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  • Diazepam by Harold M. Walker
    Diazepam (English, Paperback) Harold M. Walker

    The authors present current research in the study of the medical uses, pharmacology and health effects of diazepam. Topics discussed include the consequences of early chronic exposure to diazepam on brain plasticity, cerebral functionality and behavior; diazepam use in anxiolytic animal therapy; and more. (Nursing)

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  • Empirical Studies of Contemplative Practices by Diane Grimes
    Empirical Studies of Contemplative Practices (English, Hardback) Diane Grimes

    This book is a first attempt to associate the interpretation of contemplative approaches to scientific studies. Drawing on expertise from a range of disciplines, including psychology, applied statistics, health sciences, neuroscience, communication, computer science, and information technology, we examine the critical processes of contemplative approaches and aim to guide the scientific research...

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  • Misperceptions of Intimate Partner Violence in the 21st Century by Jean Jaymes West
    Misperceptions of Intimate Partner Violence in the 21st Century (English, Hardback) Jean Jaymes West

    Public service advertising can be a powerful and effective tool for awareness and education in helping both the public and specific target audiences learn more about urgent health issues. Given the recognition intimate partner violence has gained in the last two decades as an urgent health problem around the world, this issue was selected to explore advertising's effect and potential to help a...

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  • Posse Comitatus Act & Related Matters by Bonnie Baker
    Posse Comitatus Act & Related Matters (English, Paperback) Bonnie Baker

    The Posse Comitatus Act states that: Whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorised by the Constitution or Act of Congress, wilfully uses any part of the Army or the Air Force as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both. This Act reflects an American tradition that bridles at military...

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  • Guide to Introductory Nematology by Seenivasan Nagachandrabose
    Guide to Introductory Nematology (English, Paperback) Seenivasan Nagachandrabose, Richard Baidoo

    This book is designed for undergraduate agricultural science students, farmers and farm extension personnel to provide a comprehensive description of plant-parasitic nematodes. It is contructed with 16 different chapters comprising of: an introduction; a brief history of plant nematology; the economic importance of nematodes; general characteristics of a plant-parasitic neamtode; general...

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  • Soil Carbon by Aquila Margit
    Soil Carbon (English, Paperback) Aquila Margit

    Carbon, a major constituent of structural and energy-releasing organic molecules, is essential to life. A substantial amount of C found in soils is available as soluble organic molecules (SOM) or particulate organic matter (POM) derived from plant primary production. Available atmospheric C as CO2, used by plants during photosynthesis, is part of a larger biogeochemical cycle, including the cyclic...

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  • Advances in Psychology Research. Volume 135 by Alexandra M. Columbus
    Advances in Psychology Research. Volume 135 (English, Hardback) Alexandra M. Columbus

    The opening chapter of Advances in Psychology Research. Volume 135 discusses the impact of parenting a child with special needs on couples' intimate relationships by integrating three different perspectives on resilience and risk factors. The analysis focuses on the interrelationships between several mediating factors and reveals the complex effect of raising a child with special needs on marital...

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  • Enron Scandal by Theodore F. Sterling
    Enron Scandal (English, Paperback) Theodore F. Sterling

    Preface; Enron: A Select Chronology of Congressional, Corporate, and Government Activities; Enron and Stock Analyst Objectivity; Soft Money, Allegations of Political Corruption, and Enron; Enron: Selected Securities, Accounting, and Pension Laws Possibly Implicated in Its Collapse; The Enron Collapse: An Overview of Financial Issues; Auditing and Its Regulators: Proposals for Reform after Enron;...

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  • Live 120 Healthy, Happy Years by Robert B. Swatosh
    Live 120 Healthy, Happy Years (English, Paperback) Robert B. Swatosh

    This book represents a resurrection of common sense. It presents a number of strategies, taken from the pages of nutritional literature, the herbal pharmacopoeia, and a book of old wives tales. Not being burdened with a medical degree, the author was free to roam the literature, sampling and recommending diverse treatments. In most cases he has tested them on himself, in the tradition of the...

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  • Mobile Robots by John X. Liu
    Mobile Robots (English, Hardback) John X. Liu

    Deals with control and learning in robotic systems.

