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  • The Art and Science of Sails
    The Art and Science of Sails (English, Hardback) Tom Whidden, Michael Levitt

    A bible of modern sail handling and selection. It is presented in an oversize format along with four/color photographs.

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  • Infectious
    Infectious (English, Paperback) Frank Bowden

    A woman's innocuous cold symptoms mask a debilitating rare tick infection. A young man develops shingles, then suffers blinding head pain later in life. After years of frustration, a family eradicates head lice forever. Leading infectious diseases specialist Frank Bowden sheds light the everyday illnesses that affect most of us (colds, sore throats), and the more serious issues that keep us...

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  • Key Concepts in Military Ethics
    Key Concepts in Military Ethics (English, Paperback) Deane-Peter Baker

    Can war be morally justified? What is the philosophy behind armed conflict? How do you conduct an ethical war? And what guides military action as the nature of conflict changes over time? Based on a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) designed for both military personnel and non-specialists across the globe, Military Ethics: An introduction is structured as a series of ?mini-chapters' that cover a...

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  • Moral Injury
    Moral Injury (English, Paperback) Tom Frame

    With an increasing number of Australian military personnel being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, this collection of insightful essays examines the unseen wounds sustained by combat and peacekeeping forces. They show there are no easy answers or simple solutions, and suggest where existing approaches are misguided.

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  • 100 Moments in Australian Painting
    100 Moments in Australian Painting (English, Paperback) Barry Pearce

    What makes a painting endure and resonate through time? What makes a masterpiece? Highly respected art curator Barry Pearce provides a personal tour of 100 of his favorite Australian paintings from the walls and vaults of the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Pearce profiles works from the most famous names in Australian art, including Tom Roberts, Frederick McCubbin, Grace Cossington Smith, Sidney...

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  • Hidden in Plain View
    Hidden in Plain View (English, Paperback) Paul Irish

    Aboriginal people are prominent in accounts of early colonial Sydney, yet we seem to skip a century as they disappear from the historical record and reemerge in early in the twentieth century. Paul Irish's Hidden in Plain View explores what happened in the interim. In this original and important book, he brings this poorly understood period of Sydney's Aboriginal history back into focus.

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  • Growing Media for Ornamental Plants and Turf
    Growing Media for Ornamental Plants and Turf (English, Paperback) Kevin Handreck, Neil Black

    Suitable for students of horticulture, practicing horticulturists, their suppliers, green keepers, landscape gardeners and designers, this book describes various advances in horticultural production systems. It includes chapters on fertilizer practice in nurseries, managing turf soil, fertilizing turf irrigation, and drainage.

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  • Inside Australia's Anti-Terrorism Laws and Trials
    Inside Australia's Anti-Terrorism Laws and Trials (English, Paperback) Andrew Lynch, Nicola McGarrity

    Ten years after Australia's first national laws were enacted to combat the threat of terrorism, additional anti-terrorism laws were passed in the Australian Parliament in late 2014. Timely, piercing, and, in regard to the first set of laws, written with the benefit of hindsight, this book investigates whether Australia really needed to enact anti-terrorism laws in the first place, let alone add to...

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  • Double Diamonds
    Double Diamonds (English, Paperback) Karl James

    During the Second World War, in the mountains and jungles of Timor, Bougainville and New Guinea, Australian commando units fought arduous campaigns against the Japanese. The story of these elite independent companies and commando squadrons, whose soldiers wore the distinctive double-diamond insignia, is told here for the first time.

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  • Minding Her Own Business
    Minding Her Own Business (English, Paperback) Catherine Bishop

    A history that populates the streets of colonial Sydney with entrepreneurial businesswomen earning their living in a variety of small ? and sometimes surprising ? enterprises....

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  • Sidney Nolan
    Sidney Nolan (English, Hardback) Nancy Underhill

    Digging through the myths around Australia's most famous artist, many of which he created himself as a masterful self-promoter, this book is the biography that Sidney Nolan deserves. In an authoritative, insightful and often irreverent biography that fully charts Nolan's life and work, Nancy Underhill peels back the layers from a complicated, expedient and manipulative artistic genius. She carries...

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  • The Story of Australian English
    The Story of Australian English (English, Paperback) Kel Richards

    Today there is clearly a distinctive Australian regional dialect with its own place among the global family of "Englishes". A lively narrative, this book tells the story of the birth, rise and triumphant progress of the colourful dingo lingo that we know today as Aussie English.

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  • The Rise and Fall of Gunns Ltd
    The Rise and Fall of Gunns Ltd (English, Paperback) Quentin Beresford

    At its peak, Gunns Ltd had a market value of $1 billion, was listed on the ASX 200, and was the largest employer in the state of Tasmania as well as its largest private landowner. Most of its profits came from woodchipping, mainly from clear-felled old-growth forests. A pulp mill was central to its expansion plans. Its collapse in 2012 was a major national news story, as was the arrest of its CEO...

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  • Jewels on Queen
    Jewels on Queen (English, Hardback) Anne Schofield

    Ancient Roman engraved rings, eye miniatures, love tokens, an Art Deco aquamarine, and diamond brooch: all of these collectibles appear in an exclusive Sydney shop in Queen Street, Woollahra. Anne Schofield, Australia's best-known antique jewelery expert, unlocks the cabinets in her shop and reveals the favorite pieces of jewelery she has bought, sold, and collected over 50 years. World-famous...

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  • The Secret Life of Whales (English, Paperback) Micheline Jenner

    Marine biologist Micheline Jenner discovered humpback breeding grounds off the Kimberley coast, has swum through orange golfball-sized pygmy blue whale poo to uncover a feeding spot, and is one of very few people to witness a humpback whale giving birth. In The Secret Life of Whales she reveals the unknown world of these giants of the deep and shares insights from her work with humpback, blue and...

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  • The Best Australian Science Writing 2017 (English, Paperback) Michael Slezak

    Would it be ethical to eat sentient aliens? What is the basis of the difference between the sexes? Why is there something rather than nothing? Now in its seventh year, The Best Australian Science Writing 2017 draws on the knowledge and insight of Australia's brightest thinkers to challenge perceptions of the world we think we know.

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  • Painting by Numbers (English, Hardback) David Mabberley

    Ferdinand Bauer is seen by many as the greatest natural history painter of all time. This fascinating new study of Bauer's work includes reproductions of never-before-published works from collections in Europe and Australia. Written by one of the world's foremost botanical scholars, Painting by Numbers reveals Bauer's innovative colour-coding technique for the first time.

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  • The Ascent to Power, 1996 (English, Paperback) Tom Frame

    In the first of four volumes on the Howard Government's nearly 12 years in office, The Ascent to Power covers the 1996 election and the practical challenges of the Coalition's first year in power, including its handling of the Port Arthur massacre, relationships with the Australian Public Service, management of Senate crossbenchers, and reversing the budget 'black hole' and repaying government...

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  • Signs of Australia (English, Paperback) Brady Michaels, Dale Campisi

    Once upon a simpler time, hand-painted and hand-crafted signs brought color and vibrancy to Australian towns and cities ? advertising everything from dining rooms, milk bars, and CWA halls to Peter's ice cream, oatmeal, stout, Chinese restaurants, and Shelley's famous drinks. Now faded and slowly disappearing, they tell the story of life over two centuries, recording a distinctly Australian...

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  • Widening Minds
    Widening Minds (Paperback) Tom Frame

    Since 1967 more than 25,000 students have graduated from UNSW after studying at Duntroon, HMAS Creswell, the RAAF College and UNSW Canberra. In Widening Minds, Tom Frame examines the productive 50-year partnership between University of New South Wales and Australian Defence Force.

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