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  • Lego Chain Reactions by Pat Murphy
    Lego Chain Reactions (English, Mixed media product) Pat Murphy

    Make amazing moving machines in Lego Chain Reactions! Children can build eight simple machines that can be combined to set off a chain reaction. They can use all the included LEGO pieces in conjunction with their own collection to build the contraptions and record all their experiments in the pages of the book.

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  • Maths for Science by Sally Jordan
    Maths for Science (English, Paperback) Sally Jordan, Shelagh Ross

    Maths for Science overturns the misconception that maths is a daunting, theory-filled subject by providing a confidence-boosting overview of essential mathematical skills and techniques. Written in a clear, straightforward style, with examples and practice problems throughout, it is the ideal guide for all science students.

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  • Through Green Glasses by Pat Murphy
    Through Green Glasses (Paperback) Pat Murphy $18.12
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  • The James Tiptree Award Anthology 3 by Karen Joy Fowler
    The James Tiptree Award Anthology 3 (English, Paperback) Karen Joy Fowler

    Based on the themes of sex and identity, this third entry in a successful anthology series aims to explore and expand gender. Through their subversive, engaging stories, Tiptree Award-winning authors offer speculations on the ever-increasing mutability of our public - and private - selves.

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  • The Wild Girls by Pat Murphy
    The Wild Girls (English, Paperback) Pat Murphy

    It?s 1972. Twelve-year-old Joan is sure that she is going to be miserable when her family moves. Then she meets a most unusual girl. Sarah prefers to be called ?Fox,? and lives with her author dad in a rundown house in the middle of the woods. The two girls start writing their own stories together, and when one wins first place in a student contest, they find themselves recruited for a summer...

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  • The James Tiptree Award Anthology 1 by Karen Joy Fowler
    The James Tiptree Award Anthology 1 (English, Paperback) Karen Joy Fowler

    Short fiction, novel excerpts, and essays that have won the James Tiptree, Jr. Award are featured in a anthology of thought-provoking fiction that explores and expands gender roles and includes works by Suzy McKee Charnas, Ursula K. Le Guin, Pat Murphy, and Joanna Russ, among others. Original.

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  • The James Tiptree Award Anthology 2 by Karen Joy Fowler
    The James Tiptree Award Anthology 2 (English, Paperback) Karen Joy Fowler

    Touching on the fundamental of human desires - sex, love, and the need for acceptance - Tiptree Award-winning authors challenge the social identities, simultaneously exploring and expanding gender. This collection gathers short fiction and essays that were chosen by the Tiptree Award judges in 2004, as well as selections from previous years.

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  • Through Green Glasses by Pat Murphy
    Through Green Glasses (Hardback) Pat Murphy $41.15
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  • The Math Explorer by Pat Murphy
    The Math Explorer (English, Paperback) Pat Murphy, Lori Lamberton

    The Math Explorer was developed by education professionals at the Exploratorium-San Francisco's acclaimed hands-on museum of science, art, and human perception. The activities in this book apply the hands-on teaching methods that work so well in science to teaching and learning about mathematics.This collection of carefully tested activities-games, puzzles, experiments, and projects--provides...

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  • Women Up to No Good by Pat Murphy
    Women Up to No Good (English, Paperback) Pat Murphy

    What do women want? Well, if Pat Murphy is to be trusted (and we're not saying she is), women are looking for trouble. And in this collection of powerful stories, they find it-at an archeological dig in the Southwest, in urban alleys, in California suburbs, in the old West, in ironic fantasy settings. ...

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  • Meet Viken-The Wonder Dog by Pat Murphy
    Meet Viken-The Wonder Dog (English, Paperback) Pat Murphy

    Viken sent three years on a futuristic space station that housed one hundred people plus crew. While there he became the seoond intergalactic space dog that learned how to levitate and make himself invisible at will.Suddenly he was given a new assignment. He was to return to earth and teach another canine how this is possibleIt is not always peaceful as both dogs find themselves in humorous and...

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  • Air Power: Rocket Science Made Simple by Pat Murphy
    Air Power: Rocket Science Made Simple (English, Novelty book) Pat Murphy

    Build four brilliant balloon-powered racers in Air Power. Have rocket-propelled fun making a hovercraft and an original Klutz balloon-powered rocket! Includes five balloons, straws, wheels, axles, two mouths pieces and stickers! Everything is explained with clear building instructions and understandable scientific explanations.

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  • The Falling Woman by Pat Murphy
    The Falling Woman (Paperback) Pat Murphy

    The NEBULA AWARD-winning novel of Mayan magic in the modern world.

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  • Plan C by Pat Murphy
    Plan C (English, Paperback) Pat Murphy

    Consume less, conserve more, create community

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  • The Shadow Hunter by Pat Murphy
    The Shadow Hunter (English, Paperback) Pat Murphy

    A young Neanderthal is transported from the ancient past to a future of brilliant and terrifying possibilities. He brings the spiritual beliefs of his people to this alien world, while maintaining a connection with the earth and the spirits of animals. The clash of prehistoric shamanic traditions with future technology makes for a gripping talethe first novel written by this Nebula Awardwinning...

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  • Nadya by Pat Murphy
    Nadya (English, Mixed media product) Pat Murphy Currently Unavailable More details
  • Guide to the Galaxy by Editors of Klutz
    Guide to the Galaxy (Multiple copy pack) Editors of Klutz, Pat Murphy

    The Klutz Guide to the Galaxy comes with everything a kid needs to explore the galaxy - by night and by day. Explore the craters of the moon and find stars too dim to see with the naked eye. Find the North Star using the super-simple star charts and figure ou where you are at anytime

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  • Exploratopia by Pat Murphy
    Exploratopia (English, Hardback) Pat Murphy, Ellen Macaulay

    Offers an illustrated collection of four hundred kid-friendly explorations and experiments that take a special look at everyday items, such as eggs and paper clips, to the process for mummifying a hot dog and breaking secret codes.

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