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  • Dinosaurs
    Dinosaurs (English, Paperback) David E. Fastovsky, David B. Weishampel

    Fully updated, lively and beautifully illustrated in full colour, Dinosaurs encourages students to ask questions and think like a scientist.

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  • Birds of Stone
    Birds of Stone (English, Hardback) Luis M. Chiappe, Meng Qingjin

    Anyone interested in the history of life-from paleontologists to inquisitive birders-will find Birds of Stone an irresistible feast for the eyes and mind.

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  • Human Osteology
    Human Osteology (English, Hardback) Tim D. White, Michael T. Black

    Suitable for osteologists, archaeologists, anatomists, forensic scientists and paleontologists, this book presents a practical information on accurately identifying, recovering, and analyzing and reporting on human skeletal remains and on making correct deductions from those remains.

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  • Dinosaurs
    Dinosaurs (English, Hardback) Dr Tim Clarey $24.76 $29.99
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  • The Story of Life in 25 Fossils
    The Story of Life in 25 Fossils (English, Hardback) Donald R. Prothero

    Every fossil tells a story. Best-selling paleontology author Donald R. Prothero describes twenty-five famous, beautifully preserved fossils in a gripping scientific history of life on Earth. Recounting the adventures behind the discovery of these objects and fully interpreting their significance within the larger fossil record, Prothero creates a riveting history of life on our planet.

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  • Jurassic Mary
    Jurassic Mary (English, Paperback) Patricia Pierce

    Spinster Mary Anning, uneducated and poor, was of the wrong sex, wrong class and wrong religion, but fate decreed that she was exactly the right person in the right place and time to pioneer the emerging science of palaeontology, the study of fossils.

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  • The Sauropod Dinosaurs
    The Sauropod Dinosaurs (English, Hardback) Mark Hallett, Mathew J. Wedel

    From The Land Before Time to Jurassic Park, images of fantastically large, long-necked, plant-eating dinosaurs have captured our imaginations. These are the sauropods: centerpieces of museums and gentle giants of the distant past. Imagine what it must have been like to crest a hill and see in the valley below not just one sauropod, but an entire herd, feeding its way across the landscape....

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  • Horned Armadillos and Rafting Monkeys
    Horned Armadillos and Rafting Monkeys (English, Hardback) Darin A. Croft

    South America is home to some of the most distinctive mammals on Earth?giant armadillos, tiny anteaters, the world's largest rodent, and its smallest deer. But the continent once supported a variety of other equally intriguing mammals that have no close living relatives: armored mammals with tail clubs, saber-toothed marsupials, and even a swimming sloth. We know of the existence of these peculiar...

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  • Why Dinosaurs Matter
    Why Dinosaurs Matter (Hardback) Kenneth Lacovara

    Dr Kenneth Lacovara, world-renowned paleontologist and discoverer of the super-massive Dreadnoughtus reveals how understanding dinosaurs can help us better understand our own humanity.

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  • Giant Sloths and Sabertooth Cats
    Giant Sloths and Sabertooth Cats (English, Paperback) Donald K. Grayson

    As the Ice Age came to an end, North America lost a stunning variety of animals. Giant Sloths and Sabertooth Cats surveys these animals, with a particular focus on the Great Basin. The book also explores the major attempts to explain the extinctions.

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  • Life on a Young Planet
    Life on a Young Planet (English, Paperback) Andrew H. Knoll

    Knoll explores the deep history of life from its origins on a young planet to the incredible Cambrian explosion, with the very latest discoveries in paleontology integrated with emerging insights from molecular biology and earth system science. 100 illustrations.

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  • Human Paleontology and Prehistory
    Human Paleontology and Prehistory (English, Hardback) Erella Hovers

    The aim of the book is to present original and though-provoking essays in human paleontology and prehistory, which are at the forefront of human evolutionary research, in honor of Professor Yoel Rak (a leading scholar in paleoanthropology).? ?The volume presents a collection of original papers contributed by many of Yoel's friends and colleagues from all over the globe. ...

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  • Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs
    Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs (English, Hardback) Lisa Randall

    In this brilliant exploration of our cosmic environment, the renowned particle physicist andNew York Times bestselling author of Warped Passages and Knocking on Heaven’s Dooruses her research into dark matter to illuminate the startling connections between the furthest reaches of space and life here on Earth.Sixty-six million years ago, an object the size of a city descended from space to crash...

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  • The Princeton Field Guide to Prehistoric Mammals
    The Princeton Field Guide to Prehistoric Mammals (English, Hardback) Donald R. Prothero, Mary P. Persis Williams

    After the mass extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, mammals became the dominant terrestrial life form on our planet. Roaming the earth were spectacular beasts such as saber-toothed cats, giant mastodonts, immense ground sloths, and gigantic giraffe-like rhinoceroses. Here is the ultimate illustrated field guide to the lost world of these weird and wonderful prehistoric creatures....

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  • Introducing Palaeontology
    Introducing Palaeontology (English, Paperback) Patrick Wyse Jackson, John Murray

    A concise introduction to the science of palaeontology in two parts. The first explains what a fossil is and how fossils came to be preserved. The second part introduces the major fossil groups taking a systematic view from algae and plants, through the numerous examples of invertebrate animals, to the vertebrates and finally to man's ancestors.

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  • The Rise of Fishes
    The Rise of Fishes (English, Hardback) John A. Long

    The book includes photographs of fossils from around the world as well as dramatic color illustrations depicting what those fishes may have actually looked like.

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  • The Skeleton Revealed
    The Skeleton Revealed (English, Hardback) Steve Huskey

    Come along-let's take a voyage through the boneyard.

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  • When the Invasion of Land Failed
    When the Invasion of Land Failed (English, Paperback) George McGhee

    "This book explores the ecological consequences of the twin extinction events--the one that occurred within the Late Devonian (the end-Frasnian extinction) and the one that closed the Devonian period (the end-Famennian extinction)--for the evolution of terrestrial animal life on Earth--Provided by publisher.

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  • The Invaders
    The Invaders (Multiple languages, Hardback) Pat Shipman

    Humans domesticated dogs soon after Neanderthals began to disappear. This alliance between two predator species, Pat Shipman hypothesizes, made possible unprecedented success in hunting large Ice Age mammals--a distinct and ultimately decisive advantage for human invaders at a time when climate change made both humans and Neanderthals vulnerable.

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  • Florida Fossils
    Florida Fossils (English, Paperback) Scott C Marlowe

    A pictorial guide to common fossils that are found in Florida at a variety of locations around the state.

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