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  • Grid Systems in Graphic Design by Josef Muller-Brockmann
    Grid Systems in Graphic Design (Multiple languages, Hardback) Josef Muller-Brockmann

    Suitable for those who work with automated text and image design, this work shows examples of working correctly on a conceptual level. It gives the user exact directions for using all of the grid systems presented (8 to 32 grid fields).

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  • Graphic Design Manual by Armin Hofmann
    Graphic Design Manual (Multiple languages, Paperback) Armin Hofmann

    Deals with the fundamental elements of graphic form - point, line, and shape - and the economic use of color and fonts. Especially in times of the return to clear and minimalistic geometric forms and patterns, his rich body of work serves as a perfect starting point for contemporary design practices.

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  • Postage Stamp Designs: From Kafka to Loriot by Hans Gunter Schmitz
    Postage Stamp Designs: From Kafka to Loriot (Multiple languages, Hardback) Hans Gunter Schmitz

    The world's first official postage stamp was issued in May 1840: the legendary "One Penny Black" with the profile of the Queen of England. The new payment system in the field of logistics by Sir Rowland Hill quickly gained hold all around the world. For the first time, this publication discusses the significance and functions of postage stamps as prominently visible elements of communication design. The expressiveness inherent in the small-sized images and the very peculiar and heterogeneous mage vocabulary of this medium of mass culture is analyzed based on more than 40 designs by Hans Günter Schmitz. The book also presents concepts that were not implemented, in addition to sketches, studies, and variations ? from Adenauer to the film festival Berlinale, from a mathematicians' congress to the famous Wuppertal suspension railway.

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  • Typography by Emil Ruder
    Typography (Multiple languages, Hardback) Emil Ruder

    Suitable for typographers and graphic designers.

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  • Typographic Grid by Hans Rudolph Bosshard
    Typographic Grid (Multiple languages, Hardback) Hans Rudolph Bosshard

    Offers a collection of about two dozen typographic works of the author including books, brochures and art catalogues.

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  • History of Visual Communication by Josef Muller-Brockmann
    History of Visual Communication (Multiple languages, Hardback) Josef Muller-Brockmann

    Presents a sequence of images that refers to the richness of visual communication. This work focuses on straightforward, informative advertising, experimental works that influence our way of thinking, and large artistic works that influence the formation of style.

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  • Design, Typography etc by Gautier Damien
    Design, Typography etc (English, Hardback) Gautier Damien

    This handbook aims to convey the essential principles that will enable the reader to acquire the skills necessary to be independently creative in the field of graphic design. Richly illustrated with numerous examples from around the world, this volume addresses the most important aspects of good book, poster and advert design, offering guidance on everything from the correct use of colors and fonts through to column width and line spacing. Sketches and clarifying text serve to explain technical terms that are indispensable to understanding the interface of designing and producing print media.

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  • Tadao Ando by Werner Blaser
    Tadao Ando (Multiple languages, Hardback) Werner Blaser

    With his sunken structures, Tadao Ando succeeds in building in accordance with nature, at the same time connecting tradition and present - thus making the cultural history of building relevant for the present. This title introduces the reader to the world of Tadao Ando's sunken architectures.

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  • Printed Matter, Mainly Books by Jost Hochuli
    Printed Matter, Mainly Books (Multiple languages, Hardback) Jost Hochuli

    Jost Hochuli has been working since 1959 as a freelance graphic designer. Although book design forms only a small part of his activity, he has become well known particularly through this work. This work features several of his commercial artwork pieces and typefaces cut in wood and linoleum.

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  • Risomania by John Z. Komurki
    Risomania (English, Hardback) John Z. Komurki, Luca Bendandi

    Risography, named after the Japanese firm Riso, is a stencil printing process based on screen printing techniques that was developed in the transition phase from mechanical to digital printing. Although the printer looks like a copying machine, the colors are transferred onto the paper without the use of heat or chemicals, saving energy and making the process ecologically friendly. Graphic artists and designers from around the world have now rediscovered the risograph for themselves ? along with other machines for similar almost forgotten techniques such as mimeography ?and sparked an unexpected renaissance of analog printing.A comprehensive introduction that addresses past, present and future is followed by an essay about the key pioneers in the contemporary risography scene. In the chapter Risoworld notable risography-oriented publishers, printers and design studies from around the world are presented. At the heart of the book are fabulous, hugely diverse examples such as postcards, magazines, posters, flyers and experimental printed products, all of which inspire by the force of their color, their unique textures and, above all, the perfectly imperfect authenticity of risography.

