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Neil Thomas

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  • Napoleonic Wargaming by Neil Thomas
    Napoleonic Wargaming (English, Paperback) Neil Thomas

    Following the success of his previous publications Wargaming: an Introduction and Ancient and Medieval Wargaming, Neil Thomas presents a new volume devoted to the intricacies of Napoleonic wargaming. Napoleonic Wargaming also includes historical background and the art of Napoleonic warfare to provide essential contextual information for players.

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  • One-Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas
    One-Hour Wargames (English, Paperback) Neil Thomas

    Contains 8 (completely new) sets of very simple war-gaming rules covering all periods from Ancient to WWII. The rules only require a small number of figures and a 3' x 3' playing area, ideal for beginners. Includes 30 tactical scenarios that can be used with any period.

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  • Wargaming by Neil Thomas
    Wargaming (English, Paperback) Neil Thomas

    Neil Thomas, a seasoned wargamer himself, offers practical advice on how to collect and paint wargames armies, together with all the information and rules needed to fight wargames over a huge historical timespan.

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  • Wargaming Nineteenth Century Europe 1815-1878 by Neil Thomas
    Wargaming Nineteenth Century Europe 1815-1878 (English, Hardback) Neil Thomas

    A set of simple, fast-playing rules for wargaming the conflicts that re-shaped Europe in the period 1815-78. This important, yet often-neglected period includes the Crimean War, the Italian Risorgimento, the wars of Bismarck's Prussia against Denmark, Austro-Hungary and France and the Russo-Turkish war. Tactically it saw armies struggle to adapt Napoleonic doctrines to incorporate important...

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  • Ancient & Medieval Wargaming by Neil Thomas
    Ancient & Medieval Wargaming (English, Paperback) Neil Thomas

    Ancient & Medieval wargaming

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  • Best of Adair on Leadership and Management by Neil Thomas
    Best of Adair on Leadership and Management (English, Paperback) John Adair

    This book is a goldmine of ideas, advice and techniques from one of the world's leading thinkers on management and leadership. Reformatted and with a new foreword by John Adair, it distills in one book the best of all of his thinking and writing on effective leadership, teambuilding, creativity and innovation, problem-solving, motivation and communication....

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  • All All Through the Night by Neil Thomas
    All All Through the Night (English, Paperback) Neil Thomas

    This Welsh Western explores the tale of the original 'cowboys' taking a herd of cattle from North Wales to London in the 1790's. Rich in personalities, adventure and incidents, and full of strong cultural, emotional and human elements. The characters in this tale of drovers stake their claim to be the first cowboys.

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  • Playing Popular Piano & Keyboards by Neil Thomas
    Playing Popular Piano & Keyboards (English, Paperback) Neil Thomas

    This work is for all those who are afraid of the piano or the keyboard, who find staves incomprehensible and scales depressing, all those who once had lessons - and gave up. It provides a simple but effective method that will enable users to play whatever they want - pop, classical, rag, or jazz.

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