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  • 70s Dinner Party
    70s Dinner Party (English, Hardback) Anna Pallai

    A cookbook that covers all the essentials, from starters through to desserts, dinner party etiquette and the dreaded 'foreign' food, there's no potato-fashioned-as-a-stone left unturned.

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  • The Bluffer's Guide to Etiquette
    The Bluffer's Guide to Etiquette (English, Paperback) William Hanson

    Instantly acquire all the knowledge you need to pass as an expert in the world of etiquette and high society. Know what to say, what not to say, where to be seen, and what and what not to wear. Never again be found wanting when asked if someone is PLU or NQOCD, why port should be passed to the left, or how many air kisses you should aim at the proffered cheek of someone you barely know. Arm...

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  • Debrett's Handbook
    Debrett's Handbook (English, Hardback) Debrett's

    Debrett's Handbook addresses modern dilemmas, including social graces, dress codes, mobile manners and dining etiquette, and offers advice on civilised hosting and entertaining, from formal dinner parties to drinks parties, informal suppers and overnight stays.

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  • Rules for Modern Life
    Rules for Modern Life (English, Hardback) Sir David Tang

    The twenty-first century is an age of in numerable social conundrums. What is the correct way to deal with dinner guests who check their emails throughout the meal? Can shorts and sandals ever be acceptable attire for a gentleman? And just what is the correct etiquette if you find yourself sitting next to Julia Roberts on a plane?...

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  • Kate Spade New York
    Kate Spade New York (English, Hardback) Kate Spade New York

    The latest kate spade book is every hostess-in-training's entertaining handbook

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  • Cigars: A Guide
    Cigars: A Guide (Hardback) Nicholas Foulkes

    The story of cigars. Evelyn WaughExploring not just the extraordinary story of tobacco and cigars but also a history that has been instrumental in the foundations of societies and cultures, Cigars will take you on an astonishing journey through landscapes, scents and an incredible roll call of the great, the good and the not-so good.

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  • Beach Bum Berry's Taboo Table
    Beach Bum Berry's Taboo Table (English, Paperback) Jeff Berry


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  • Audrey at Home
    Audrey at Home (English, Hardback) Luca Dotti

    "Enter Audrey Hepburn's private world in this unique biography compiled by her son that combines recollections, anecdotes, excerpts from her personal correspondence, drawings, and recipes for her favorite dishes written in her own hand, and more than 250 previously unpublished personal family photographs"

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  • 101 Things Your Dad Never Told You about Men
    101 Things Your Dad Never Told You about Men (English, Paperback) Bruce Bryans

    Discover What Quality Men Desperately Need From the Woman They Love and DesireLet's face it; your Dad probably couldn't tell you exactly how to be a good wife or a good girlfriend to keep a really great guy helplessly in love with you. Maybe the topic of how to please your husband in bed would have been too awkward a conversation, or perhaps talking about the emotional needs of a man was beyond...

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  • Mozza at Home
    Mozza at Home (English, Hardback) Nancy Silverton, Carolynn Carreno

    From the restaurateur, acclaimed chef, and beloved author of cookbooks on everything from bread baking to pizza making--most recently, The Mozza Cookbook--comes a delectable new book that explores the recipes that inspired her, after a years-long hiatus, to cook at home again. For years, Nancy Silverton was so consumed by her life in the professional kitchen that she forgot what made her love...

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  • Debrett's Guide to Entertaining Etiquette
    Debrett's Guide to Entertaining Etiquette (English, Hardback) Debrett's

    A must-have guide for everyone who enjoys socialising at home

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  • Nadiya's British Food Adventure
    Nadiya's British Food Adventure (Hardback) Nadiya Hussain

    Invite Nadiya into your kitchen . . . Now with her own prime-time BBC2 cookery series, Britain's favourite Bake Off winner presents her latest cookbook, featuring mouth-wateringly delicious recipes from the programme . . . This week's sweet Yorkshire puddings smothered in delicious homemade jam and custard. Nadiya takes trout from Yorkshire to the sun-soaked Mediterranean, with her baked sea...


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  • The Little Book of Etiquette
    The Little Book of Etiquette (English, Hardback) Dorothea Johnson

    p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0pt line-height: 150%"Never again hesitate when selecting a fork from a fancy place setting, making a formal introduction, hosting a business dinner, or dining on awkward foods. The experts at Washington's School of Protocol will save you from embarrassing future faux pas! full-colour illustrations.

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  • The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays
    The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays (English, Hardback) Ree Drummond

    #1 New York Times Bestseller...

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  • Table Manners
    Table Manners (English, Hardback) Jeremiah Tower

    Table Manners is an entertaining and practical guide to manners for everyone and every occasion. Whether you are a guest at a potluck or the host of a dinner party, a patron of your local bar or an invitee at a state dinner, this book tells you exactly how to behave: what to talk about, what to wear, how to eat.

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  • The Cigar World
    The Cigar World (Multiple languages, Hardback) Cosima Aichholzer

    Exclusive interviews with prominent smokers about their favourite brands and great cigar moments. Learn more about the countries they come from, the raw materials that go into them, the craftsmanship involved, and the world's most beautiful cigar lounges, all shown in captivating pictures.

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  • Art of Manliness Collection
    Art of Manliness Collection (English, Paperback) Brett McKay, Kate McKay

    Synopsis coming soon.......

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  • Gentlewoman
    Gentlewoman (English, Paperback) Enitan O Bereola II $27.40
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  • Eat Like a Gilmore
    Eat Like a Gilmore (English, Hardback) Kristi Carlson, Bonnie Matthews

    The infamous appetites of the Gilmore Girls are given their due in this fun, unofficial cookbook inspired by the show. Fans will eat up the delicious recipes honoring the chefs who fuel the science-defying metabolisms of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Whether you're a diehard fan or new to the scene, author Kristi Carlson invites you to pull up a chair and dig in. Luke's diner menu, Sookie's eclectic...

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