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  • My Dancing Life
    My Dancing Life (Hardback) Marina Grut

    Marina Grut shares details of her life in this frank yet humurous autobiography. Born in a small country town in the South African Karoo, Marina went on to become a professional dancer, choreographer, teacher, director, lecturer and the writer of three major works on dance history.

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  • Directing with the Michael Chekhov Technique
    Directing with the Michael Chekhov Technique (English, Paperback) Mark Monday

    Directing with the Michael Chekhov Technique explores the collaborative process between a play's director and the entire production team, making the journey of a production process cohesive using the Michael Chekhov Technique....

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  • Tip of the Tongue
    Tip of the Tongue (Paperback)

    In his new book, the world-famous theatre director Peter Brook illuminates his discussion of language - ranging from Shakespearean to Franglais - with insightful perceptions and haunting parables for our time, delivered in his customarily sagacious style.

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  • Joker Face
    Joker Face (Paperback) Steve Best

    In this book - a companion to the 2014 book Comedy Snapshot - Best paints an intimate and very funny portrait of some of our favourites: Jimmy Carr, Rob Delaney, Sarah Pascoe, Stewart Lee, John Bishop, Mackenzie Crook, Josie Lawrence, Mark Watson, Tommy Tiernan, Phill Jupitus, and many, many more.

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  • The Natural Storyteller
    The Natural Storyteller (Paperback) Georgiana Keable

    Georgiana Keable introduces us to a staggering wealth of world stories all about nature and our role as humans in it. These are traditional stories that have stood the test of time. Culturally diverse and all told with great energy and panache, the stories will engage young readers and encourage them to become natural storytellers.

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  • You're On!
    You're On! (English, Paperback) Jim Bernhard

    Test your knowledge with more than 1,700 trivia questions from Sophocles to Shakespeare to Shaw to Shepard.

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  • Photographic Kabuki Kaleidoscope
    Photographic Kabuki Kaleidoscope (Multiple languages, Paperback) Rinko Kimino

    SHOGAKUKAN's Bilingual Guide to Japan is a useful series of cultural guidebooks for foreign sightseers who are planning to visit Japan. This is the one and only guidebook to Kabuki written in English and Japanese.

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  • How to be Champion
    How to be Champion (English, Hardback) Sarah Millican

    Sarah Millican's autobiography will make you laugh, feel normal and probably sniff your leggings.

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  • Staging Egypt on the Global Stage 2016 (English, Hardback) H Azmy

    Staging Egypt on the Global Stage is an extremely timely examination of Egyptian theatre and performance in relation to politics, looking back to the history of Egyptian performance right up to the present day and the background to recent events in Tahir Square. The book focuses on dramatic and other performative responses to changing realities in Egypt, and offers an important and much-needed new...

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  • Shopping Skills for Costume Designers (Paperback) Gail Brassard

    Costume budgets for theatrical productions are never large enough to accommodate constructing each and every costume from scratch. Costume designers must shop shows-buy garments from retail stores and assemble/alter them to suit the needs of the production. Shopping is a foundational skill for costume designers, yet it has rarely been addressed in texts, until now. Shopping Skills for Costume...

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  • Subversive Uses of Nerve Psychology in Dada and Surrealism (English, Hardback) Peter Mowris

    Subversive Uses of Nerve Psychology in Dada and Surrealism presents wholly innovative research that significantly reinterprets the Dada and Surrealist movements. Peter Mowris refutes the long-held belief that artists in the Dada and Surrealist movements were interested only in psychoanalysis, and considers the response by artists to nerve psychology, which held that changes in the nervous system...

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  • Arlen and Harburg's Over the Rainbow
    Arlen and Harburg's Over the Rainbow (English, Paperback) Walter Frisch

    In this history of the ballad "Over the Rainbow", author Walter Frisch traces the song's journey from the imagination of composer Harold Arlen and lyricist "Yip" Harburg and its debut performance by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz (1939) through its numerous, widely varying interpretations throughout the twentieth century.

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  • Til the Boys Come Home (English, Paperback) Roger Foss

    Til the Boys Come Home

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  • Civic Performance (Hardback) J Caitlin Finlayson

    Pageantry in sixteenth and seventeenth century London played a major role in civic life not merely as spectacle but as a means of formulating, articulating, and often transforming civic identity. Civic Performance: Pageantry and Entertainments in Early Modern London brings together essays by outstanding scholars in the field, exploring the civic nature of these events, including civic identity and...

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  • A Midsummer Night's Dream: Arden Performance Editions
    A Midsummer Night's Dream: Arden Performance Editions (English, Paperback) William Shakespeare

    A unique annotated edition designed for use in the rehearsal room - for actors and directors

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  • Staging Beckett in Great Britain
    Staging Beckett in Great Britain (English, Paperback) David Tucker

    Beckett's relationship with British theatre is complex and underexplored, yet his impact has been immense. Uniquely placing performance history at the centre of its analysis, this volume examines Samuel Beckett's drama as it has been staged in Great Britain, bringing to light a wide range of untold histories and in turn illuminating six decades of drama in Britain....

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  • Choral Conducting (Hardback) Colin Durrant

    Choral Conducting: Philosophy and Practice, Second Edition is an updated resource for conductors and singers alike, a college-level text for students of choral conducting that considers conducting and singing from a holistic perspective. This singer-friendly and voice-healthy approach examines the rehearsal environment alongside its musical performance counterpart. The author explores what is...

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  • Better Criticism
    Better Criticism (Paperback) Christopher Tookey

    An analysis of literary and film criticism as it exists today and the decline of critical standards and an appeal for restoring them.

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  • Eighteenth-Century Brechtians
    Eighteenth-Century Brechtians (English, Paperback) Professor Joel Schechter

    New in paperback. Eighteenth-Century Brechtians is a collection of essays by a well-known author on comic and radical political theatre. It looks at stage satires by John Gay, Henry Fielding, George Farquhar, Charlotte Charke, David Garrick and their contemporaries through the lens of Brecht's theory and practice.

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