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  • Thoreau by A. Dan
    Thoreau (English, Paperback)

    This graphic novel biography relates the forward looking inspirational life of the great author, philosopher and pioneering ecologist. Henry David Thoreau was also the father of the concept, still fresh today (viz 'Occupy Wall St.'), of 'civil disobedience' which he used against slavery and the encroachment of government.

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  • The Terrible Axe-man Of New Orleans (2nd Edition) by Rick Geary
    The Terrible Axe-man Of New Orleans (2nd Edition) (English, Paperback)

    Just after the First World War, the party atmosphere returns to the Big Easy, but someone looks to spoil it. Grocers are being murdered in the dead of night by someone grabbing their axe and hacking them to bits in their own cushy beds. The pattern for each murder is the same: a piece of the door is removed for entry; the axe is borrowed on the property; and the assailant aims straight for the...

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  • Hasib & The Queen Of Serpents by David B.
    Hasib & The Queen Of Serpents (English, Hardback)

    Heir to the wise Daniel, Hâsib is a young woodcutter promised to a great future. When his greedy companions abandon him in the middle of the forest, he meets the Queen of Serpents. She then tells her story, a fabulous adventure filled with gods and demons, princes and prophets. From Kabul to Cairo, journeys intertwine with intrigues and spiritual quests while the fabulous nights follow one...

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  • The Story Of Lee: Volume 3 by Sean Michael Wilson
    The Story Of Lee: Volume 3 (English, Paperback)

    In the final volume of The Story of Lee, Lee and Matt continue their studies and their relationship in the UK. With growing confidence Lee asserts herself more and Matt finds that he needs to change or challenge?change to be more the way she likes, or challenge her ideas and risk upsetting their relationship. Meanwhile a Chinese student becomes a rival to Lee's attentions, and Matt finds himself...

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  • The Rolling Stones In Comics by Ceka
    The Rolling Stones In Comics (English, Hardback)

    When the Rolling Stones hit the scene in the 60's, it was to play rhythm & blues, nothing more. They were far from imagining that they would change music, let alone become the mouthpiece of a changing world. Sticking their tongue out at the establishment with their brilliant music and hard-hitting lyrics, they achieved planet-wide success. With Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in the lead, these...

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  • Black Dahlia (2nd Edition) by Rick Geary
    Black Dahlia (2nd Edition) (English, Paperback)

    On January 15, 1947, a woman walking with her daughter in a Los Angeles neighborhood passed what looked to be a discarded mannequin. It turned out to be the body of Elizabeth Short: posed, drained of blood, meticulously scrubbed, and cut in two. From this point, Geary reconstitutes and reveals for us the life of this 22-year-old woman who had become known as "Black Dahlia" because of her striking...

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  • The Beatles In Comics! by Michels Mabel
    The Beatles In Comics! (English, Hardback)

    This volume explores the complete illustrated story of the Beatles from their formation, through the Beatlemania phenomenon, all the way through their breakup. Readers see how the band evolved and amplifed the uproar of the sixties, became politically and socially active, and achieved a lasting impact unparalleled in pop music. Chapters combine text and comics for complete information presented in...

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  • Dungeon: Monstres, Vol. 5 by Joann Sfar
    Dungeon: Monstres, Vol. 5 (English, Paperback)

    Guest artist Blutch presents two brand new stories focusing on some of the rarer Dungeon characters. In the title story, we meet Marvin the Dragon while she is still a pup with her Mum - but make no mistake, both are formidable. Their ferocity catches the eye of the Keeper who is still making his way up the ladder in Antipolis and has many dangerous enemies. In 'Soldiers of Honor,' Gork and Krag...

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  • Generalissimo El Busho by Ted Rall
    Generalissimo El Busho (English, Paperback)

    In time for the election campaign in America, Rall compiles his most scathing cartoons and commentary aimed at what he portrays as the first non-elected president, and also one of the most hawkish and mean-spiritedly incompetent men in US history.

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  • The Art Of Bryan Talbot by Bryan Talbot
    The Art Of Bryan Talbot (English, Paperback)

    Works by the artist of Luther Arkwright and The Tale of One Bad Rat. From illustrations and covers to comics, Talbot presents his best.

