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  • Rip It Up by Vic Galloway
    Rip It Up (Paperback) Vic Galloway

    Produced to accompany a major exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland in 2018, and a BBC Scotland TV series presented by Vic Galloway, which explore the musical culture of Scotland from Lonnie Donegan to Calvin Harris. With added socio-political context the book demonstrates how influential Scottish acts have been over the years.

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  • Mary Slessor by Elizabeth Robertson
    Mary Slessor (Paperback) Elizabeth Robertson

    Updated edition - the story of the Dundee mill girl turned missionary who became one of the most remarkable Scotswomen of any generation and the first woman to be depicted on a Scottish banknote.

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  • Scotland's Early Silver by Alice Blackwell
    Scotland's Early Silver (Paperback) Alice Blackwell, Martin Goldberg

    As well as showcasing beautiful objects from the collections of National Museums Scotland, this book, building on the Glenmorangie Research Project, gives fresh insights into the emergence of the early medieval kingdoms of Scotland.

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  • Hidden Treasures of the Romanovs by William Clarke
    Hidden Treasures of the Romanovs (English, Paperback) William Clarke

    Following research in St Petersburg, Moscow and Paris, this book reveals the story of Albert Henry Stopford, Edwardian man-about-town, member of the English aristocracy, dealer in object d'arts, and a regular guest at Romanov dinner tables.

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  • The Lewis Chessmen: Unmasked by David Caldwell
    The Lewis Chessmen: Unmasked (English, Hardback) David Caldwell, Mark A. Hall

    The intricately designed hoard of Lewis Chessmen is one of the most significant archaeological discoveries ever made in Scotland. This account includes images of all 93 pieces and reports on new scientific research on how, where and when they were made.

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  • John Napier by Lynne Gladstone-Millar
    John Napier (Paperback) Lynne Gladstone-Millar

    Inventor of logarithms, John Napier made one of the greatest advances in the history of mathematics. The 16th century Scot was also a remarkable astronomer. This new edition has been redesigned and has a new cover.

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  • Minerals of Scotland by Alec Livingstone
    Minerals of Scotland (English, Paperback) Alec Livingstone

    A comprehensive and definitive account of Scotland's minerals and the men who discovered, collected and examined them. This study includes sections on the collectors themselves as well as a brief account of Scotland's geological evolution.

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  • The Covenanters by Claire Watts
    The Covenanters (Paperback) Claire Watts

    When Charles-I came to the throne in 1625 he began to make changes in the way Scotland was run, including the introduction of a prayer book. He imposed cruel punishments that were inflicted on the protesters who became known as the 'Covenanters'. This Scottie series title explains the complex subject of the Covenanters for children of 10+.

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  • Early Medieval Scotland by David Clarke
    Early Medieval Scotland (Paperback) David Clarke, Alice Blackwell

    A pioneering partnership between National Museums Scotland and The Glenmorangie Comany has supported a major programme of research into the archaeology of Scotland during the Early Medieval Period. Out of that has come this milestone book in Scottish archaeological publishing.

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  • Bagpipes by Hugh Cheape
    Bagpipes (English, Paperback) Hugh Cheape

    Based on 'a national collection of a national instrument' in National Museums Scotland, the book puts the musicology of the bagpipe in its European context. There is no CD-ROM with this edition.

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  • Mary of Guise by Rosalind K. Marshall
    Mary of Guise (English, Paperback) Rosalind K. Marshall

    As mother of Mary, Queen of Scots, Mary of Guise is often overshadowed by her more famous daughter. However, this intelligent and energetic woman also led an intriguing life of her own.

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  • The Tomb by Margaret Todd Maitland
    The Tomb (Paperback) Margaret Todd Maitland

    The souvenir guide to the exhibition The Tomb: Ancient Egyptian Burial which was shown at the National Museum of Scotland in 2017.

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  • Bonanzas and Jacobites by Stephen Moreton
    Bonanzas and Jacobites (Paperback) Stephen Moreton

    A story of Scotland's richest silver mine, near Alva, Clackmannanshire. This is a true story of fortunes made and lost, and the cast of characters include Jacobites and Hanoverians, lords and ladies, a disloyal servant, a loyal wife, and Sir Isaac Newton.

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  • Robert Louis Stevenson by Eileen Dunlop
    Robert Louis Stevenson (English, Paperback) Eileen Dunlop

    Robert Louis Stevenson loved to conjure up a dashing, romantic lineage for himself, dreaming that he was descended from the colourful outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor. This work gives a concise account of his life - his family background, childhood and adolescence in a Calvinist, hard-working household in Scotland, and his final years in the South Seas.

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  • The Scottish Suffragettes by Leah Leneman
    The Scottish Suffragettes (English, Paperback) Leah Leneman

    This text looks at women who fought tirelessly for equality. It focuses on the Scottish women of all ages and from all backgrounds who were involved in the non-militant "suffragist" movement.

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  • An Orkney Boyhood by Duncan Cameron Mackenzie
    An Orkney Boyhood (English, Paperback) Duncan Cameron Mackenzie

    An open and entertaining memoir of a post-war childhood, growing up and living in the Orkney Islands off Scotland's north coast.

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  • John Logie Baird by Antony Kamm
    John Logie Baird (English, Hardback) Antony Kamm, Malcolm Baird

    This balanced, and thoroughly documented, account throws light not only on Baird himself, but on many of those associated with him. Truth is separated from legend, and the facts are uncovered behind Baird's auto-biographical memoir, published in 1988 as "Sermons, Soap and Television".

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  • Northern Lights by Alison Morrison-Low
    Northern Lights (English, Paperback) Alison Morrison-Low

    The book was published to celebrate the 200th anniversary, on 11 February 2011, of the world's oldest rock lighthouse, the Bell Rock Lighthouse, off the coast of the county of Angus, Scotland.

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  • The Traction Engine in Scotland by Alexander Hayward
    The Traction Engine in Scotland (English, Paperback) Alexander Hayward

    Highly illustrated history of Scottish engines from the 1880s-1940s, plus the story of National Museum Scotland's 1907 Marshall traction engine.

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  • Kabuki by Rosina Buckland
    Kabuki (English, Paperback) Rosina Buckland

    Exhibition catalog giving highlights of National Museum Scotland's collection of nineteenth century Japanese woodblock prints featuring kabuki performances - a combination of drama, dance, music, and acrobatics.

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