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  • Anquetil, Alone
    Anquetil, Alone (Hardback) Paul Fournel

    There are things he does alone, and things that he alone does....

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  • No Word from Gurb
    No Word from Gurb (English, Paperback) Eduardo Mendoza

    Reissue of hilarious cult classic - an extraterrestrial Don Quixote bumbling through modern-day Barcelona - by celebrated Spanish novelist, Eduardo Mendoza. A delirious and hilarious satire of our society's mores.

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  • The Mystery of the Enchanted Crypt
    The Mystery of the Enchanted Crypt (English, Paperback) Eduardo Mendoza

    Released from an asylum to help with a police enquiry, the quick-witted and foul-smelling narrator delves deep into the underworld of 1970s Barcelona to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a teenage girl from a convent school, in this hilarious detective romp through seedy underworld Barcelona.

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  • The Devil and Miss Prym
    The Devil and Miss Prym (English, Paperback) Paulo Coelho

    A new novel from Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist.

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  • The Little Buddhist Monk
    The Little Buddhist Monk (Paperback) Cesar Aira

    In Korea, a little Buddhist monk dreams of the Western world. He meets the holidaying French couple Napoleon Chirac and Jacqueline Bloodymary and offers to be their guide, in the hope they will take him to Europe. But though our monk seems the very spirit of tourism, nothing is natural in this tour de force of Aira's twisted imagination.

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  • The Hare
    The Hare (English, Paperback) Cesar Aira

    When a Mapuche chief suddenly goes missing, a British naturalist is asked to find him in the vast Argentine pampas

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  • Tattoo
    Tattoo (English, Paperback) Manuel Vazquez Montalban

    Only Pepe Carvalho could use a tattoo saying "Born to Raise Hell in Hell" as evidence that the police are, once again, dead wrong...

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  • Holy City
    Holy City (English, Paperback) Guillermo Orsi

    Welcome to the Holy City, where bent cops are ten a peso, and it is only the degree of corruption that is ever in question.

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  • The Missing Year Of Juan Salvatierra
    The Missing Year Of Juan Salvatierra (English, Paperback) Pedro Mairal

    This story about family secrets and art is a feast of images lingering long after the final page is turned.

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  • The Sleeping Voice
    The Sleeping Voice (English, Paperback) Dulce Chacon

    Dulce Chacon's book has had an immense success in Spain, no doubt because the novelist speaks with a just and powerful voice, and because she has allowed women - the most anonymous, the most suppressed, the most silenced - to speak out" Le MondeIt is 1939.

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  • Che Guevara
    Che Guevara (English, Paperback) Nick Caistor

    An accessible and well-researched biography that explores the life and ideas of an iconic revolutionary "At Last, at last, a biography of Che Guevara for grown-ups! Nick Caistor, well-known for years as a commentator on Latin America for the BBC, has produced a study of a man who is all too often treated either as a plaster saint incapable of doing wrong or as some devil from the deepest pit of...

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  • Seconds Out
    Seconds Out (English, Paperback) Martin Kohan

    New York, 1923, the Argentine Luis Angel Firpo, called the Wild Bull of the Pampas, knocks out of the ring the American Jack Dempsey, heavyweight champion of the world. However, the referee does not count the time outside the ring. Dempsey comes back and knocks the challenger out. This title recalls this mythical match.

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  • The House of Ulysses
    The House of Ulysses (English, Paperback) Julian Rios

    A riotous tribute to James Joyce and a surprising tour of the house of fiction.

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  • Nicaragua in Focus
    Nicaragua in Focus (English, Paperback) Nick Caistor, Hazel Plunkett

    This authoritative and up-to-date guide to Nicaragua explores the land, history, politics, economy, society and people. Maps. Photos.

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  • Mexico City
    Mexico City (English, Paperback) Nick Caistor

    Caistor explores this city of extremes, revealing its turbulent past and chaotic present through its urban landscape. Looking at Aztec ruins and modernistic complexes, he traces the history of a volatile city, where conquest, revolution and natural disasters have left their marks. Maps and illustrations.

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  • The Things We Don't Do
    The Things We Don't Do (English, Paperback) Andres Neuman

    Mind-bending set of stories?the first of Neuman's in English?calls to mind the best of Julio Cortázar and Jorge Luis Borges.

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  • Buenos Aires
    Buenos Aires (English, Paperback) Nick Caistor

    "The architect Le Corbusier once called Buenos Aires 'the capital of an imaginary empire.' From its foundation in the sixteenth century, Argentina's main city has been a place of the imagination as well as the scene of many striking historical events. This cultural guide looks at the impact of history and the efforts of men and women to build a city that would fulfill their dreams, as well as...

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  • Talking to Ourselves
    Talking to Ourselves (English, Paperback) Andres Neuman

    A story about how we are transformed by loss, physically and emotionally - and how words, and sex, can serve as powerful modes of resistance. A profound tribute to all those who have ever had to care for a loved one, told with Neuman's characteristic warmth, bittersweet humour and wide-ranging intellect.

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  • Traveller of the Century
    Traveller of the Century (English, Paperback) Andres Neuman

    The new paperback edition of a rarity: a brilliant novel of ideas that is also irresistible and very, very racy. An engrossing, hugely satisfying and entertaining read, by a young Argentinian superstar. For lovers of historical novels, and of the modernist giants Mann and Musil.

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  • The Buenos Aires Quintet
    The Buenos Aires Quintet (English, Paperback) Manuel Vazquez Montalban

    When Pepe Carvalho's uncle asks him to find his son, Raul, in Buenos Aires, Pepe is reluctant. All he knows about Argentina is 'tango, Maradona, and the disappeared' and he has no desire to find out more. But family is family and soon Carvalho is in Buenos Aires, getting more caught up in Argentina's troubled past than is good for anybody.

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