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  • Subtext: Typedesign by Andreas Pawlik
    Subtext: Typedesign (Multiple languages, Hardback) Andreas Pawlik

    The design of digital typefaces is an essential part of the modern media culture. Fonts are not only purveyors of content, but are often a central, identity-creating element in both commercial and artistic production. This volume explores these developments through the designs of over 50 locally and globally active designers, either closely or tangentially connected with Austria.

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  • An Initiation in Typography by Anne Denastas
    An Initiation in Typography (Multiple languages, Hardback) Anne Denastas, Camille Gallet

    Introduces the reader to the world of visual design and typography. This work deals with the question of proportions: mathematical systems, golden section, paper formats and typographic measuring units. It deals with the tension between black and white: design problems, principles of typographical arrangement, and the harmony of black and white.

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  • Overlap: Web & Typography by Jana Kemmer
    Overlap: Web & Typography (English, Paperback) Jana Kemmer

    The Constantly Changing World of Webfonts

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  • Out of Focus by Peter Olpe
    Out of Focus (Multiple languages, Hardback) Peter Olpe

    The creative work of 36 photographers is presented, all of whom Peter Olpe invited to take photos with one of his pinhole cameras in a kind of 'art barter'.

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  • Typography: Formation and TransFormation by Willi Kunz
    Typography: Formation and TransFormation (Multiple languages, Hardback) Willi Kunz

    Typographic design begins with a set of information and a concept. The designer, facing a blank sheet of paper or a computer screen, is anxious about the first step to take in developing a design. The elements of typography are an obvious starting point, but often do not get the attention they deserve.

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  • New Typefaces by Isabel Naegele
    New Typefaces (Multiple languages, Paperback) Gutenberg-Museum Mainz

    Offers a fascinating insight into the creative world of type design.

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  • 2d Visual Perception by Moritz Zwimpfer
    2d Visual Perception (Multiple languages, Hardback) Moritz Zwimpfer

    The time-related dimension of image perception is increasingly heightened because the sequence of moving pictures is so strongly accelerated by virtue of the very short cuts that it becomes impossible for the viewer to make out the individual elements. Under these conditions he loses every notion of autonomy opposite these images, meaning also that he can be manipulated by. With the aid of more than 200 pictures, elementary phenomena of visual perception are described in this book that one encounters on a daily basis. Brief accompanying texts encourage the viewer to give the pictures his deeper attention in order to consciously experience the phenomena. This book gives a comprehensive, clearly structured overview, and the illustrated examples span from two-dimensional form and color phenomena to the formation of spatial perception up to the influence that emotions and logic have upon perception.

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  • Before Steel by Mario Rinke
    Before Steel (English, Hardback) Mario Rinke, Joseph Schwartz

    This book casts a critical light on the many-layered connections between architecture and engineering in the nineteenth century and the markedly changing self-conception of the disciplines.

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  • Study of Rhythms and Technology by Paul Schatz Stiftung
    Study of Rhythms and Technology (English, Paperback) Paul Schatz Stiftung

    The world can be turned inside out. The world has rhythm. This perspective of wood sculptor, technician and inventor Paul Schatz offers whole new viewpoints. He succeeded in creating a technology which brings the laws and rhythms of nature in line. Schatz's journey of discovery leads to stunning developments in design, in the perception of the geometric and architectural space, and to a new art of mechanical engineering. Oloids and acuboids are forms that are intriguing in their beauty. Turbula and Inversina mixers are used for industrial purposes while the oloid has proved very useful in water and environmental engineering. The boo presents life's work that hasn't suffered a loss of currency. The study of Rhythms and Technology bridges the gap between art and natural sciences and offers inspiration for the work of philosophers and practitioners alike.

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  • Graphic Artist and his Design Problems by Josef Mueller-Brockmann
    Graphic Artist and his Design Problems (Multiple languages, Hardback) Josef Mueller-Brockmann

    Intends to solve the graphic designer's problem of finding the appropriate contemporary form. This edition traces the path from illustrative to functional graphic design, as well as the meaning of design elements, their use and effect in every area of advertising: business printed matter, advertisements, brochures, books, posters, and exhibitions.

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