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  • The Lindbergh Child by Rick Geary
    The Lindbergh Child (English, Paperback)

    After his daring solo crossing of the Atlantic, fame and fortune came quickly to Charles Lindbergh, as well as marriage into a wealthy family. But soon after the newly-weds built themselves a dream home far from the madding crowd, tragedy strikes: their baby is abducted! Geary retraces all the different highly publicised events, blackmail notes, and the string of colourful characters wanting to...

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  • Little Nothings: Little Nothings Vol.3 Uneasy Happiness v. 3 by Lewis Trondheim
    Little Nothings: Little Nothings Vol.3 Uneasy Happiness v. 3 (English, Paperback)

    The great talent behind the new comics generation in Europe pours his heart out in funny snippets of everyday life. Trondheim's paranoia, little annoyances, big annoyances, chasing of rainbows, love of comics, travel impressions, thoughts on kids and being a kid are all here and highlight the little aspects of life in a way that shows such instances in a new light. The third volume of Trondheim's...

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  • The Terrible Axe-man Of New Orleans by Rick Geary
    The Terrible Axe-man Of New Orleans (English, Hardback)

    Nights of terror! A city awash with blood! New Orleans right after WWI: the party returns to the Big Easy but someone is looking to spoil it - by murdering people! The pattern for each murder is the same: a piece of the door is removed for entry, the axe is borrowed on the property and the assailant aims straight for the head! Why? How could he fit through a hole in the door? The man is never...

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  • A Treasury Of Murder Set by Rick Geary
    A Treasury Of Murder Set (English, Paperback)

    This specially priced banded set of paperbacks provides an engrossing, illustrated journey into true crime classics of the late Victorian era and early 20th century, including three works in Rick Geary's increasingly storied treasuries of murder: Famous Players, The Lindbergh Child and The Case of Madeleine Smith. These carefully researched presentations of true crime stories, including a...

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  • Dungeon: Twilight Set by Lewis Trondheim
    Dungeon: Twilight Set (English, Paperback)

    The first three books of this great saga are collected into one specially-priced set. The planet Terra Amata, on which Dungeon resides, has stopped turning. On one side, total darkness and absolute coldness; on the other, a searing desert and eternal day. The survivors live on a thin slice of earth where day and night meet: A territory known as 'Twilight'.

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  • Great Moves by Robert Edison Sandiford
    Great Moves (English, Paperback)

    In the title story, a traveller in a bar is accosted by a very horny young woman who bewitches him with unseen circumstances! Later, a photographer is asked by her best friends to tape them having sex - only to have the camera turned on her! Finally, as she lies dying, an old woman reflects on the passionate life she has led with her husband. From a variety of female viewpoints, Great Moves tells...

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  • Abelard by Renaud Dillies
    Abelard (English, Hardback)

    After the mouse of Eisner Award-nominated Bubbles and Gondola (NBM, 2011), readers are presented with another dreamer, little chick Abelard. To lure pretty Emily, Abelard sees only one solution: to catch the moon for her! So off he goes to America, the country which invented flying machines. On his way he meets Gaston, a grumpy bear who joins him on his journey. With this funny animal road-movie...

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  • Brownsville by Neil Kleid
    Brownsville (English, Paperback)

    Jewish gangster isn't a term one hears much nowadays, but back when the Dodgers played in the East and liquorice cost a penny a bag, Brooklyn corners were lousy with Semitic young toughs looking for adventure and excitement - none more so than in Brownsville. This volume follows the intertwined lives of Allie Tannenbaum and Abe Rele as they escape the mean streets and lonely tenements of the East...

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  • Dungeon: Early Years Set by Lewis Trondheim
    Dungeon: Early Years Set (English, Paperback)

    In this first story of the Early Years, the Keeper leaves his family to go find fortune in a time of chaos and darkness and becomes the Night Shirt - a misguided vigilante who renders justice nightly. In the second story, the Night Shirt stumbles upon Alexandra, the one he pines for, about to be raped and comes to her valiant and heroic rescue with romantic bravura. Perfect for lovers of heroic...

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  • Bubbles & Gondola by Renaud Dillies
    Bubbles & Gondola (English, Hardback)

    Charlie is a mouse who's trying to write but has a block. Writing is a solitary endeavour. A bird named Solitude comes to visit him to keep him company. The reader is never sure he actually exists but in Charlie's mind - but Solitude brings him out into the world, dares him to experience the unknown, unblocking his little existence. In a drama about the blank page for Charlie, who so wants to make...

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