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  • Official Study Guide for the New SAT
    Official Study Guide for the New SAT (English, Paperback) The College Board

    The Official Study Guide for the New SAT will help students get ready for the SAT. Students will gain valuable experience and raise their confidence by taking practice tests, learning about test structure, and gaining a deeper understanding of what is tested on the SAT.

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  • The Little Red Schoolbook
    The Little Red Schoolbook (Paperback) Soren Hansen, Jesper Jensen

    Reissue of the uncensored and original edition of the little book that tried to change the world.

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  • Number Talks: Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages
    Number Talks: Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages (English, Paperback) Sherry Parrish

    Number Talks: Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages, A Multimedia Professional Learning Resource...

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  • Cleverlands
    Cleverlands (English, Hardback) Lucy Crehan

    As a teacher in an inner-city school, Lucy Crehan was exasperated with ever-changing government policy claiming to be based on lessons from `top-performing' education systems. She resolved to find out what was really going on in the classrooms of countries whose teenagers ranked top in the world in reading, maths and science.

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  • Take Control of the Noisy Class
    Take Control of the Noisy Class (English, Paperback) Rob Plevin

    Super-effective classroom management strategies for teachers in today's toughest classrooms.

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  • Ethical Leadership and Decision Making in Education
    Ethical Leadership and Decision Making in Education (English, Paperback) Joan Poliner Shapiro, Jacqueline A. Stefkovich

    The fourth edition of the best-selling text, Ethical Leadership and Decision Making in Education, continues to address the increasing interest in ethics and assists educational leaders with the complex dilemmas in today's challenging and diverse society. Through discussion and analysis of real-life moral dilemmas that educational leaders face in their schools and communities, authors Shapiro and...

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  • Lying Up a Storm
    Lying Up a Storm (English, Paperback) Julia Cook, Michelle Hazelwood Hyde

    (Grades 2-6) A storm is brewing...Whenever Levi doesn't like the truth, he kinda, sorta makes up other stuff to say. One day his mother explains to him that telling lies will damage the trust of his friends and make him very sad."Whenever you tell a lie, your inside sun goes away. Then a lying cloud forms, and glooms up your day. Each time you tell a lie, another cloud starts to form, and before you can stop it from happening, your insides start to storm." This book is a great resource to help children understand not only the consequences of telling a lie, but also how one lie can often lead to telling several more. It will help parents and teachers understand that lying can be a normal and sometimes healthy response for a child and offers tools to help guide children toward truthfulness. Paperback, 32 pages.


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  • Mark Writing
    Mark Writing (Paperback) Angela Stockman

    What happens when creative writing meets the maker space?Easy! Writing and making collide, revealing the genius inside of even the most reluctant writers.In Make Writing, teacher, author, writing coach, Angela Stockman, turns teaching strategies and practice upside down. She spills you out of your chair, shreds your lined paper, and launches you and your writer's workshop into the maker space! Who...

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  • Embedding Formative Assessment
    Embedding Formative Assessment (English, Paperback) Dylan Wiliam

    Effective classroom formative assessment helps educators make minute-by-minute, day-by-day instructional decisions. This clear, practical guide for teachers centers on five key instructional strategies, along with an overview of each strategy and practical formative assessment techniques for implementing it in K-12 classrooms: Clarifying, sharing, and understanding learning intentions and success...

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  • Mindup Curriculum Grades 3-5 Brain Focused Strategies for Living
    Mindup Curriculum Grades 3-5 Brain Focused Strategies for Living (English, Paperback) Scholastic

    A comprehensive guide to helping all learners focus and reach their potential through brain-centered management and teaching strategies! Includes a full-color, innovative teaching poster with fascinating facts about the brain!

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  • Visible Learning into Action
    Visible Learning into Action (English, Paperback) John Hattie, Deb Masters

    Recently at the Visible Learning Conference, Professor John Hattie stood up in his opening address and said, "I'm looking at you all and thinking ?What if I got this wrong?'" I feel the same way when educators ask to visit and I always end up in the same place ? that Keilor Views is a living, breathing example that he didn't. --Charles Branciforte, Principal of Keilor Views Primary School,...

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  • Hacking Assessment
    Hacking Assessment (Paperback) Starr Sackstein

    How to Go Gradeless -- Assessment That Makes Learning Visible"What's my grade? What's it worth? Is there extra credit? Is this for a mark? " It's time to shift the conversation and make learning visible. Now, you can easily stop reducing students to a number, letter, or any label that misrepresents learning. Now, you can help children see the value in every single assignment. Today, you can make...

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  • The Tasks and Content of the Steiner-Waldorf Curriculum
    The Tasks and Content of the Steiner-Waldorf Curriculum (English, Paperback) Martyn Rawson

    A comprehensive overview of what is taught in Steiner-Waldorf schools, and why.

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  • Insurance
    Insurance (English, Paperback) Marshall Wilson III Reavis

    RISK IS UNCERTAINTY AS TO LOSS... RISK IS OMNIPRESENT AND ALL PERVASIVE... INSURANCE PROTECTS AGAINST THE ECONOMIC LOSS CAUSED BY RISK This book provides an actionable approach to the functions of the insurance industry in an easy to use examination of property, liability, life and health insurance coverages plus information on the basics of a risk management program.

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  • School-Community Relations
    School-Community Relations (English, Paperback) Douglas J. Fiore

    Accessible and practical, School-Community Relations, Fourth Edition provides aspiring educational leaders with the skills to establish strong systems for communicating with their various school constituencies and to improve public relations at all levels. This textbook uses real-life examples to illustrate the ways in which administrators and school leaders can effectively engage and enlist...

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  • School Leader Internship
    School Leader Internship (English, Paperback) Gary E. Martin, Arnold B. Danzig

    School Leader Internship, 4th Edition challenges school leader interns to build competencies in 52 leadership skill areas. This unique resource provides step-by-step guidance for interns, their supervisors, and their faculty on how to initiate an internship and evaluate interns' work. In this updated fourth edition, the content is organized around the latest National Policy Board for Educational...

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  • Hacking Literacy
    Hacking Literacy (Paperback) Gerard Dawson $15.58 $19.95
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