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  • Chagall
    Chagall (Multiple languages, Paperback) Bella Chagall, Marc Chagall

    The author recounts her childhood in Vitebsk, a Russian-Jewish market town, and describes family life in pre-Revolutionary Russia

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  • The Sociology of Marx
    The Sociology of Marx (English, Paperback) Henri Lefebvre

    This classic study by Henri Lefebvre "raises the question whether today we must study Marx as we study Plato, or rather whether Marx's work retains a contemporary value and significance; in other words, whether his work contributes to an elucidation of the contemporary world." For Lefebvre, Marx's thought remains a key-perhaps even the key-to an understanding of modern societies and modern reality.

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  • Paracelsus
    Paracelsus (English, Paperback) Paracelsus

    The enigmatic sixteenth-century Swiss physician and natural philosopher Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, called Paracelsus, is known for the almost superhuman energy with which he produced his innumerable writings. This anthology presents a selection of the moral thought of this man.

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  • The Theory of Categories
    The Theory of Categories (English, Paperback) F. C. Brentano

    This book contains the definitive statement of Franz Brentano's views on meta- physics. For inner perception, according to Brentano, is the source of our knowledge of the nature of being, just as it is the source of our knowledge of the nature of truth and of the nature of good and evil.

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  • The Glatstein Chronicles
    The Glatstein Chronicles (English, Paperback) Jacob Glatstein

    In 1934, with World War II on the horizon, writer Jacob Glatstein (1896-1971) travelled from his home in America to his native Poland to visit his dying mother. He is one of the foremost Yiddish poets of the day. This title is based on his journey, which intertwines his childhood memories with observations of growing anti-Semitism in Europe.

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