore the role of fashion in the museum across a range of international case studies including the Costume Institute at the...

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  • Curators
    Curators (English, Hardback) Lance Grande

    Natural history curators oversee the worlds libraries of life, and themselves are full of life and colorful characters. As museums evolve from dusty collections to centers of edutainment, curators remain the drivers and innovators, and Curators offers us a behind the scenes tour of some of the world’s finest specimens of curators and collections alike. In these pages, readers will get to experience time in the field collecting and identifying, and the magic that happens back at home, as collections are curated, exhibits are mounted, and museum curators engage the public. A renowned curator himself, Lance Grande here shares his own experiences, and drawers of those of colleagues and curators at natural history museums the world over. Curators illuminates the halls of natural history museums and puts on display the personalities that drive these cathedrals of science and discovery. It is a work for all interested in what it is really like to spend days and nights at the museum.

    $29.82 $35.00
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  • Museums, Equality and Social Justice
    Museums, Equality and Social Justice (English, Paperback) Richard Sandell

    This volume reflects on and informs debates in museum research, policy and practice. It brings together research to explore the ways in which museums, galleries and heritage organizations are engaging with the fast-changing equalities terrain and the shifting politics of identity at global, national and local levels.

    $46.57 $51.95
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  • The Culture of Curating and the Curating of Culture
    The Culture of Curating and the Curating of Culture (English, Paperback) Paul O'Neill

    Once considered a mere caretaker for collections, the curator is now widely viewed as a globally connected auteur. Over the last twenty-five years, as international group exhibitions and biennials have become the dominant mode of presenting contemporary art to the public, curatorship has begun to be perceived as a constellation of...

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  • Museums & Galleries of London
    Museums & Galleries of London (Paperback)
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  • Fundraising for Museums
    Fundraising for Museums (Paperback) Linda Wise McNay

    Being a head of a museum is both challenging and rewarding work. Museum leaders and those who aspire to the role are expected to engage donors and members, and raise money effectively; yet, most have received little or no training or support in advancement. In Fundraising for Museums: 8 Keys to Success Every Museum Leader Should Know, veteran fundraising consultant Linda Wise McNay demystifies...

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  • Interpreting Difficult History at Museums and Historic Sites
    Interpreting Difficult History at Museums and Historic Sites (English, Paperback) Julia Rose

    Interpreting Difficult History at Museums and Historic Sites is framed by educational psychoanalytic theory and positions museum workers, public historians, and museum visitors as learners. Through this lens, museum workers and public historians can develop compelling and ethical representations of historical individuals, communities, and populations who have suffered.To learn more, check out the website here:

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  • Museums and Communities
    Museums and Communities (English, Paperback) Viv Golding

    Engaging with contemporary scholarship on museums and their interaction with communities, this work features contributions from highly respected scholars from around the world addressing a wide range of key issues. Offering new approaches and foregrounding new curatorial strategies, this is a must read for students and curators alike.

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  • Preventive Conservation in Museums
    Preventive Conservation in Museums (English, Paperback) Chris Caple

    'Preventive Conservation in Museums' explains the diverse literature and ideas of preventive conservation to an audience with a limited scientific background, principally those studying museum studies or engaged in the museum profession.

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  • Museum Administration 2.0
    Museum Administration 2.0 (English, Paperback) Hugh H. Genoways, Lynne M. Ireland

    Wondering what a museum director actually does? About to start your first director's job? Looking for guidance in starting up a museum or working with a museum director? Hugh Genoways, Lynne Ireland, and Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko have taken the mystery out and put common sense and good guidance in. Learn about everything from budgets and strategic planning to human resources and facilities management to collections and programming. They also help you tackle legal documents, legal and ethical issues, and challenges for today's 2.0 world. Case studies and exercises throughout help you review and practice what you are learning, and their extensive references will be a welcome resource.

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  • The Invention of the American Art Museum
    The Invention of the American Art Museum (English, Hardback) Kathleen Curran

    American art museums share a mission and format that differ from those of their European counterparts, which often have origins in aristocratic collections.

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  • Heritage
    Heritage (English, Paperback) Rodney Harrison

    Historic sites, memorials, national parks, museums…we live in an age in which heritage is ever-present. But what does it mean to live amongst the spectral traces of the past, the heterogeneous piling up of historic materials in the present? How did heritage grow from the concern of a handful of enthusiasts and specialists in one part of the world to something which is considered to be universally...

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  • Treasure Palaces
    Treasure Palaces (English, Paperback) Maggie Fergusson

    In this exuberant celebration of the world’s museums, great and small, revered writers like Ann Patchett, Julian Barnes, Neil Gaiman, and more tell us about their favorite museums, including the Lower East Side Tenement Museum in New York, the Musée Rodin in Paris, and Tate Modern in London. These essays, collected from the pages of The Economist'sIntelligent Life magazine, reveal the special...

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  • The People's Galleries
    The People's Galleries (English, Hardback) Giles Waterfield

    This innovative history of British art museums begins in the early 19th century. The National Gallery and the South Kensington Museum (now the Victoria and Albert Museum) in London may have been at the center of activity, but museums in cities such as Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, and Nottingham were immensely popular and attracted enthusiastic audiences.The People’s Galleries traces the...

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