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  • A History of Australia
    A History of Australia (English, Paperback) Mark Peel, Christina Twomey

    This vivid, multi-dimensional history considers the key cultural, social, political and economic events of Australia's history.

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  • A History of the Baltic States
    A History of the Baltic States (English, Paperback) Andres Kasekamp

    In this key textbook, Andres Kasekamp masterfully traces the development of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, from the northern crusades against Europe's last pagans and Lithuania's rise to become one of medieval Europe's largest states, to their incorporation into the Russian Empire and the creation of their modern national identities.

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  • A History of the United States
    A History of the United States (English, Paperback) Philip Jenkins

    This textbook offers an insightful, introductory overview of the history of American society from its inception right up to present day. With coverage starting at the European Settlement in 1492 right through to the 2016 Presidential Election, this fully revised new edition succinctly depicts the major themes and patterns of American history, thus providing a solid foundation for those wishing to...

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  • A History of France
    A History of France (English, Paperback) Joseph Bergin

    Few modern countries can boast of such a lengthy history as France, whose distinctive shape has been a key feature of the successive stages of European history during the past millennium.

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  • A History of Spain
    A History of Spain (English, Paperback) Simon Barton

    This expanded new edition has been revised throughout in order to amplify key points. The last chapter brings the story up to date and includes discussion of recent events such as the 2004 Madrid bombings and the 2008 general election. The second edition also features additional maps and figures.

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  • A History of Denmark
    A History of Denmark (English, Paperback) Knud J.V. Jespersen

    Knud Jespersen traces the historical roots of the modern Danish state and Denmark's international position. This revised, updated and expanded new edition features additional material on issues such as the Danish Church, the Enlightenment, cultural history, World War II, current NATO debates and the 2006 'cartoon crisis'.

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  • A History of Ireland
    A History of Ireland (English, Paperback) Mike Cronin, Liam O'Callaghan

    A History of Ireland explores the story of Ireland from the 12th century to the present day. This new edition has been revised, updated and expanded to take into account the latest scholarship and major recent political, economic, social, and cultural events.

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  • A History of the Pacific Islands
    A History of the Pacific Islands (English, Paperback) Steven Fischer

    This wide-ranging study of the Pacific Islands provides a dynamic and provocative account of the peopling of the Pacific, and its broad impact on world history.

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  • A History of Korea
    A History of Korea (English, Paperback) Kyung Moon Hwang

    A concise, lively history of Korea, which explores the richness of Korean civilization from the ancient era through to the jarring transformation that resulted in two distinctive trajectories through the modern world. This new edition of a successful text brings it up-to-date with the latest scholarship and developments in Korea's history.

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  • A History of Greece
    A History of Greece (English, Paperback) Nicholas Doumanis

    Greek-speaking people have occupied the Aegean region continuously since the Bronze Age, while Greek culture has been a feature of the Eastern Mediterranean dating back to the Age of Alexander.

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  • A History of Italy
    A History of Italy (English, Paperback) Claudia Baldoli

    Offering a way into each period of Italian history, the book brings Italy's past to life with extracts from poetry, novels and music. Drawing on the latest research published in English and Italian, this is the ideal introduction for all those interested in Italy's cultural and social past and its significance for the country's present.

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  • The History of Chile
    The History of Chile (English, Paperback) John L. Rector

    A colorful history of Chile from prehistoric times to the present

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  • A History of Poland
    A History of Poland (English, Paperback) Anita J. Prazmowska

    "Anita Prazmowska provides a wide-ranging survey of Poland's history, from early settlements, through the establishment of the Kingdom of Poland, to the present day modern state. This expanded second edition has been revised throughout in the light of the latest research, and brings the story right up to date. A new Bibliography also features"--Provided by publisher.

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  • A History of Russia
    A History of Russia (English, Paperback) Professor Roger Bartlett

    A concise history of Russia from its beginnings in Kiev Rus through to the twenty-first century.

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  • A History of Israel
    A History of Israel (English, Paperback) Ahron Bregman

    A History of Israel examines Israel's turbulent history from the first Zionist Congress of 1897 to the present day.

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  • The History of Armenia
    The History of Armenia (English, Paperback) Simon Payaslian

    There is a great deal of interest in the history of Armenia since its renewed independence in the 1990s and the ongoing debate about the genocide - an interest that informs the strong desire of a new generation of Armenian Americans to learn more about their heritage and has led to greater solidarity in the community.

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  • The History of Central America
    The History of Central America (English, Paperback) Thomas Lee Pearcy

    Presents a concise history of the seven nations of Central America, covering the early history of the region, the evolution of the countries from provinces to independent nations, relations with the United States, and developments during the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century. Original.

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  • History of Germany
    History of Germany (English, Paperback) Peter Wende

    Though there are elements of continuity, the history of Germany has been the history of nearly constant change.In this concise introduction to Germany's fascinating past, Peter Wende provides an approachable historical interpretation of the key periods and turning points from Roman times to the present.

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  • A History of the United States
    A History of the United States (English, Paperback) Philip Jenkins

    This established introductory text provides a lucid, authoritative account of the course of American history, discussing political, social, economic and cultural developments. In this revised and updated new edition, Jenkins reviews the 2008 presidential election, the economic crisis and recent environmental issues.

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  • A History of China
    A History of China (Paperback) J. A. G. Roberts

    This study aims to provide an accessible account of the history of China from the earliest times to the present day. Its subject matter extends from the ambitions of the First Emperor to the conquest of China by the Mongols and to the triumphs and tribulations of the People's Republic.

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