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  • The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Eurasian Geopolitics by Michael Fredholm
    The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Eurasian Geopolitics (English, Paperback) Michael Fredholm

    Seen by some as posing a long-term threat to the West and with several members like China as key economic or energy players, political developments within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization can no longer be ignored. This is the first study to properly treat a key regional grouping in Asia.

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  • Exploring Ethnic Diversity in Burma by Mikael Gravers
    Exploring Ethnic Diversity in Burma (English, Paperback) Mikael Gravers

    A comprehensive study of Burma's ethnic minorities, this book discusses the historical formation of ethnic identity and its complexities in relation to British colonial rule as well as to the modern State, the situation of military rule and its policy of 'myanmarfication'. Changes of identity in exile and due to religious conversion are analysed.

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  • Tangashima The Arrival Of Europe In Japan
    Tangashima The Arrival Of Europe In Japan (English, Paperback)

    The year 1543 marked the beginning of a new global consciousness in Japan with the arrival of shipwrecked Portuguese on Tanegashima Island. Their arrival was recorded in the "Tanegashima Kafu", the "Teppoki" and the "Kunitomo Teppoki", which are here translated and presented with European reports.

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  • Queer Comrades 2018 by Hongwei Bao
    Queer Comrades 2018 (English, Paperback) Hongwei Bao

    This very timely, well-written and insightful exploration of gay identity & queer activism in the PRC today is more than a study of `queer China' through the lens of male homosexuality; it also examines identity, power and governmentality in contemporary China, as shaped by China's historical conditions and contemporary situations.

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  • Thaksin by Pasuk Phongpaichit
    Thaksin (Paperback) Pasuk Phongpaichit, Chris Baker

    Thaksin Shinawatra has often been compared to Italy's Silvio Berlusconi. Both are fabulously wealthy media magnates who have entered politics. And both have a possessive passion for football. Berlusconi owns Forza Milan and, as many fans note with mixed feelings, Thaksin recently attempted to acquire a 30 per cent stake in Liverpool FC. But there is more to him than football. He became Thailand's...

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  • Monarchical Manipulation in Cambodia 2018 by Geoffrey C. Gunn
    Monarchical Manipulation in Cambodia 2018 (English, Hardback) Geoffrey C. Gunn

    First book to explain the agency of Cambodian monarchs in the face of broader colonial manipulation and international power plays. It explores the historic interplay of charismatic power and political patronage in Cambodia and focuses on the tumultuous wartime and early post-war events surrounding Sihanouk's `crusade' for Cambodia's independence.

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  • Breeds of Empire by Greg Bankoff
    Breeds of Empire (English, Paperback) Greg Bankoff, Sandra Swart

    Ships of empire carried more than people and products across the globe. They also brought horses to places not native to that animal. This book deals with the introduction, invention and use of the horse in the Philippines, Thailand and southern Africa as well as its roots and evolution within Indonesia.

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  • Recruit to Revolution by John Coast
    Recruit to Revolution (English, Paperback) John Coast

    This gripping memoir narrates the formative years of the Indonesian nation through the lens of English adventurer John Coast. His life story is entangled with the history of the revolution: blockade-running; broadcasting from the besieged rebel capital; advocating for the Republicans abroad; and having long discussions with president-to-be Sukarno.

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  • People of Virtue by Alexandra Kent
    People of Virtue (English, Paperback) Alexandra Kent

    Places Cambodia's religious revival in a nuanced social, cultural and political context, showing how the formation of a different moral order is crucial if the country can recover and heal itself after years of violent conflict.

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  • Money, Power and Ideology by Marcus Mietzner
    Money, Power and Ideology (Paperback) Marcus Mietzner

    Are political parties the weak link in Indonesia's young democracy? More pointedly, do they form a giant cartel to suck patronage resources from the state? Indonesian commentators almost invariably brand the country's parties as corrupt, self-absorbed, and elitist, while most scholars argue that they are poorly institutionalized.

