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  • The
    The Well-Trained Mind (English, Hardback) Susan Wise Bauer, Jessie Wise

    A revised and updated edition of the perennial bestseller that sparked a home school movement.

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  • Going
    Going Online (English, Paperback) Robert Ubell

    In The Practice of eLearning, one of our most respected online learning leaders offers insights into what elearning is, how it works, where it came from and where it may be headed. Robert Ubell reaches back to the days when distance learning was practiced by mail in correspondence schools, and then leads the reader on a tour of what goes onbehind the screen, touching on a wide array of topics...

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  • Habits"/
    Habits (English, Paperback) Charlotte M Mason

    A selection of Charlotte Mason's writings on the topic of Habit Formation in children. Her teachings on the topic of education required six large volumes to cover. This book makes it simple for homeschooling parents to find exactly what they need to learn about Charlotte Mason's thoughts on establishing good habits.The teachings and philosophies of Charlotte Mason, a British educator from the last...

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  • E-Learning
    E-Learning in the 21st Century (English, Paperback) D. Randy Garrison

    The third edition of E-Learning in the 21st Century provides a coherent, comprehensive, and empirically-based framework for understanding e-learning in higher education. Garrison draws on his decades of experience and extensive research in the field to explore technological, pedagogical, and organizational implications. The third edition has been fully updated throughout and includes new material...

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  • Reconstructing
    Reconstructing Undergraduate Education (English, Paperback) Robert B. Innes

    This book is designed to introduce professors and administrators in higher education to the philosophical, theoretical, and research support for using a constructivist perspective on learning to guide the reconstruction of undergraduate education. It presents an original framework for systematically linking educational philosophy and learning theories to their implications for teaching practice.In...

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  • Essentials
    Essentials of Online Course Design (English, Paperback) Marjorie Vai, Kristen Sosulski

    In spite of the proliferation of online learning, creating online courses can still evoke a good deal of frustration, negativity, and wariness in those who need to create them. The second edition ofEssentials of Online Course Design takes a fresh, thoughtfully designed, step-by-step approach to online course development. At its core is a set of standards that are based on best practices in the...

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  • The
    The Homegrown Preschooler (English, Paperback) Kathy H. Lee, Lesli M. Richards

    Helps you transform your home into a learning environment that rivals the best preschool classroom. In this book, you can find exciting learning opportunities in everyday occurrences, from using laundry to teach sorting to exploring growth cycles in the garden, with the easy-to-organize, simple-to-start ideas, advice, and activities.

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  • Power
    Power and Privilege in the Learning Sciences (English, Paperback) Indigo Esmonde

    Critical theoretical methods have been foundational to Learning Sciences from the inception of the field. Power and Privilege in the Learning Sciences brings together contributions from scholars within and outside of education for a ground-breaking collection designed to bring the best of these frameworks to education scholars. In ten chapters, each co-written by one learning scientist and one...

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  • The
    The Outdoor Life of Children (English, Paperback) Charlotte M Mason

    Book Number Two in the Charlotte Mason Topics series, The Outdoor Life of Children is a compilation of Charlotte Mason’s writings on the topics of Nature Study, teaching natural philosophy, and the importance of children being out-of-doors. Now all of Charlotte Mason’s writings on Nature Study and the outdoors (from the original six-volume set) are located in this one, easy-to-use volume.The...

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  • Como
    Como Ensenar Matematicas a Su Bebe (Multiple languages, Paperback) Glenn Doman, Janet Doman

    The work performed at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential has shown that children from birth to age six are more capable of learning than older children. How To Teach Your Baby Math presents the simple steps for teaching mathematics through the development of thinking and reasoning skills.

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  • Context
    Context for Kids (English, Paperback) Tyler Dawn Rosenquist

    Can a ten week Biblical Sociology curriculum change your life and your children's future? Tired of sending your kids out into the world with verses memorized and yet losing them to the faith before they finish college? Let's face it, Atheists, unbelieving Bible hobbyists and even some believing College Professors tell our kids that the Bible wasn't written when it says it was, or for that matter...

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  • Saxon
    Saxon Math K Meeting Book First Edition (English, Paperback) Larson, 0218 $22.17
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  • 30
    30 Day Course Creation Challenge (Paperback) D'Vorah Lansky

    In the 30 Day Course Creation Challenge for Authors, you have in your hands a step-by-step guide to creating an online course from your book or area of expertise.In this 30-day action guide, you'll learn how to:Choose the perfect topic for your online course! ...

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  • Montessori
    Montessori at Home Guide (English, Paperback) A M Sterling

    “Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world.” -Maria Montessori This beginner’s guide to the Montessori Method of homeschooling for children ages 2-6 is written by parents who have embraced this method of educating their own children. It was written in hopes of simplifying the process for other parents and caregivers who are considering doing the same. The Montessori...

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  • Montessori
    Montessori at Home Guide (English, Paperback) A M Sterling

    In this edition of the 'Montessori at Home Guide' series, you, the parent or caregiver, get 101 practical activities to help your 2-6 year old learn in a Montessori-inspired way. '101 Montessori-Inspired Activities for Children Ages 2-6' contains A. M. Sterling's favorite activities along with activities submitted for inclusion by well-known Montessori bloggers such as Anastasia of 'Montessori...

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  • Frog
    Frog Heaven (Paperback) Mary Filmer $15.71
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  • Designing
    Designing Adaptive and Personalized Learning Environments (English, Paperback) Kinshuk

    Designing Adaptive and Personalized Learning Environments provides a theoretically based yet practical guide to systematic design processes for learning environments that provide automatic customization of learning and instruction.The book consists of four main sections: In Introduction and Overview, the concepts of adaptivity and personalization are introduced and explored in detail....

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  • Foundations
    Foundations of Educational Technology (English, Paperback) J. Michael Spector

    An engaging book for professional educators and an ideal textbook for certificate, masters, and doctoral programs in educational technology, instructional systems and learning design,Foundations of Educational Technology, Second Edition offers a fresh, interdisciplinary, problem-centered approach to the subject, helping students build extensive notes and an electronic portfolio as they navigate...

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  • Watson's
    Watson's Caring in the Digital World (English, Paperback) Kathleen Sitzman, Jean Watson

    This innovative text, built on the foundations of Watson’s Caring Science, demonstrates how nursing professionals can develop virtual relationships that encompass caring and understanding in professional, teaching/learning, and everyday cyber communications. It describes how caring and love can transcend distance, space, and time in our increasingly 'virtual" world in order to preserve the basic...

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