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  • Paint Yourself Calm
    Paint Yourself Calm (English, Paperback) Jean Haines

    Unwind with watercolours, allowing the movement of brush on paper to calm and soothe you. Jean Haines' takes you with her to explore the many benefits of painting to your wellbeing, so you can from escape from stress to a personal place of mindful calm.

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  • Abstract Nature
    Abstract Nature (English, Paperback) Waltraud Nawratil

    Learn to create vibrant abstract art that reflects the variety of the four seasons.

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  • Tolkien's World: A Colouring Book
    Tolkien's World: A Colouring Book (Paperback) Mauro Mazzara, Andrea Piparo

    Nothing is more engrossing than a good book except perhaps colouring scenes of the worlds it evokes. This is the perfect combination; immerse yourself in the fascinating world of J.R.R. Tolkien and let your imagination run wild while you relax into the intricate illustrations.

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  • Water in Watercolour
    Water in Watercolour (English, Paperback) Joe Dowden

    Joe Francis Dowden shows how to capture water in all its moods from quiet ponds and shallow puddles to babbling brooks and slow-moving rivers.

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  • Sea & Sky in Watercolour
    Sea & Sky in Watercolour (English, Paperback) Arnold Lowrey

    Arnold Lowrey shows how to capture the changing moods and beauty of the sea and sky using over 70 step by step photographs and a variety of inspirational pictures. He clearly illustrates all the techniques, from laying initial washes and creating atmosphere to adding highlights and painting in final details.

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  • Making Peg Dolls
    Making Peg Dolls (Paperback) Margaret Bloom

    Margaret Bloom's book introduces these irristible pegdoll craft projects that will inspire all the family.

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  • 30 Minute Artist: Painting Water in Watercolour
    30 Minute Artist: Painting Water in Watercolour (English, Paperback) Terry Harrison

    The 30 Minute Artist series is for beginners and busy artists who want to achieve great paintings in just half an hour.

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  • Painting as a Pastime
    Painting as a Pastime (English, Hardback) Sir Winston S. Churchill

    A glorious essay by Winston Churichill about one of his favourite pastimes, painting.

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  • Jean Haines Colour & Light in Watercolour
    Jean Haines Colour & Light in Watercolour (English, Paperback) Jean Haines

    Learn how to paint stunning watercolours filled with colour and light in Jean Haines' loose and expressive style.

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  • Botanical Drawing Using Graphite and Coloured Pencils
    Botanical Drawing Using Graphite and Coloured Pencils (English, Paperback) Sue Vize

    Drawing with graphite and coloured pencils enables you to capture every detail of a plant, and to enjoy, study and celebrate their forms. This book introduces and explains the drawing skills behind the art. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of the plant, working upwards from the root system to include the stem, leaves, flowers and fruit.

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  • Jean Haines' World of Watercolour
    Jean Haines' World of Watercolour (English, Hardback) Jean Haines

    Jean Haines' distinctive, expressive style is influenced by the places she's lived in and the people she's met during her life, and in this beautiful, inspiring book she takes you on an exciting journey through her world of watercolour painting. She provides practical advice and guidance for artists of all abilities using clearly written text, step-by-step studies and numerous examples of her work, all delivered with the same passion and enthusiasm that characterise her painting and her life.

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  • Sea & Sky in Acrylics
    Sea & Sky in Acrylics (English, Paperback) Dave White

    Dave White introduces the simple but effective techniques that he uses to paint stunning, dramatic seascapes with beautiful and realistic skies. He demonstrates spattering, blending backgrounds, painting horizons, finger painting clouds and foam. There is expert advice on the anatomy of waves and how they rise and collapse, creating ripples, surf, foam and spray. Clear instructions show how to paint effective reflections and beaches to improve your seascapes. The sky section shows effective techniques for painting all types of cloud, with some innovative methods such as tipping up the surface to let dilute paint run, to create cirrus clouds. Dave's method of creating depth in sea, beach and sky using lines projected from the vanishing point will radically improve readers' seascapes. There is a section of moods and sunsets full of beautiful, dramatic examples. Finally three step by step projects show how to paint a beach panorama with a rolling wave, a spectacular sunset over a calm sea and waves crashing on rocks.

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  • The Magical Christmas
    The Magical Christmas (Paperback) Lizzie Mary Cullen

    Settle down by the fire and immerse yourself in this mesmerising new colouring book for adults. Join celebrations across the world and throughout the years, from skating at the Rockefeller Center to surfing in Sydney and frost fairs on the Thames to Victorian toy shops. This title is suitable for fans of mindfulness and art therapy.

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  • Abstracts: Techniques & Textures
    Abstracts: Techniques & Textures (English, Paperback) Rolina Van Vliet

    A valuable technical guide by renowned and respected abstract artist, Rolina van Vliet.

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  • Realistic Abstracts
    Realistic Abstracts (English, Paperback) Kees van Aalst

    An inspiring, in-depth introduction to the concept of realistic abstract painting, using a variety of water-based media.

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  • Jean Haines' Atmospheric Watercolours
    Jean Haines' Atmospheric Watercolours (English, Hardback) Jean Haines

    Jean Haines' enthusiasm for watercolours burst through every page of this inspirational book that will guide you, step by step, to creating beautiful and unique paintings of your own, whatever your ability.

    $24.57 $35.00
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  • Terry Harrison's Watercolour Secrets
    Terry Harrison's Watercolour Secrets (English, Paperback) Terry Harrison

    An invaluable source of tips and techniques based on a life-time of painting.

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  • Drawing & Painting Portraits in Watercolour
    Drawing & Painting Portraits in Watercolour (English, Paperback) David Thomas

    Invest your portraiture with character and ease with this complete guide to drawing and painting portraits in watercolour, pencil and charcoal, which includes five step-by-step projects and numerous practical techniques.

    $19.16 $29.95
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  • Painting Successful Watercolours from Photographs
    Painting Successful Watercolours from Photographs (English, Paperback) Geoff Kersey

    Expert watercolour landscape painter, Geoff Kersey, explains how to work from photographic reference to produce beautiful paintings. Clear tips and advice are accompanied by Geoff's reference photographs, colour charts, preparatory sketches and finished paintings, and there are full details of the adaptations and creative processes involved.

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