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  • The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
    The Rainbow Fish (English, Paperback) Marcus Pfister $9.43 $9.95

    5 stars

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  • The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
    The Rainbow Fish (English, Hardback) Marcus Pfister

    The most beautiful fish in the entire ocean discovers the real value of personal beauty and friendship.

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  • Rainbow Fish and the Sea Monster's Cave by Marcus Pfister
    Rainbow Fish and the Sea Monster's Cave (English, Paperback) Marcus Pfister

    It's Rainbow Fish's most challenging adventure yet, for he must brave the Sea Monsters' Cave, rumored to be the most dangerous place in the ocean, to find healing algae to cure the ailing bumpy-backed fish. Warned by his friends about the dreadful denizens of the deep--the giant rock monsters, the five-eyed globe fish, and the horrible creature with a thousand arms--Rainbow Fish, accompanied by...

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  • The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
    The Rainbow Fish (English, Board book) Marcus Pfister

    This board book edition features the same eye-catching holographic foil stamping that helped make the original so popular. In a simple and appealing way, the brief text conveys the story's universal message about sharing, and the smaller, sturdy format is just right for the toddler set. Full-color.

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  • Cinderella by Kinuko Y. Craft
    Cinderella (English, Hardback) Kinuko Y. Craft

    This brilliant edition of a timeless story is sure to become the favorite of a generation. Readers young and old will be enchanted by the vision and mastery of Kinuko Y. Craft's luminous paintings, inspired by the lavish artwork of late seventeenth-century France and embellished with extraordinary borders and ornamentation. Rich with radiant color and astonishing detail, here is a dream come true...

    $15.84 $16.99
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  • Big Al by A. Clements
    Big Al (English, Hardback) A. Clements, "Yoshi"

    A big, ugly fish has trouble making the friends he longs for because of his appearance--until the day his scary appearance saves them all from a fisherman's net.

    $18.49 $19.99
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  • Wynken, Blynken and Nod by Eugene Field
    Wynken, Blynken and Nod (English, Paperback) Eugene Field, Johanna Westerman

    "This classic bedtime poem appears in a newly illustrated edition. . . . Westerman's minutely detailed watercolors depict a Dutch landscape where three children, dressed in nightclothes, and a cat set sail in a wooden shoe. The luminosity of the moonlit sea is captured in muted shades of blue that create a soothing mood for the dramatic verse".--"School Library Journal".

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  • Der Regenbogenfisch by Marcus Pfister
    Der Regenbogenfisch (German, Paperback) Marcus Pfister $22.70
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  • Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale by Marcus Pfister
    Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale (English, Paperback) Marcus Pfister

    It's a whale of a tale in which a terrible misunderstanding escalates, putting Rainbow Fish and his friends in great danger, and Rainbow Fish must try to make peace with a big blue whale to save them all from disaster. When a big blue whale comes to live near their reef, there is a misunderstanding between him and Rainbow Fish and his friends that leaves everyone very unhappy and hungry.

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  • Silent Night Advent Calendar by Schroeder
    Silent Night Advent Calendar (English, Postcard book or pack) Schroeder

    Count off the days until Christmas by following the shepherds, wise men and townsfolk as they journey through the snowy night to the stable to welcome the Christ child, in Binette Schroeder's charming Bethlehem.

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  • Rainbow Fish to the Rescue by Marcus Pfister
    Rainbow Fish to the Rescue (English, Hardback) Marcus Pfister

    The sequel to Pfister's popular The Rainbow Fish features the same eye-catching graphics, and tells a story of heroism and charity, offering a universal messsage about kindness to and acceptance of others. Holographic foil stamping.

    $17.85 $18.95
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  • The Willow Pattern Story by Allan Drummond
    The Willow Pattern Story (English, Paperback) Allan Drummond

    Any child who has ever imagined a journey into a two-dimensional expanse will be carried away by the passion Drummond brings to the subject. An IRA-CBC Children's Choice. NCSS-CBC Notable Children's Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies. American Bookseller Pick of the Lists. Full color.

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  • Sleeping Beauty by Mahlon F. Craft
    Sleeping Beauty (English, Hardback) Mahlon F. Craft, Kinuko Y. Craft

    Sleeping Beauty's enchanted slumber has captivated readers' hearts for centuries. Now brought luminously to life by K. Y. Craft's lavish paintings, this new edition of a timeless favorite is sure to enchant readers both young and old. Fairy tale lovers have been eagerly awaiting Craft's next magical romance since the release of her Cinderella. With illustrations inspired by the magnificent style...

    $15.86 $16.99
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  • Animals Nobody Loves by Simon Seymour
    Animals Nobody Loves (English, Paperback) Simon Seymour

    In 26 giant photographs-of a roaring grizzly, a piranhas razor-sharp teeth, a rattlesnakes poisonous fangs- Seymour Simon reveals the truth about nature's most misunderstood animals and lets the reader decide what to really think about natures grossest, fiercest, and most fascinating survivors.

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  • Ahoy There, Little Polar Bear by Hans De Beer
    Ahoy There, Little Polar Bear (English, Paperback) Hans De Beer, Hans de Beer

    "Lar's adventures incorporate the unexpectedness of life events, the power of experience to help form personal values, and the importance of both friendly help and self-reliance in ways that are gentle enough to avoid overpowering young readers".--School Library Journal. Full-color.

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  • The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen
    The Princess and the Pea (English, Paperback) Hans Christian Andersen, Dorothee Duntze

    Andersen's classic fairy tale of the princess who felt the lump under her matress. Full-color illustrations.

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  • Life in Prison by Stanley Williams
    Life in Prison (English, Paperback) Stanley Williams, Barbara Cottman Becnel

    "The true stories I've written in this book are my living nightmares. My greatest hope is that the lessons the stories offer will help you make better choices than I did." Stanley "Tookie" Williams, cofounder of the notorious Crips gang, is a death-row inmate. But in his two decades of incarceration, Williams has also become a respected author and activist whose dedication to ending gang warfare...

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  • Wynken, Blynken and Nod by Eugene Field
    Wynken, Blynken and Nod (English, Hardback) Eugene Field, Johanna Westerman

    In this bedtime poem, three fishermen in a wooden shoe catch stars in their nets of silver and gold.

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  • Seemore Readers: Incredible Sharks by Seymour Simon
    Seemore Readers: Incredible Sharks (English, Paperback) Seymour Simon

    Some sharks can bite 300 times harder than a person and can hear prey in the water from 3,000 feet away. Find out more about these impressive hunters, from the tiny pygmy shark to the giant whale shark.

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  • Rainbow Fish to the Rescue by Marcus Pfister
    Rainbow Fish to the Rescue (English, Paperback) Marcus Pfister

    Rainbow Fish is torn between his newfound friends and a lonely striped fish who is not allowed to join the group because he lacks a shiny scale. When a dangerous and hungry shark suddenly appears, Rainbow Fish must decide: Should he risk losing his new friends - maybe even his life - for the little stranger?

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