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Paul Cornell

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  • Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time by Paul Cornell
    Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time (English, Paperback) Paul Cornell

    The Twelfth Doctor's dramatic final adventure, novelised by showrunnerSteven Moffat...

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  • Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time by Paul Cornell
    Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time (English, CD-Audio) Paul Cornell

    Still reeling from his encounter with the Cybermen, the First Doctor stumbles through the bitter Antarctic wind, resisting the approaching regeneration with all his strength. But as he fights his way through the snowdrifts, he comes across the familiar shape of a blue police box, and a mysterious figure who introduces himself as the Doctor. An unabridged reading of the brand new novelization of...

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  • London Falling by Paul Cornell
    London Falling (English, Paperback) Paul Cornell

    'An irresistible blend of guns, gangsters, cops and monsters' Ben Aaronovitch

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  • Bernice Summerfield - Treasury by Ben Aaronovitch
    Bernice Summerfield - Treasury (English, CD-Audio) Ben Aaronovitch, Andrew Cartmel

    An Anthology of classic short stories featuring Bernice Summerfield. This collection brings together eight stories by some classic Doctor Who authors, read by Lisa Bowerman and former script editor Andrew Cartmel.

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  • Chalk by Paul Cornell
    Chalk (English, CD-Audio) Paul Cornell

    A brutal exploration of magic, despair & bullying in Margaret Thatcher's England.

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  • Vampirella Vol. 2 The God You Know by Paul Cornell
    Vampirella Vol. 2 The God You Know (English, Paperback) Paul Cornell, Andy Belanger

    Vampirella is fresh off a mind-blowing discovery-or at least it should have been. Coming to terms with what she's learned about herself and her past means a journey to a place far scarier than the twisted future she's living in...her twisted mind! Prepare yourself for a Vampirella like you've NEVER seen before!

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  • Chalk by Paul Cornell
    Chalk (English, Paperback) Paul Cornell

    Andrew Waggoner has always hung around with the losers in his school, desperately hoping each day that the school bullies -- led by Drake -- will pass by him in search of other prey. But one day they force him into the woods, and the bullying escalates into something more; something unforgivable; something unthinkable.

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  • A Long Day in Lychford by Paul Cornell
    A Long Day in Lychford (English, Paperback) Paul Cornell

    A Long Day in Lychford is the third book in Paul Cornell's increasingly popular Witches of Lychford series....

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  • Excel as Your Database by Paul Cornell
    Excel as Your Database (English, Paperback) Paul Cornell

    This book shows beginning users how to manage their data using one of the world's most popular programs-Excel-without investing time and money in complex databases. The book is for readers who know something about Excel but nothing about databases.

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  • A Better Way to Die by Paul Cornell
    A Better Way to Die (Paperback) Paul Cornell $22.67
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  • Paradox by Pat Cadigan
    Paradox (English, Paperback) Pat Cadigan, Paul Cornell

    A collection of all original stories inspred by the Fermi Paradox, written by some of science fiction's biggest names and scientists, with an introduction by the astronomer Marek Kukula (Royal Observatory, Greenwich). ...

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  • The Lost Child of Lychford by Paul Cornell
    The Lost Child of Lychford (English, Paperback) Paul Cornell

    Lizzie investigates after the apparition of a little boy appears in the church, right before her first Christmas as the Reverend of St. Martin's.

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  • Doctor Who: The Third Doctor: The Heralds of Destruction Volume 1 by Paul Cornell
    Doctor Who: The Third Doctor: The Heralds of Destruction Volume 1 (English, Paperback) Paul Cornell, Christopher Jones

    How do you ever win against a hive mind capable of creating itself countless bodies just by using its surroundings?? Join forces with the popular Third Doctor and the infamous U.N.I.T to find out! Twists and turns ensue with the Doctor, The Brigadier and The Master along the way as an even older familiar face returns...

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  • Time Travel: Recent Trips by Howard Waldrop
    Time Travel: Recent Trips (English, Paperback) Howard Waldrop, Sarah Monette

    The idea of time travel has been with us since ancient times; now, the concept of time travel seems almost... plausible. Today, tales of chrononauts are more imaginative and thought-provoking than ever before: new views, cutting-edge concepts, radical notions of paradox and possibility - state-of-the-art speculative stories collected from those written in the twenty-first century. Forward to the...

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  • Doctor Who The Scream Of The Shalka by Paul Cornell
    Doctor Who The Scream Of The Shalka (English, Paperback) Paul Cornell

    When the Ninth Doctor lands in the town of Kennet, he finds that something is terribly wrong. Starting with a small community under threat, this Doctor Who story takes in the entire world, from New Zealand to India, Siberia to the USA, and cosmic expanses beyond.

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  • Who Killed Sherlock Holmes? by Paul Cornell
    Who Killed Sherlock Holmes? (English, Paperback) Paul Cornell

    The third book in the Shadow Police series continuing from London Falling and The Severed Streets

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  • Doctor Who: Shadows Of Avalon by Paul Cornell
    Doctor Who: Shadows Of Avalon (English, Paperback) Paul Cornell

    The Brigadier, mourning the loss of his wife Doris, is called to help find a nuclear weapon that's gone missing over the Wiltshire Downs. But when the Doctor's TARDIS explodes, he, the Brigadier, Compassion and Fitz are thrown into the other-dimensional world of Avalon.

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  • The Severed Streets by Paul Cornell
    The Severed Streets (English, Paperback) Paul Cornell

    The second urban fantasy by bestselling Doctor Who writer, Paul Cornell.

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  • Saucer Country by Paul Cornell
    Saucer Country (English, Paperback) Paul Cornell

    "Originally published by Vertigo as Saucer Country, issues 1-14"--Title page verso.

    $26.56 $29.99
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  • Saucer State by Ryan Kelly
    Saucer State (English, Paperback) Ryan Kelly, Paul Cornell

    "Originally published as Saucer state issues #1-6."

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