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  • Key Concepts in Military Ethics
    Key Concepts in Military Ethics (English, Paperback) Deane-Peter Baker

    Can war be morally justified? What is the philosophy behind armed conflict? How do you conduct an ethical war? And what guides military action as the nature of conflict changes over time? Based on a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) designed for both military personnel and non-specialists across the globe, Military Ethics: An introduction is structured as a series of ?mini-chapters' that cover a...

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  • Anzac, The Unauthorised Biography
    Anzac, The Unauthorised Biography (English, Paperback) Carolyn Holbrook

    The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (Anzac) remain at the heart of Australia's national story. But standing firm on the other side of the Anzac enthusiasts is a chorus of critics claiming that the appetite for Anzac is militarizing the nation's history and indoctrinating their children. Anzac, the Unauthorised Biography cuts through the clamor to provide a much-needed historical perspective...

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  • Stranger Thingies
    Stranger Thingies (English, Paperback) John Birmingham

    John Birmingham is a master of good writing and funny lines. He has written a thousand stories, some true, some not so much. These are the best ones and they're so good, and so funny, there has been no barrel-scraping involved. Really, this book could have been much longer.

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  • The Art and Science of Sails
    The Art and Science of Sails (English, Hardback) Tom Whidden, Michael Levitt

    A bible of modern sail handling and selection. It is presented in an oversize format along with four/color photographs.

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  • Growing Media for Ornamental Plants and Turf
    Growing Media for Ornamental Plants and Turf (English, Paperback) Kevin Handreck, Neil Black

    Suitable for students of horticulture, practicing horticulturists, their suppliers, green keepers, landscape gardeners and designers, this book describes various advances in horticultural production systems. It includes chapters on fertilizer practice in nurseries, managing turf soil, fertilizing turf irrigation, and drainage.

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  • Janet Laurence
    Janet Laurence (English, Paperback) Prudence Gibson

    Well-known for her installations and public art commissions that engage with architectural and biological forms, Janet Laurence is fascinated by the interplay of plant species, animals and people. Prudence Gibson surveys Laurence's BioArt, and her radical interpretation of humanity's relationship with the world.

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  • Surgery, The Ultimate Placebo
    Surgery, The Ultimate Placebo (English, Paperback) Professor Ian Harris

    For many complaints and conditions, the benefits from surgery are lower, and the risks higher, than you or your surgeon think. In this book you will see how commonly performed operations can be found to be useless or even harmful when properly evaluated. That these claims come from an experienced, practising orthopaedic surgeon who performs many of these operations himself, makes the unsettling...

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  • The Intervention
    The Intervention (English, Paperback) Rosie Scott

    This new 2016 edition of the ground-breaking The Intervention: An Anthology includes a preface by Anita Heiss and brings together some of Australia's greatest Indigenous and non-Indigenous writers and thinkers who analyse, illuminate and voice their anger, disgust and horror at the Intervention introduced by the Howard government in 2007.

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  • Swifty
    Swifty (English, Hardback) Edmund Campion

    The extraordinary story of how a devoted nun became an equally devoted campaigner for justice ? as a successful criminal defence lawyer. When Yvonne Benedicta Swift entered the Sacre Coeur convent in Rose Bay in 1938, she was determined to dedicate herself to religious life. But in the 1970s she did something unusual: retrained as a lawyer, established her own practice and defended some of...

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  • From Victims to Suspects
    From Victims to Suspects (English, Paperback) Shakira Hussein

    The so-called War on Terror, in its many incarnations, has always been a war with gender at its heart. Once regarded as helpless victims waiting to be rescued, Muslim women are now widely regarded by both Muslim and non-Muslim disciplinarians as a potential threat to be kept under control. How did this shift in attitudes come about? Shakira Hussein explores the lives of women negotiating the...

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  • Independent Minds
    Independent Minds (English, Paperback) Pauline Curby

    St George Girls High School has held its place among Sydney'smost outstanding educational institutions for a hundred years. Celebrating the selective school's beginnings and its evolution over the decades, this book also takes a broader look at how the education of girls has changed with the times.

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  • Australian Women War Reporters
    Australian Women War Reporters (English, Paperback) Jeannine Baker

    The common picture of the war correspondent is a heroic, male reporter on the frontline, but women reporters have been more numerous and significant than we ever knew. Against the vehement opposition of newspaper editors, their male colleagues and military hierarchies, twentieth-century women journalists grew increasingly determined to report war from conflict zones and have their stories printed...

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  • Not Just For this Life
    Not Just For this Life (English, Paperback) Wendy Guest

    When Gough Whitlam died in October 2014, the outpouring of affectionate remembrances and genuine grief expressed across Australia was extraordinary. Not Just For This Life commemorates and celebrates Gough's life. It covers the big themes of Gough's lif eand legacy: transformation, belonging, courage, equality, enlarging, comrades and grace.

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  • Bush Heritage Australia
    Bush Heritage Australia (English, Paperback) Sarah Martin

    With a plan to own or manage one per cent of Australia by 2025, Bush Heritage Australia is an organisation with big ambitions. With more than one million hectares in its care, Bush Heritage's achievements are celebrated in this book along with its growth from humble beginnings into a large non-profit with benefactors all over the world.

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  • The House That Jack Built
    The House That Jack Built (English, Paperback) James Colman

    This is the story of how an ordinary bloke from the bush became the key figure in a movement that would change the shape of Australian cities and bring about lasting political and legal reform. This is the story of the house that Jack Mundey built. Mundey overturned the bulldozer mentality of the 1960s and 1970s and made Australians value heritage.

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  • Sydney Cemeteries
    Sydney Cemeteries (English, Paperback) Lisa Murray

    Visiting cemeteries to admire the headstones and enjoy their park-like spaces was once a Sydney tradition. Sydney Cemeteries: A Field Guide encapsulates the history and heritage of Sydney's public cemeteries, pointing out what's unique or different about each one and listing notable and notorious burials.

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  • Divas
    Divas (English, Hardback) Roger Neill

    The incredible story of singing teacher extraordinaire Mathilde Marchesi who trained more international opera stars than anyone before or since. Who was Mathilde Marchesi? How did she become a byword internationally for vocal excellence and operatic success? What was her formula? And how did she produce prima donnas on such a consistent basis? From nineteenth-century Vienna to Paris high...

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  • Janet Venn-Brown
    Janet Venn-Brown (English, Paperback) Peter Manning

    Australian painter Janet Venn-Brown has led an extraordinary life. Peter Manning's richly illustrated book celebrates her life and her work - her 40 years in Rome, her artistic successes and experiments, her political engagement and travels in the Middle East, and her return to Australia in 2011.

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  • Streets of Papunya
    Streets of Papunya (English, Paperback) Vivien Johnson

    Some of Australia's most exciting contemporary art comes from the daughters of the ground-breaking Papunya Tula artists of the 1970s, the founding fathers of the desert art movement.Streets of Papunya is the story of the women painters of Papunya today, rising stars of the town's new Papunya Tjupi art centre. Among them are some of the first women in the desert to join the original Papunya art...

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  • Inside the Vault
    Inside the Vault (English, Hardback) Peter Rees

    Celebrating the history and art of Australian coinage for the first time, Inside the Vault uncovers the fascinating story of the nation's currency. Bestselling author Peter Rees traces significant events the Rum Rebellion, the gold rushes of the 19th century, the opening of the Royal Australian Mint, the introduction of decimal currency in 1966 and their effect on Australia's coinage. Lavishly...

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