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Nancy Collins

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  • Planet of the Apes by Rich Handley
    Planet of the Apes (English, Paperback) Rich Handley, Dan Abnett

    New original stories set in the world of the original Planet of the Apes films and TV series. Each writer will explore a different facet of the post-apocalyptic world, so readers will be treated to a wide and variety of action-adventure short stories.

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  • Vampirella: The Dynamite Years Omnibus Vol. 3 by Nancy Collins
    Vampirella: The Dynamite Years Omnibus Vol. 3 (English, Paperback) Nancy Collins, Patrick Berkenkotter

    Vampirella is sent by the Vatican to investigate the kidnapping of a little girl by Ethan Shroud and the Chaos cultists, only to become the centerpiece of a ritual invoking Lady Umbra, the sister-bride of Chaos, that leaves her marked as a living sacrifice to the dark goddess who rules the shadows....

    $31.56 $34.99
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  • Sunglasses After Dark Full Blooded Collection by Nancy Collins
    Sunglasses After Dark Full Blooded Collection (English, Hardback) Nancy Collins

    Vampire turned vampire hunter Sonja Blue travels the globe, hunting down and disposing of those creatures of the shadows that prey on the innocent, all the while searching for monster who created her. But as dangerous as hunting the undead may be, it's nothing compared to the threat posed by The Other, the demonic personality who shares her body.

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