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  • Churchill and Ireland
    Churchill and Ireland (English, Hardback) Paul Bew

    The full story of Winston Churchill's lifelong engagement with Ireland and the Irish, now told for the first time. A long overdue book which at last addresses the most neglected part of Churchill's legacy on both sides of the Irish Sea.

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  • How Europe Underdeveloped Africa
    How Europe Underdeveloped Africa (Paperback) Walter Rodney

    Rodney's classic argues that the imperial countries of Europe, along with the US, bear major responsibility for impoverishing Africa. They have been joined in this exploitation by agents or unwitting accomplices in both the North and Africa. This new edition includes additional essays by Rodney and an introduction by the Walter Rodney Foundation.

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  • The Kaiser's Holocaust
    The Kaiser's Holocaust (English, Paperback) Casper W. Erichsen, David Olusoga

    On 12 May 1883, the German flag was raised on the coast of South-West Africa, modern Namibia - the beginnings of Germany's African Empire.

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  • Lethal Allies
    Lethal Allies (English, Paperback) Anne Cadwallader

    Incontrovertible evidence of collusion between loyalist paramilitaries and the state in dozens of murders in Northern Ireland.

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  • The Rising (Centenary Edition)
    The Rising (Centenary Edition) (English, Hardback) Fearghal McGarry

    The story of the Easter Rising from the perspective of those who made it, focusing on the experiences of rank-and-file revolutionaries and exploiting a unique and recently released collection of over 1,700 eye-witness statements.

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  • Post-colonial Studies
    Post-colonial Studies (English, Paperback) Bill Ashcroft, Gareth Griffiths

    Previous ed. published under title: Key concepts in post-colonial studies.

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  • Armies of the War of the Pacific 1879-83
    Armies of the War of the Pacific 1879-83 (English, Paperback) Gabriele Esposito, Giuseppe Rava

    Examines the troops, uniforms and equipment used by the Chilean, Peruvian and Bolivian forces and traces the events of the war from the early naval blockades, through major pitched battles, to the final guerilla campaign in occupied Peru.

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  • Define and Rule
    Define and Rule (English, Hardback) Mahmood Mamdani

    When Britain abandoned its attempt to eradicate difference between conqueror and conquered and introduced a new idea of governance as the definition and management of difference, lines of political identity were drawn between settler and native, and between natives according to tribe. Out of this colonial experience arose a language of pluralism.

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  • The rise and fall of apartheid
    The rise and fall of apartheid (English, Paperback) David Welsh

    Did white South Africa crack, or did its leadership yield sufficiently and just in time to avert a revolution? This title views the topic against the backdrop of a long history of conflict spanning apartheid's rise and demise, and the liberation movement's suppression and subsequent resurrection.

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  • Trammel's Trace
    Trammel's Trace (English, Hardback) Gary L. Pinkerton

    Trammel's Trace, named for Nicholas Trammell, was the first route from the United States into the northern boundaries of Spanish Texas. From the Great Bend of the Red River it intersected with El Camino Real de los Tejas in Nacogdoches. This volume tells its history.

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  • Common Sense (Wisehouse Classics Edition)
    Common Sense (Wisehouse Classics Edition) (Paperback) Thomas Paine

    COMMON SENSE is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775-76 that inspired people in the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for independence from Great Britain in the summer of 1776. The pamphlet explained the advantages of and the need for immediate independence in clear, simple language. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution and became...

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  • Death in the Congo
    Death in the Congo (English, Paperback) Emmanuel Gerard

    Fifty years later, the murky circumstances and tragic symbolism of Patrice Lumumba's assassination trouble many people around the world. Emmanuel Gerard and Bruce Kuklick reveal a tangled web of international politics in which many people--black and white, well-meaning and ruthless, African, European, and American--bear responsibility for this crime.

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  • Brothers At Arms
    Brothers At Arms (English, Hardback) Larrie D. Ferreiro

    Pulitzer Prize Finalist in History...

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  • A State in Denial:
    A State in Denial: (Paperback) Margaret Urwin

    Shocking revelations of an official British policy of turning a blind eye to loyalist paramilitary activities in Northern Ireland in the seventies and eighties.

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  • Yes
    Yes (English, Paperback) James Foley, Pete Ramand

    An urgent and compelling argument for a 'Yes' vote on Scottish Independence, from a radical left perspective.

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  • Blowback
    Blowback (Paperback)

    A concise account of Western interference in the Middle East, from the fall of Mossadegh to the rise of 'Islamic State'. From a German author and journalist, this is already an international bestseller. 'This book reads like a political thriller. Only, it's all true.' "Bild"

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  • Britain's Black Debt
    Britain's Black Debt (English, Paperback) Hilary MCD Beckles $32.59 $35.00
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  • The Two Faces of American Freedom
    The Two Faces of American Freedom (English, Paperback) Aziz Rana

    Aziz Rana offers an reinterpretation of the American political tradition from the colonial period to modern times, placing issues of race relations, immigration & presidentialism in the context of shifting notions of empire & citizenship.

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