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  • The Witcher Boxed Set: Blood of Elves, the Time of Contempt, Baptism of Fire by Andrzej Sapkowski
    The Witcher Boxed Set: Blood of Elves, the Time of Contempt, Baptism of Fire (English, Paperback) Andrzej Sapkowski

    This special boxed set includes the first three novels in Andrzej Sapkowski's New York Times bestselling epic fantasy saga -- the books that introduced the world to THE WITCHER and inspired the hit Witcher video games....

    $31.24 $39.99
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  • The Tower of Swallows by Andrzej Sapkowski
    The Tower of Swallows (English, Paperback) Andrzej Sapkowski

    As her world falls into war, Ciri, the child of prophecy, disguises herself as a petty bandit, but mercenary forces, and the Witcher Geralt, close in on her, forcing her to flee to the Tower of Swallows.

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  • The Broken Earth Trilogy by N K Jemisin
    The Broken Earth Trilogy (English, Paperback) N K Jemisin

    This collectable boxed set edition includes all three books in N. K. Jemisin's incredible NYT bestselling and three-time Hugo award-winning Broken Earth Trilogy....

    $30.81 $39.99
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  • Season of Storms by Andrzej Sapkowski
    Season of Storms (English, Paperback) Andrzej Sapkowski

    Geralt the Witcher-revered and hated-holds the line against the monsters plaguing humanity in this NYT bestselling series that inspired the blockbuster Witcher videogames. Soon to be a major Netflix series....

    $15.27 $16.99
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  • The Lady of the Lake by Andrzej Sapkowski
    The Lady of the Lake (English, Paperback) Andrzej Sapkowski

    Witcher girl Ciri finds herself in a completely different world after narrowly escaping death by walking through a portal in the Tower of the Swallow, leaving her to figure out how to make her way back to Geralt and his companions and face Leo Bonhart.

    $15.54 $16.99
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  • Persepolis Rising by James S A Corey
    Persepolis Rising (English, Paperback) James S A Corey

    The seventh novel in James S. A. Corey's New York Times bestselling Expanse series. Now a major television series....

    $15.56 $16.99
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  • Nemesis Games by James S a Corey
    Nemesis Games (English, Paperback) James S a Corey

    The fifth novel in James S.A. Corey's New York Times bestselling Expanse series. Now a major television series!...

    $15.48 $16.99
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  • Sword of Destiny by Andrzej Sapkowski
    Sword of Destiny (English, Paperback) Andrzej Sapkowski

    A sequel to The Last Wish collects short stories following the adventures of magical hero Geralt and includes the tales "The Last Wish," "The Sword of Destiny," "Blood of Elves," "The Time of Contempt" and "Baptism of Fire." Original. Video game tie-in.

    $14.24 $15.99

    5 stars

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  • The Time of Contempt by Andrzej Sapkowski
    The Time of Contempt (English, Paperback) Andrzej Sapkowski

    Geralt, a witcher, is tasked with protecting child of prophecy Ciri, who will someday have the power to change the world, and when she goes missing, Geralt is determined to endure through injury, a coup, and a war to find her.

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  • Bloody Rose by Nicholas Eames
    Bloody Rose (English, Paperback) Nicholas Eames

    After she learns that an infamous mercenary crew led by Bloody Rose needs a bard, Tam Hashford and her band volunteer, determined to seek fame and dangerous adventures, even if it means going up against the deadly Horde.

    $14.86 $15.99
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  • Elysium Fire by Reynolds
    Elysium Fire (English, Paperback) Reynolds

    As members of the habitats start dying suddenly and randomly, a charismatic figure begins to sow insurrection, convincing a small but growing number of inhabitants to break away from the Glitter Band.

    $14.80 $15.99
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  • Babylon's Ashes by James S A Corey
    Babylon's Ashes (English, Paperback) James S A Corey

    The sixth novel in James S. A. Corey's New York Times bestselling Expanse series - now a major television series!...

    $15.73 $16.99
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  • Reign of Iron by Angus Watson
    Reign of Iron (English, Paperback) Angus Watson

    With her best general dead and her druid powerless, Queen Lowa must do whatever it takes to save her people from Caesar's soldiers.

    $20.95 $23.99
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  • Wrath by John Gwynne
    Wrath (English, Paperback) John Gwynne

    With three of the Seven Treasures in his possession, King Nathair takes control of the fortress at Drassil to secure the other four and unleash a demon horde upon the land.

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  • The Dragon Lords: Bad Faith by Jon Hollins
    The Dragon Lords: Bad Faith (English, Paperback) Jon Hollins

    Guardians of the Galaxy meets the Hobbit in this rollicking fantasy adventure. ...

    $14.38 $15.99
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  • A War in Crimson Embers by Alex Marshall
    A War in Crimson Embers (English, Paperback) Alex Marshall

    The final book in the Crimson Empire trilogy, a game-changing fantasy epic featuring an unforgettable warrior....

    $16.06 $17.99
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  • The First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie
    The First Law Trilogy (English, Paperback) Joe Abercrombie

    The complete First Law trilogy from New York Times bestseller and master of grimdark fantasy, Joe Abercrombie....

    $31.83 $39.99
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  • The Obelisk Gate by N K Jemisin
    The Obelisk Gate (English, Paperback) N K Jemisin

    As she searches for her daughter, Essun gets a request from Alabaster Tenring, but if she does what he asks, it will seal the fate of the Stillness forever, while far away, her daughter, whose power grows, makes choices that will break the world.

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  • The Boy on the Bridge by Mike Carey
    The Boy on the Bridge (English, Paperback) Mike Carey

    If you fell in love with Melanie in the million-copy-selling post-apocalyptic phenomenon The Girl With All the Gifts---there's more to the story... Once upon a time, in a land blighted by terror, there was a very clever boy. The people thought the boy could save them, so they opened their gates and sent him out into the world. To where the monsters lived.

    $15.03 $16.99
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