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Patrick Fanning

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  • Prisoners of Belief by Matthew McKay
    Prisoners of Belief (English, Paperback)

    Groundbreaking techniques for uncovering basic core beliefs, evaluating accuracy, and shifting towards a healthier direction.

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  • Autoestima by Matthew McKay
    Autoestima (Spanish, Paperback)

    Self-Esteem: A Proven Program of Cognitive Techniques for Assessing, Improving, and Maintaining Your Self-Esteem....

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  • Successful Problem Solving by Matthew McKay
    Successful Problem Solving (English, Paperback)

    The four beliefs that interfere with problem solving are a conviction of unworthiness; an assumption that change is risky; feeling incompetent; and a perception that other people are more important. This workbook offers specific strategies to help overcome these inhibiting beliefs and step-by-step instructions on assessing problems, brainstorming solutions, imagining consequences, and putting solutions into practice.

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  • When Anger Hurts Your Kids by Matthew McKay
    When Anger Hurts Your Kids (English, Paperback)

    Based on a study of how 250 parents copy with their anger, this handbook helps readers understand their anger and the effect it has on their children. The authors identify 16 trigger thoughts that cause anger, and show parents how to change these thoughts into healthy, problem-solving communication.

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  • Progressive Relaxation & Breathing Cd by Patrick Fanning
    Progressive Relaxation & Breathing Cd (English, CD-Extra)

    The Progressive Relaxation and Breathing audio CD, one of the five Relaxation and Stress Reduction Audio Series , CDs, presents listeners with a highly effective progressive relaxation technique developed by notable physician Edmund Jacobson. This method can be used to relax the major muscle groups and reduce anxiety. 39 minutes

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  • Messages Workbook by Martha Davis
    Messages Workbook (English, Paperback)

    This book teaches you proven communication skills that can improve your intimate relationshiops, resolve family conflicts, and make you more effective and successful at work. The workbook provides worksheets, fill-in exercises, and is based on the step-by-step skills and information provided in Messages: The Communication Skills Book, now in second edition and has sold over 67,000 copies.

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  • The Addiction Workbook: a Step-by-Step Guide for Quitting Alcohol and Drugs by Patrick Fanning
    The Addiction Workbook: a Step-by-Step Guide for Quitting Alcohol and Drugs (English, Paperback)

    This comprehensive workbook explains the facts about addiction & provides simple step-by-step directions for working through the stages of the quitting process. The authors help you prepare to quit & explain how to get help & support, use the new craving blocker drugs, relax without chemicals, control and express feelings, and prevent relapse.

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  • Self Esteem Companion: New Edition by Patrick Fanning
    Self Esteem Companion: New Edition (English, Paperback)

    A step-by-step guide filled with straightforward and effective techniques to help you dramatically improve the way you think and feel about yourself.

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  • The Interpersonal Problems Workbook by Matthew McKay
    The Interpersonal Problems Workbook (English, Paperback)

    The Interpersonal Problems Workbook combines research and evidence-based techniques for strengthening relationships in all areas in life-whether it's at home , at work, with a significant other, a parent, or a child.

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  • Applied Relaxation Training Cd by Patrick Fanning
    Applied Relaxation Training Cd (English, CD-Extra)

    For those times when your stress level is high, this program teaches relaxation techniques which can be used even while working, walking, or driving.

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  • Daily Relaxer Audio Companion by Patrick Fanning
    Daily Relaxer Audio Companion (English, CD-Extra)

    Based on the techniques in the best-selling book, The Daily Relaxer, this pair of audio CDs helps listeners relax and unwind throughout the day. Each of the CDs in, The Daily Relaxer Audio Companion features easy exercises to reduce tension and stress. 104 minutes.

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  • Self-esteem by Matthew McKay
    Self-esteem (English, Paperback)

    Research shows that self-esteem is affected as much by what we do as it is by what we think. The third edition of this guide to building and maintaining self-esteem therefore has a new chapter covering the importance of goal setting, how to set realistic goals and achieve them in manageable steps.

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  • Meditation and Autogenics Cd by Patrick Fanning
    Meditation and Autogenics Cd (English, CD-Extra)

    The Meditation and Autogenics audio CD program, based on The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook, teaches listeners how to use autogenic training to reduce stress and the symptoms of stress-induced psychosomatic disorders. This CD is part of the Relaxation and Stress Reduction Audio Series.74 minutes

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