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  • The Indonesian Military After the New Order by Sukardi Rinakit
    The Indonesian Military After the New Order (English, Paperback) Sukardi Rinakit

    This study identifies the factors behind the Indonesian military's decision to reposition its role in socio-political affairs after the fall of Suharto. It covers the regime of President Wahid, the military's future role under President Megawati and the possibilities of it resuming power.

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  • State Growth and Social Exclusion in Tibet by Andrew Fischer
    State Growth and Social Exclusion in Tibet (English, Paperback) Andrew Fischer

    The most pressing economic challenges facing the Tibetan areas of western China relate to the marginalization of the majority of Tibetans from rapid state-led growth. The urban-rural divide plays an important role in this polarized dynamic but alone only partially explains differences with other Chinese regions, all of which generally exhibit strong spatial inequalities. This book therefore...

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  • Cambodians and Their Doctors by Jan Ovesen
    Cambodians and Their Doctors (English, Paperback) Jan Ovesen, Ing-Britt Trankell

    Describes the medicine in Cambodia over the last hundred years. Using 'medicine' (in the sense of ideas, practices and institutions relating to health and illness) as a prism through which to view colonial and post-colonial Cambodian society more generally, this book offers an historical and contemporary anthropology of the nation of Cambodia.

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  • Doing Fieldwork in China by Maria Heimer
    Doing Fieldwork in China (Paperback) Maria Heimer

    Offering practical advice and discussing general theoretical points, this book is useful for post-graduate students from the social sciences and humanities who plan to do fieldwork in China; to experienced scholars who are new to the China field; and to experienced China scholars with an interest in methodological issues.

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  • Democratizing Indonesia by Mikaela Nyman
    Democratizing Indonesia (English, Paperback) Mikaela Nyman

    The author analyzes the role of civil society in Indonesia's transition to democracy, demonstrating that social movements are civil society's primary catalysts for change.

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  • Hot Science, High Water by Eren Zink
    Hot Science, High Water (English, Paperback) Eren Zink

    Offers unique insights into global warming and the economy and politics of science, higher education and international development in Vietnam. Challenges the notion that science in a developing country is different from, and subordinate to, science in the developed West.

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  • Lost Goddesses by Trudy Jacobsen
    Lost Goddesses (English, Paperback) Trudy Jacobsen

    A narrative and visual tour de force, this study revises accepted perspectives in the history and geopolitical organization of Cambodia since c 230 CE. In so doing, it examines the relationship between women and power and analyses the extent of female political and economic participation as revealed in historical sources.

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  • Post-war Laos by Vatthana Pholsena
    Post-war Laos (Paperback) Vatthana Pholsena

    Providing an analysis of ethnographic material, this book shows the politics of identity, the geographies of memory and the power of narratives of some members of ethnic minority groups who fought during the Vietnam War in the Lao People's Liberation Army and/or were educated within the revolutionary administration.

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  • Ethnic Relations and Nation-Building in Southeast Asia by Leo Suryadinata
    Ethnic Relations and Nation-Building in Southeast Asia (Paperback) Leo Suryadinata

    The most up-to-date book on the ethnic Chinese and ethnic/racial relations in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, written by leading Southeast Asian scholars, each bringing their own ethnic perspectives to their studies. Ethnic/racial relations have been a perennial theme in Southeast Asian studies. Current events have highlighted the tensions among ethnic groups and the need to maintain...

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  • Ancestors in Borneo Societies by Pascal Couderc
    Ancestors in Borneo Societies (English, Paperback) Pascal Couderc

    This first major study of ancestors in Borneo societies challenges classic ethnographic representations of ancestor worship and genealogical understandings of ancestors in anthropology. It will be of lasting interest far beyond the bounds of Borneo studies and will enrich the broader anthropological scholarship on ancestors, kinship, and religion.

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