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Paul Stump

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  • Unknown Pleasures by Paul Stump
    Unknown Pleasures (Paperback) Paul Stump

    Roxy Music's mix of Bryan Ferry's sexual posturing and Brian Eno's synthesizer experimentation, along with Stockhausen and Stax, exploded with an energy unlike that of any other pop band -- ensuring an unbroken string of Top 10 albums. As Roxy Music evolved, their dazzling mix of space suits and 1950s haircuts gave way to lounge-lizard chic, and the band managed to become both a pop icon and a...

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  • Digital Gothic by Paul Stump
    Digital Gothic (English, Paperback) Paul Stump

    Techno pioneers, Hollywood soundtracks, mammoth recorded output. This book takes you through the lot.

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  • Go Ahead John by Paul Stump
    Go Ahead John (English, Paperback) Paul Stump

    In-depth analysis of Miles Davis protege, Mahavishnu Orchestra leader and revered jazz guitar supremo.

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  • Gentle Giant by Paul Stump
    Gentle Giant (English, Hardback) Paul Stump

    The story of one of the most enduring bands of the British progressive rock movement.

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