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Paul Sullivan

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  • Pocket Rough Guide Berlin by Rough Guides
    Pocket Rough Guide Berlin (English, Paperback) Rough Guides, Paul Sullivan

    Berlin welcomed 5.99 million tourists and Germany welcomed 14.4 million tourists in 2016 (Source:,Berlin has had an incredible 8% growth in visitors since 2009. The second biggest growth in Europe after Hamburg (Source: MasterCard Cities Index 2016),Rough Guides was the No. 3 travel guide publisher in 2016, worth £3.3 million (Nielsen Bookscan)

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  • OLE Virginny by Timothy Paul Sullivan
    OLE Virginny (Paperback) Timothy Paul Sullivan

    Excerpt from Ole Virginny: Historical Drama in Four Acts ...

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  • Bloody British History: Derby by Paul Sullivan
    Bloody British History: Derby (English, Paperback) Paul Sullivan

    Bloody British history

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  • Berlin by Paul Sullivan
    Berlin (English, Hardback) Paul Sullivan, Marcel Krueger

    A literary tour of a hugely popular cultural capital

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  • National Geographic Walking Berlin by Paul Sullivan
    National Geographic Walking Berlin (English, Paperback) Paul Sullivan

    Walking Berlin is part of an exciting pocket-guide series from National Geographic that showcases the world's great cities. Travellers will find top-notch, streamlined, and useful local knowledge that goes beyond the Internet basics to ensure a rewarding, authentic, and memorable urban experience.

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  • Qualitative Data Analysis Using a Dialogical Approach by Paul Sullivan
    Qualitative Data Analysis Using a Dialogical Approach (English, Paperback) Paul Sullivan

    A major new contribution to the field of qualitative data analysis, this book sets out the theory and practice of dialogical approaches.

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  • Odd One Out by Paul Sullivan
    Odd One Out (English, Paperback) Paul Sullivan

    Think you can tell a killer from a king, a pirate from a pope? There's only one way to find out! This amazing little quiz contains sixty different `odd one outs'. Featuring royals and reprobates, palaces and poorhouses, take it today and find out just how much you really know about British history...

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  • The Little Book of Oxfordshire by Paul Sullivan
    The Little Book of Oxfordshire (English, Paperback) Paul Sullivan

    The Little Book of Oxfordshire is a funny, fast-paced, fact-packed compendium of the sort of frivolous, fantastic or simply strange information which no one will want to be without.

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  • The Secret History of Oxford by Paul Sullivan
    The Secret History of Oxford (English, Paperback) Paul Sullivan

    many others, such as the fact that Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, stole a piece of New College's unicorn horn, that one of the Fellows of Christ Church was a bear or that Oxford Castle has England's most frequently sighted ghost, are much less widely known - and some of these stories have not appeared in print for hundreds of years.

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  • The Thin Green Line by Paul Sullivan
    The Thin Green Line (English, Hardback) Paul Sullivan

    The "Wealth Matters" columnist of The New York Times reveals the habits, worldviews, and practices that lead to true wealth?and why it's more important to be "wealthy" than "rich."...

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  • Frogley, Cockhead and Crutch by Paul Sullivan
    Frogley, Cockhead and Crutch (English, Paperback) Paul Sullivan

    Willy Cockhead had to live with his name.Uncovered by local author Paul Sullivan and accompanied with strange-but-true anecdotes, this entertaining volume of baffling, ill-thought-out and just plain rude examples champions the people and places of Oxfordshire that got saddled with the daftest of names.

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  • Keeping Secrets by Paul Sullivan
    Keeping Secrets (Paperback) Paul Sullivan

    If you want to learn how to keep wicket properly, this book is for you. Keeping Secrets is a must-read for cricketers and cricket lovers alike who are looking to expand their knowledge of the game, while enjoying fresh insights into the best job in all of cricket.

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  • Remixology by Paul Sullivan
    Remixology (English, Paperback) Paul Sullivan

    In Remixology: Tracing the Dub Diaspora Paul Sullivan explores the evolution of Dub; the avant-garde verso of Reggae.

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  • Hg2: A Hedonist's Guide to Berlin by Paul Sullivan
    Hg2: A Hedonist's Guide to Berlin (English, Hardback) Paul Sullivan

    From the elegant sophistication of the West to the alternative, avant-garde East, Berlin is in constant flux. No longer a city of tourist cabaret and trips to the remains of the Wall, this vibrant place is about exploration, beauty, and experiment. This high-end, illustrated guide takes readers to all that's interesting and intelligent about the city. Writer/photographer Paul Sullivan gives the inside scoop on what to see and what to avoid, and each venue is accompanied by a color photograph.

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  • The Little History of Oxfordshire by Paul Sullivan
    The Little History of Oxfordshire (Hardback) Paul Sullivan

    From earliest records to the present day, in one easy-to-read volume

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  • Bloody British History: Oxford by Paul Sullivan
    Bloody British History: Oxford (English, Paperback) Paul Sullivan

    This is the history of Oxford as you have never encountered it before. One of its principal colleges, meanwhile, doubled as a slaughterhouse - and its richest streets and university edifices backed on to some of the most pestilential slums in England.

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