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  • Superpowers' Involvement in the Iran-Iraq War by Adam Tarock
    Superpowers' Involvement in the Iran-Iraq War (English, Hardback) Adam Tarock

    This superb book describes the superpowers' involvement in the Iran-Iraq war, and how they fuelled the fire of war. It also shows how the superpowers failed to condemn Iraq for invading Iran, and how they refused to demand that Iraq withdrew its forces from the area of Iranian territory that Saddam Hussein had occupied.

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  • Spiritual Formation, Counseling & Psychotherapy by Todd W. Hall
    Spiritual Formation, Counseling & Psychotherapy (English, Hardback) Todd W. Hall

    Integrating psychology and theology has come with various intellectual challenges, including the challenge of valuing various ways of knowing. Psychology, deeply rooted in a scientific epistemology, places great value in systematic and measurable observations. Christian theology is bounded by central doctrines, forged over centuries of dialog and based on the authority of a sacred text. Those...

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  • Handbook for Nutritional Assessment Through Life Cycle by M. Mohamed Essa
    Handbook for Nutritional Assessment Through Life Cycle (English, Hardback) M. Mohamed Essa

    Nutritional assessment has been considered as a cornerstone of nutritional diagnosis, management, intervention and dietary planning. Specific criteria, methods and procedures should be used for different age groups through a person's life cycle based on the requirements of each age group. Use of precise and accurate nutritional assessment tools and procedure to detect those who are malnourished or...

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  • Occupational Exposure & Health Risks by Enrico Oddone
    Occupational Exposure & Health Risks (English, Hardback) Enrico Oddone

    Despite several improvements in risk assessment and exposure prevention, the occupational environment could expose workers to a wide variety of risk factors. Beside classical risk factors, such as chemical compounds, physical agents and biological agents, a group of "new risk factors has become more and more prevalent over the last few decades; psychosocial hazards in occupational environments...

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  • Veterans by Milton Townsend
    Veterans (English, Hardback) Milton Townsend

    This book provides insights into the political, social and health issues for Veterans in today's society. Chapter One explores the emotions of shame and guilt in Veterans based on research examining moral injury, survivor guilt, military sexual trauma, and stigma. Chapter Two provides an overview of agricultural initiatives in the transition and reintegration of Veterans. Chapter Three explores...

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  • Aluminum Neurotoxicity by Jelenkovic Ankica
    Aluminum Neurotoxicity (English, Hardback) Jelenkovic Ankica

    Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the Earth's crust. In many of the previous experimental, epidemiological, pathohistological, biochemical and other research studies, aluminum, accumulated from the environment has been recognized as a very harmful substance to the human body. Aluminum intake usually happens unintentionally due to the fact that people know little about its prevalence...

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  • Lidocaine by Karen Stuart-Smith
    Lidocaine (English, Hardback) Karen Stuart-Smith

    Lidocaine is a short-acting local anaesthetic agent first developed in 1943. It was one of a number of synthetic local anaesthetic agents developed in the first half of the 20th Century to replace cocaine, whose toxic and addictive side-effects caused the surgical use of this drug to decline dramatically. By contrast, lidocaine is one of a group of amino amide local anaesthetic agents whose safety...

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  • World Elegy by Donald K. Sharpes
    World Elegy (English, Hardback) Donald K. Sharpes

    Compiles essays on major countries throughout the world, including Lebanon, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Turkey, Israel, Iran, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Cyprus, Malta, Borneo, Syria and two chapters on terrorist threats, including ISIS.

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  • Beautiful Skin by Keyvan Nouri
    Beautiful Skin (English, Paperback) Keyvan Nouri

    Although the concept of beauty has evolved through the years, beauty itself transcends all history and cultures to form a universal aspect of human civilization. Consequently, the cosmetic industry is growing in popularity, as people worldwide are seeking care from their board certified dermatologist and/or plastic surgeon to enhance their beauty. Cosmetics encompass a wide array of procedures,...

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  • Space-Based Solar Power by Carl P. Thompson
    Space-Based Solar Power (English, Paperback) Carl P. Thompson

    Space-based solar power (SBSP) is a concept for a revolutionary energy system. It involves placing into orbit stupendously large orbital power plantskilometers acrosswhich collect the suns raw energy and beam it down to where it is needed on the earth. In theory, SBSP could scale to meet all of humanitys energy needs, providing virtually unlimited green, renewable power to an energy-hungry world....

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