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  • The Twelve Chairs
    The Twelve Chairs (English, Paperback) Ilya Ilf, Evgeny Petrov

    Long recognised as a timeless comic masterpiece-it inspired a Mel Brooks film a half century after its publication-The Twelve Chairs appears now in a lively new translation by Anne O. Fisher. Fisher, the most gifted interpreter of Ilf and Petrov in the English language, balances fidelity to the text and the authors' characteristic, deeply resonant humour.

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  • Judgment
    Judgment (English, Paperback) David Bergelson

    Never before available in English, Judgment is a work of startling power by David Bergelson, the most celebrated Yiddish prose writer of his era. Set in 1920 during the Russian Civil War, Judgment traces the death of the shtetl and the birth of the ""new, harsher world"" created by the 1917 Russian Revolution.

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  • Selected Poems
    Selected Poems (English, Paperback) Vladimir Mayakovsky

    James McGavran's new translation of Vladimir Mayakovsky's poetry is the first to fully capture the Futurist and Soviet agitprop artist's voice. McGavran's translations reveal a nuanced poet who possessed a passion for word creation and linguistic manipulation.

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  • Regrowth
    Regrowth (English, Paperback) Der Nister

    "Yiddish edition originally published as Vidervuks in 1969."

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  • My Sister Life and The Zhivago Poems
    My Sister Life and The Zhivago Poems (English, Paperback) Boris Pasternak

    Boris Pasternak is best known in the West for his epic novel Doctor Zhivago, whereas in Russia he is most celebrated as a poet. The two poetry collections offered here in translation are chronological and thematic bookends, and they capture Pasternak's abiding and powerful vision of life: his sense of its beauty and terror, its precariousness for the individual, and its persistence in time?that vitality of being with which he is on familiar and familial terms.

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  • Russian Absurd
    Russian Absurd (English, Paperback) Daniil Kharms

    A writer who defies categorization, Daniil Kharms has come to be regarded as an essential artist of the modernist avant-garde. This selection of prose and poetry provides the most comprehensive portrait of the writer in English translation to date, revealing the arc of his career and including a particularly generous selection of his later work.

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  • Letters on God and Letters to a Young Woman
    Letters on God and Letters to a Young Woman (English, Paperback) Rainer Rilke

    "Letters on God originally published in German by Insel-Verlag under the title eUber Gott, (c)1933 by Insel-Verlag, Leipzig. Letters to a Young Woman originally published in German by Insel-Verlag under the title Briefe an eine junge Frau, (c)1930 by Insel-Verlag, Leipzig."--T.p. verso.

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  • The Divine Comedy
    The Divine Comedy (English, Hardback) Dante Alighieri

    A new translation of Dante's greatest literary achievement shows exciting new directions, preserving both the lyricism of the original and its incisive meaning. First-time readers and longtime fans of "the supreme poet" alike will cherish this clear and lyrical rendering of one of world literature's masterpieces.

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  • A Hero of Our Time
    A Hero of Our Time (English, Paperback) Mikhail Lermontov

    Mikhail Lermontov's A Hero of Our Time was the first modern Russian novel. Published in 1840, it set a model of penetrating observation and psychological depth that would come to typify Russian literature. Its "hero," Grigorii Pechorin, also established a character type that became known in Russian fiction as "the superfluous man".

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  • After Tomorrow the Days Disappear (English, Paperback) Hasan Sijzi

    Hasan Sijzi is considered the originator of the Indo-Persian ghazal, a poetic form that endures to this day. This collection reveals the geographical range of the literature while introducing an Indian voice that will find a place on readers' bookshelves alongside well-known Iranian names.

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  • Theogony and Works and Days
    Theogony and Works and Days (Multiple languages, Paperback) Hesiod

    Widely considered the first poet in the Western tradition to address the matter of his own experience, Hesiod occupies a seminal position in literary history. Presented here in a bilingual edition, Johnson's translation of Theogony and Works and Days takes care to preserve Hesiod's expression of his themes in the structure of his lines and sentences, achieving a sonic and rhythmic balance.

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  • Selected Lyric Poetry
    Selected Lyric Poetry (English, Paperback) Alexander Pushkin

    Includes many famous poems well known to, and often memorized by, every educated Russian, as well as lighter, more occasional pieces. This title presents a collection of 167 of Pushkin's lyrics arranged chronologically, beginning with verse written in the poet's teenage years and closing with lines composed shortly before his death.

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  • The Tragedy of King Christophe
    The Tragedy of King Christophe (English, Paperback) Aime Cesaire

    The Tragedy of King Christophe (1963, revised 1970) is recognized as the Martiniquan writer and activist Aime Cesaire's greatest play. Set in the period of upheaval in Haiti after the assassination of Jean-Jacques Dessalines in 1806, it follows the historical figure of Henri Christophe, a slave who rose to become a general in Toussaint Louverture's army. Christophe declared himself king in 1811 and ruled the northern part of Haiti until 1820.

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  • Deliver Us
    Deliver Us (English, Paperback) Luigi Meneghello

    Originally published in 1963, and today considered a landmark in twentieth century Italian literature, Luigi Meneghello's Deliver Us is the memoir, not of an extraordinary childhood, but of the very ordinary one the author shared with most of his generation, when Italy was a rural country under the twin authorities of Church and Fascism.

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  • Belmour
    Belmour (English, Paperback) Anne Damer

    Introduces to the modern audience to the only novel of English sculptress Anne Damer. Belmour chronicles the tangled romances of a group of eighteenth-century English aristocrats. The plot centres on Lord Belmour's pursuit of the lovely and slightly mysterious Emily Melville.

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  • Mahabharata
    Mahabharata (English, Paperback) David R. Slavitt

    Within its 200,000 verse lines in Sanskrit the Mahabharata takes on many roles: epic poem, foundational text of Hinduism, and, more broadly, the engaging story of a dynastic struggle and the passing of an age when man and gods intermingled. David R. Slavitt's sparkling new edition condenses the epic for the general reader.

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  • The Athenaeum
    The Athenaeum (English, Paperback) Raul Pompeia

    Originally published as O Ateneu in 1888, The Athenaeum is a classic of Brazilian literature, here translated into English in its entirety for the first time. The first-person narrator, Sergio, looks back to his time at the eponymous boarding school, with its au­tocratic principal and terrifying student body. Sergio's account of his humiliating experiences as a student, with its frank discus­sion of corruption and homoerotic bullying, makes it clear that his school is structured and administered so as to reproduce the class divisions and power structure of the larger Brazilian society.

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  • The Dacha Husband
    The Dacha Husband (English, Paperback)

    Satirizes a type of man who came to prominence in the later part of the nineteenth century in Russia; he was typically upper middle class, was married to a materialistic woman, and commuted to work in St Petersburg during the summer while his wife and children vacationed at the family's dacha in Pavlovsk.

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