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  • Undressed by Nik Guerra
    Undressed (English, Paperback) Nik Guerra

    Creator of the much-beloved (and highly dangerous) Magenta, artist Nik Guerra takes a break from telling torrid tales of sex and intrigue, and instead throws his famous ladies into the dressing room. The resulting fashion show is both revealing and kinky! Magenta, Lucrezia, and Coco Von Sade are dressed (or undressed) for excess!

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  • Magenta: Noir Fatale by Nik Guerra
    Magenta: Noir Fatale (English, Paperback) Nik Guerra

    When 'Kinky Winky' bondage models Magenta and Lucretia hear of fellow models disappearing at an alarming rate, they volunteer to investigate. Together they uncover a heady world of bondage, blackmail and double-crossing, as they head further and further into the underworld of 1930s London. This is a cheeky, risque adventure with plenty of tease and sleaze, without going too far overboard. Plenty...

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  • Magenta by Celestino Pes
    Magenta (English, Paperback) Celestino Pes, Nik Guerra

    With a body built for sex, and a mind for solving crime (through the use of sex, of course), Magenta is a take-charge kind of woman. She needs no mutant ability or radioactive bug-bite to access her amazing abilities. Any man (or mildly bi-curious woman) is putty in her hands, as Magenta uses her amazing sexuality to get to the bottom of the case.

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  • Magenta by Celestino Pes
    Magenta (English, Paperback) Celestino Pes, Bob Keenan

    A collection of retro fun and filth. It takes Magenta and her just-as-nasty (if not-so-bright) buddy Lucrezia on amorous adventures, and the two silky sirens solve crime and detect mischief in ways Holmes and Watson never imagined.

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  • Magenta 4 by Celestino Pes
    Magenta 4 (English, Paperback) Celestino Pes, Nik Guerra

    The evil villainess Madame Santina has created an unstoppable army of megasexual zombies, and it's up to Magenta and her faithful sidekick Lucrezia to save the day! Or have one hell of a wild night -- whichever seems the most fun! Retro fun and naughtiness from the minds of Celestino Pes and Nik Guerra.

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  • Magenta: No. 3 by Celestino Pes
    Magenta: No. 3 (English, Paperback) Celestino Pes, Bob Keenan

    She's ruthless, amoral, and unstoppable. The fact that she's got a body that turns strong men into puddles of sex-addled goo always works in her favour. She's Magenta, and when she's not solving crimes, she's probably committing a few.

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