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  • Mio, My Son
    Mio, My Son (English, Hardback) Astrid Lindgren

    Nine-year-old Karl Anders Nilsson is the unwelcome foster child of an uncaring couple. Lonely and neglected, he yearns for simple things, things that many children already have: a warm, loving home of his own, someone to share his sorrows and joys with, and, most important, his real father....

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  • D'aulaires' Book Of Norse Myths
    D'aulaires' Book Of Norse Myths (English, Paperback) Ingri D'Aulaire

    Now back in print, the companion to D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths introduces youngsters to Norse legends and the gods, goddesses, heroes, and giants that populate the Northern landscape.

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  • An Episode of Sparrows
    An Episode of Sparrows (English, Paperback) Rumer Godden

    Someone has dug up the private garden in the square and taken buckets of dirt, and Miss Angela Chesney of the Garden Committee is sure that a gang of boys from run-down Catford Street must be to blame. But Angela's sister Olivia isn't so sure. Olivia wonders why the neighborhood children?the ?sparrows? she sometimes watches from the window of her house?have to be locked out of the garden. Don't...

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  • The Abandoned
    The Abandoned (English, Hardback) Paul Gallico

    London hasn’t been kind to Peter, a lonely boy whose parents are always out at parties, and though Peter would love to have a cat for company, his nanny won’t hear of it. One day, as Peter is walking out the door, he sees a truck bearing down on a tabby. Dashing out to save the cat, he is struck by the oncoming truck himself.Everything is different when Peter comes to: He has fur, whiskers, and...

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  • Krabat and the Sorcerer's Mill
    Krabat and the Sorcerer's Mill (English, Hardback) Otfried Preussler

    New Year's has passed. Twelfth Night is almost here. Krabat, a fourteen-year-old beggar boy dressed up as one of the Three Kings, is traveling from village to village singing carols. One night he has a strange dream in which he is summoned by a faraway voice to go to a mysterious mill?and when he wakes he is irresistibly drawn there. At the mill he finds eleven other boys, all of them, like him,...

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  • Carbonel and Calidor
    Carbonel and Calidor (English, Hardback) Barbara Sleigh, Charles Front

    A final entry in the popular British trilogy by the late contributor to the BBC's Children's Hour finds obedient kitten Prince Calidor being introduced to a world outside of his privileged and secluded castle by a feisty cat whose influence results in Calidor's unwise apprenticeship to a witch.

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  • Smith
    Smith (English, Hardback) Leon Garfield

    A Carnegie Medal Honor Book...

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  • The Midnight Folk
    The Midnight Folk (English, Hardback) John Masefield, Rowland Hilder

    The Midnight Folk introduces readers to Kay Harker, the orphaned boy who is also the hero of John Masefield's classic Christmas fantasy,The Box of Delights. Kay lives in a vast old country house, and is looked after by an unpleasant duo: the oily and egregious Sir Theopompous and the petulant and punitive Sylvia Daisy Pouncer. In her zeal to educate Kay on the finer points of Latin grammar, Sylvia...

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  • The Pushcart War
    The Pushcart War (English, Paperback) Jean Merrill

    50th Anniversary Edition...

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  • The Box of Delights
    The Box of Delights (English, Hardback) John Masefield

    Strange things begin to happen the minute young Kay Harker boards the train to go home for Christmas and finds himself under observation by two very shifty-looking characters. Arriving at his destination, the boy is immediately accosted by a bright-eyed old man with a mysterious message: “The wolves are running.” Soon danger is everywhere, as a gang of criminals headed by the notorious wizard...

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  • Loretta Mason Potts
    Loretta Mason Potts (English, Paperback) Mary Chase

    Imagine how shocked you would be if, like ten-year-old Colin Mason, you were the oldest (smartest, best) kid in a family of four, and then you found out that all these years, without knowing it, you've had an older sister, an ?awful, awful, bad, bad, girl?Loretta Mason Potts.? Who? What? Wait! ... But this is only the first of many surprises that lie in store for Colin, as things get curiouser and...

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  • Charlotte Sometimes
    Charlotte Sometimes (English, Paperback) Penelope Farmer

    A time-travel story that is both a poignant exploration of human identity and an absorbing tale of suspense....

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  • Mistress Masham's Repose
    Mistress Masham's Repose (English, Paperback) T H White

    "She saw: first, a square opening, about eight inches wide, in the lowest step...finally she saw that there was a walnut shell, or half one, outside the nearest door...she went to look at the shell—but looked with the greatest astonishment. There was a baby in it."So ten-year-old Maria, orphaned mistress of Malplaquet, discovers the secret of her deteriorating estate: on a deserted...

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  • Alfred Ollivant's Bob Son Of Battl
    Alfred Ollivant's Bob Son Of Battl (English, Paperback) Lydia Davis, Alfred Ollivant

    Bob, Son of Battle, is a sheepdog so canny and careful of his flock, so deeply devoted to his master, James Moore, and so admired for his poise and wisdom by the residents of a small village in the rugged mountains of England's North Country, that young though he is, he is already known as Owd Bob. In a recent contest, Bob has proved himself a matchless sheepdog, and if he wins the trophy two more...

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  • Junket Is Nice
    Junket Is Nice (English, Paperback) Dorothy Kunhardt


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  • Supposing
    Supposing (English, Paperback) Alastair Reid, Bob Gill

    When you're a kid, there are lots of things you're not supposed to do. But what if you didn't really do any of those things, what if you just imagined them? Then it wouldn't matter if your supposings were silly, impossible, or even a little naughty?because they're all just in your head. Alastair Reid's book is a monument to the liberating power of unfettered thought. Here he reunites with a...

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  • Pinocchio (Illustrated)
    Pinocchio (Illustrated) (English, Hardback) Carlo Collodi

    A new translation of the literary classic introduces a new generation of readers to its archetypal, metaphorical and subversive themes and is augmented by more than 100 full-page watercolor illustrations.

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  • Charlotte Sometimes
    Charlotte Sometimes (English, Hardback) Penelope Farmer

    When she awakens on her second day at boarding school, a young girl finds she has gone back in time to 1918.

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  • Wee Gillis
    Wee Gillis (English, Paperback) Munro Leaf

    Wee Gillis can not decide whether he wants to be a Highlander and stalk stags, like his father, or a Lowlander like his mother, and raise long-haired cows.

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  • The Hotel Cat
    The Hotel Cat (English, Paperback) Esther Averill

    During the Big Freeze in New York City, former stray cat Tom, an employee of the Royal Hotel, gives shelter to members of the Cat Club, including Jenny Linsky and her brothers, and helps them to organize the very first Cat Club Stardust Ball.

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