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  • Rent to Rent by Jacquie Edwards
    Rent to Rent (English, Paperback) Jacquie Edwards

    Create GBP100,000 of income in 12 months using other people's property! Jacquie Edwards spent 12 months creating a property portfolio that pays her over GBP100,000 NET PROFIT per annum and she doesn't even own the houses! This book will help you to create the same success by answering all your questions about Rent to Rent.

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  • Property Magic by Simon Zutshi
    Property Magic (Paperback) Simon Zutshi

    In the 10th Anniversary edition of this No.1 Best Selling property book, experienced property investor Simon Zutshi will share with you some of the secrets behind his Property Mastermind Programme, so that you can learn how to build a property portfolio and replace your income, using other people's time, money and experience.

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  • Meditation for Life by Justyn Comer
    Meditation for Life (Paperback) Justyn Comer

    Career, relationships, health, happiness, sport, creativity can all be enhanced by the practice of meditation. It has the power to improve every aspect of our lives. It can be a relaxation technique or a spiritual exercise, but it is also so much more. This book is an attempt to explain the `more'.

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  • Play Golf Forever by Suzanne Clark
    Play Golf Forever (Paperback) Suzanne Clark

    Play Golf Forever is a practical guide to slowing down the gradual decline in your body as you get older. This book describes how to strengthen key muscles as part of the everyday tasks you already do, how to prevent injury and what to do if you are injured. This book is for all the over 50s who want to keep playing golf.

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  • Living a Laptop Lifestyle by Fiona Scott
    Living a Laptop Lifestyle (Paperback) Fiona Scott

    Follow the 'Five Essential Steps To Success' as you read an intriguing and compelling guide for creating your own online business. Each chapter is carefully composed to suit the budding entrepreneur; from the very basics of getting started, right through to creating your very own website, and making money online.

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  • Joyride by David Key
    Joyride (Paperback) David Key

    Joyride reveals the illusory nature of pressure, worry and stress of all kinds. The revelation that these are not brought upon us by circumstances "outside of us" but created from the inside out is the start of a transformational journey of self- discovery that will allow you to "show up better," be more productive, more resilient, stress free.

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  • The Science of Talent by Kate O'Loughlin
    The Science of Talent (Paperback) Kate O'Loughlin

    Lots of people know that `talent happens' in their organisation, but many are not quite sure what `talent' is or how `it' happens. Kate O'Loughlin looks at what the science tells us about the theories behind these ideas, and what other alternatives there might be.

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  • Everyball by Michael James
    Everyball (Paperback) Michael James

    In Everyball Mike James delves deep into his own tennis experiences, including a 22-year coaching career in Great Britain. It's no doubt a book for the tennis coach, parent, player and enthusiast, all of which Mike is, but also for anyone interested in learning, growing and thriving in the bigger game of life we all have no choice but to play.

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  • Focus in the Age of Distraction by Jane Piper
    Focus in the Age of Distraction (Paperback) Jane Piper

    35 practical and pragmatic tips based on latest research in positive psychology, neuroscience, and common sense, will help you be more focused, creative and productive. Be more focused while at work, get more done, learn to switch off, get on and enjoy your life.

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  • 5 Conversations by Nick Cowley
    5 Conversations (English, Paperback) Nick Cowley, Nigel Purse

    5 Conversations will help the reader to dramatically improve trust, relationships, motivation and performance at work, build a better business by developing successful relationships and engage their personnel.

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  • BUILD YOUR TRIBE by Susanne Currid
    BUILD YOUR TRIBE (English, Paperback) Susanne Currid

    Most food and drink retailers market to the crowd. Smart restaurant, bar and café businesses learn how to attract and build a tribe of raving fans around their brand. In this thought-provoking book, Susanne Currid introduces you to the concept of tribe-building and explains how you can integrate this dynamic new strategy into your restaurant, bar or café marketing plan. This book will also show...

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  • The Step-Up Mindset for New Managers by Margo Manning
    The Step-Up Mindset for New Managers (Paperback) Margo Manning

    This is the book that will cut through the unnecessary hype and methodologies to give you a highly effective yet simple approach to becoming a great manager. Focus your efforts on getting the job done, and done well. Own your reputation and start delivering confidently and knowledgably.

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  • Rent to Rent by Jacquie Edwards
    Rent to Rent (Paperback) Jacquie Edwards

    Create financial freedom following a proven step by step checklist to build your Rent to Rent business! If you want to know exactly what your next steps are in your Rent to Rent business from wherever you are now - then this is the book for you. There is nothing else like it on the market today!

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  • The Inspiration Code by Terry Hill
    The Inspiration Code (English, Paperback) Terry Hill

    Motivation truths for today's workplace; the science of what drives us and the art of harnessing it; find the real reasons why your people work; be a truly inspirational leader; get the best out of each and every one of your staff; commit your team to a powerful cause.

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  • Being An Agile Leader-Manager by Catherine Joyce
    Being An Agile Leader-Manager (English, Paperback) Catherine Joyce

    Managing other people at work is a challenge for every manager. If you are a new manager there are practical and useful ways to help you be more e ffective. If you are an experienced manager there are new processes to learn and fresh strategies to explore. This book will help you be more agile and deal more e ffectively with others.

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  • The Trusted Financial Adviser by Lee Clarke
    The Trusted Financial Adviser (English, Paperback) Lee Clarke

    As the world emerges from one of the most serious economic crises, the importance of having of a trusted, knowledgeable and professional financial adviser is greater than ever. Wherever you go in the world today it is clear that the financial security and well-being of communities will depend on individual financial security.

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  • A Path to Wisdom by Tony Jeton Selimi
    A Path to Wisdom (English, Paperback) Tony Jeton Selimi

    No matter who you are, step forward and get ready to start living your best life -it is what you came here for. You will come away from this book having a deeper understanding of self, freeing yourself from old limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in a rut, and starting to walk a path that leads you to living a meaningful and inspiring life.

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  • Dance Your Way to the Top! by Susie Heath
    Dance Your Way to the Top! (English, Paperback) Susie Heath

    It's an unfortunate fact that those who want to change the world so desperately are often those who burn out first. Now is the time for a massive paradigm shift. Facilitate change that will leave a legacy.

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  • TWIST by Julie Cottineau
    TWIST (Paperback) Julie Cottineau

    Standing out in today's crowded markets is a huge challenge for entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits vying for attention from consumers, clients and donors who are bombarded by thousands of messages every day. Don't waste another minute on "me-too" marketing until you read this book and build your own TWIST.

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  • The Creative Gorilla by John Brooker
    The Creative Gorilla (English, Paperback) John Brooker

    This highly practical book explains how you can make the most of your organisation's opportunities by using the structured, yet creative Inn8 Approach. Use a structured model (Inn8 Model) to innovate. Employ a toolkit (Inn8 Toolkit) of logical and creative thinking tools to help tap the innate wisdom and creativity of you and your colleagues.

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