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Patrick Hanan

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  • The Carnal Prayer Mat by Li Yu
    The Carnal Prayer Mat (English, Paperback) Li Yu

    In the 300 years since its initial publication, Li Yu's book has been widely read in China, where it is recognised as a benchmark of erotic literature and currently enjoys the distinction of being a banned-in-Beijing classic.

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  • The Sea of Regret by Wu Jianren
    The Sea of Regret (English, Paperback) Wu Jianren

    Published within a few months of each other in 1906, "Stones in the Sea" by Fu Lin and "The Sea of Regret" by Wu Jianren take opposite sides in the heated turn-of-the-century debate over the place of romantic and sexual love and passion in Chinese life. "The Sea of Regret", which came to be the most popular short novel of this period, is a response to the less well-known but equally significant...

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  • Quelling the Demons' Revolt by Patrick Hanan
    Quelling the Demons' Revolt (English, Paperback) Patrick Hanan

    In this Ming-era novel, historical narrative, raucous humor, and the supernatural are interwoven to tell the tale of an attempt to overthrow the Song dynasty. Quelling the Demons' Revolt is centered on the rebellion led by Wang Ze in 1047-48, warning of the vulnerability of a world plagued by demonic forces as well as mundane corruption.

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