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  • Being Mortal
    Being Mortal (English, Paperback) Atul Gawande

    A prominent surgeon argues against modern medical practices that extend life at the expense of quality of life while isolating the dying, outlining suggestions for freer, more fulfilling approaches to death that enable more dignified and comfortable choices. By the author of The Checklist Manifesto. Reprint. A #1 New York Times best-seller.

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  • Express Mail & Merchandise Service
    Express Mail & Merchandise Service (English, Paperback) Associate Professor of Religious Studies and East Asian Studies Jeff Wilson

    ? Special cars and merchandise equipment ? Depots, freight houses, and transfer terminals ? Train operations and car movement ? Moving mail by rail

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  • Writer's Market 2018
    Writer's Market 2018 (English, Paperback) Robert Lee Brewer

    The most trusted guide to getting published! Want to get published and paid for your writing? Let Writer's Market 2018 guide you with thousands of publishing opportunities--including listings for book publishers, consumer and trade magazines, contests and awards, and literary agents.

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  • The Mastery of Self
    The Mastery of Self (English, Paperback) Don Miguel Ruiz

    The ancient Toltecs believed that life as we perceive it is a dream. We each live in our own personal dream, and all of our dreams come together to make the Dream of the Planet. Problems arise when we forget that the dream is just a dream, and thus fall victim to believing that we have no control over it....

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  • What Happened
    What Happened (English, CD-Audio) Hillary Rodham Clinton

    Hillary Clinton reveals what she was thinking during one of the most controversial and unpredictable United States of America presidential elections in history.

    $35.22 $39.99
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  • WWE Annual 2018
    WWE Annual 2018 (Hardback)

    The WWE Annual is packed with exclusive imagery from the biggest battles of the year and offers access to all areas of your favourite Superstars. We've teamed up with WWE Vlogger, Delzinski, and one lucky reader will get their own ideas published.

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  • A Christmas Wish
    A Christmas Wish (English, Board book) Beatrix Potter

    Hop into the world of Peter Rabbit as Peter and his siblings prepare for Christmas in this charming board book!...

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  • Football School Season 2: Where Football Explains the World
    Football School Season 2: Where Football Explains the World (Hardback) Spike Gerrell, Alex Bellos

    The second book in the groundbreaking new series from two bestselling writers that teaches you about the world through football.This book is packed with awesome true stories, real science and fascinating facts and will make you laugh loads - and it's all about football. What is a vomitory? When do footballers wee? Where do goalkeepers let in chickens? When did women start playing football? You'll...

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  • What It's Like to Be a Dog
    What It's Like to Be a Dog (English, Hardback) Gregory Berns

    A noted neuroscientist relates how he and his team taught dogs to go into an MRI scanner completely awake, an experiment that helped them discover what makes dogs have different capacities for self-control and value systems and a complex understanding of human speech, and which was expanded to other animals. By a best-selling author. 35,000 first printing.

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  • The Origin of Others
    The Origin of Others (English, Hardback) Toni Morrison

    What is race and why does it matter? Why does the presence of Others make us so afraid? America's foremost novelist reflects on themes that preoccupy her work and dominate politics: race, fear, borders, mass movement of peoples, desire for belonging. Ta-Nehisi Coates provides a foreword to Toni Morrison's most personal work of nonfiction to date.

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  • Adultolescence
    Adultolescence (English, Paperback) Gabbie Hanna

    Synopsis coming soon.......

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  • Wild Honey and Rye
    Wild Honey and Rye (Hardback) Ren Behan

    In this refreshing approach to Polish cuisine, food writer and blogger Ren Behan takes us on a journey to discover the new tastes of her beloved culinary heritage. The food of eastern Europe, long misunderstood in the West, is changing - the focus is swinging away from heavy dumplings and stews towards lighter, healthier, fresh and seasonal recipes, served in contemporary ways. In this beautiful...

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  • Hansel and Gretel
    Hansel and Gretel (Paperback) Fabiana Attanasio $16.53
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  • The Sales Survival Handbook
    The Sales Survival Handbook (English, Paperback) Ken Kupchik

    Welcome to the world's oldest profession . . . sales...

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  • The TB12 Method
    The TB12 Method (English, Hardback) Tom Brady

    The first book by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady-the five-time Super Bowl champion.

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  • Robert Crumb
    Robert Crumb (English, Hardback)

    More from the Crumb tray...

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  • An American Genocide
    An American Genocide (English, Paperback) Benjamin Madley

    The first full account of the government-sanctioned genocide of California Indians under United States rule...

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  • Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution
    Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution (English, Hardback) Bernie Sanders

    In the Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution, Independent congressman, presidential candidate and activist Bernie Sanders continues his fight against the imbalances in the nation's status quo, and shows you how to make a difference to effect the changes America?and the world?need to create a better tomorrow. ...

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  • Grateful Dead 2018 Calendar
    Grateful Dead 2018 Calendar (English, Calendar) Mike Dubois $14.43
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  • What the Hell Did I Just Read
    What the Hell Did I Just Read (Paperback) David Wong

    New York Times bestselling author David Wong takes readers to a whole new level with his latest dark comic horror, set in the world of John Dies at the End and This Book is Full of Spiders. Now, Wong is back with the third installment of this black-humored thriller series.

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