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Paul Vincent

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  • An English Anthology by Leonard Nolens
    An English Anthology (English, Paperback) Leonard Nolens

    The Belgian diarist and love poet Leonard Nolens (a pseudonym) invents selves to escape self.

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  • Summer in Termuren by Louis Boon
    Summer in Termuren (English, Hardback) Louis Boon

    This, the author writes, is "the novel of the indiviual in a world of barbarians." It is the story of Ondine and Oscarke, a young married couple adrift in a Belgian landscape that is darkening under the spread of industry and World War I. Ondine, who "came to serve god and live," finds that she must "serve the gentlemen" instead. Oscarke, an aspiring sculptor, finds himself unsuccessfully scouring...

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  • 100 Dutch-Language Poems by Paul Vincent
    100 Dutch-Language Poems (Multiple languages, Paperback) Paul Vincent

    100 Dutch-Language Poems offers a wonderful new resource to poetry lovers around the world. It covers more than a millennium of poetry; from the very first written words in Dutch, a poem probably scribbled by Dutch-speaking scribe in England to try out his pen, to the last poem by a young, award-winning 21st century female poet.

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  • Abelard: Ethical Writings by Peter Abelard
    Abelard: Ethical Writings (English, Paperback) Peter Abelard

    Abelard's major ethical writings--Ethics, or Know Yourself, and Dialogue between a Philosopher, a Jew and a Christian, are presented here in a student edition including cross-references, explanatory notes, a full table of references, bibliography, and index.

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  • Five Texts on the Mediaeval Problem of Universals by Paul Vincent Spade
    Five Texts on the Mediaeval Problem of Universals (English, Paperback) Paul Vincent Spade

    New translations of the central mediaeval texts on the problem of universals are presented here in an affordable edition suitable for use in courses in mediaeval philosophy, history of mediaeval philosophy, and universals. Includes a concise Introduction, glossary of important terms, notes, and bibliography.

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  • Speechless by Tom Lanoye
    Speechless (English, Paperback) Tom Lanoye

    A musical monument of language to a mother, this novel sings and hums and growls and rattles and tickles and rages and smears and hurts.

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  • Cambridge Companions to Philosophy: The Cambridge Companion to Ockham by Paul Vincent Spade
    Cambridge Companions to Philosophy: The Cambridge Companion to Ockham (English, Paperback) Paul Vincent Spade

    This volume offers a full discussion of all significant aspects of Ockham's thought: logic, philosophy of language, metaphysics and natural philosophy, epistemology, ethics, action theory, political thought and theology, and is the first study of Ockham to consider recent discoveries concerning his life, education, and influences.

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  • Metaphors of Memory by Douwe Draaisma
    Metaphors of Memory (English, Hardback) Douwe Draaisma

    What is memory? Elusive and difficult to define, philosophers and psychologists through the ages have used metaphors as a way of understanding it. First published in 2000, this fascinating book takes the reader on a guided tour of these metaphors of memory from ancient times to the present day.

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  • Fomes Annosus by Paul Vincent Mook
    Fomes Annosus (English, Paperback) Paul Vincent Mook $14.54
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  • Du Hast Schuld! by Paul-Vincent Fenzl
    Du Hast Schuld! (German, Paperback) Paul-Vincent Fenzl $16.71
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  • Fomes Annosus by Paul Vincent Mook
    Fomes Annosus (English, Hardback) Paul Vincent Mook $38.67
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  • On the Water by H M Van Den Brink
    On the Water (English, Paperback) H M Van Den Brink

    A "powerful tale of romantic regret" (The Seattle Post-Intelligencer), Los Angeles Times Best Book of 2001, and finalist for the French Prix Medicis, On the Water tells the poignant story of Anton and David, two oarsmen trained by a mysterious German coach in the golden Amsterdam summer of 1939. Anton stands on the banks of his beloved river years later, on the wintry eve of Holland's liberation, and mourns a lost world. David, his Jewish teammate and quiet obsession from that magical summer, has disappeared, and the boathouse is now derelict and deserted. Spare, lyrical, and nuanced, On the Water is quietly enormous, capturing a moment so precise and exact it is as if caught in amber -- a rowing club in Amsterdam and two of its competitors from very different backgrounds, set against the backdrop of the oncoming war. The menace of tragedy to come is subtly woven into the story of the two boys whose only concerns are practices, races, and themselves. In the end, all that is left for Anton is the memory of his supreme happiness that summer. "...beautiful, vivid writing...van den Brink describes the grace, ecstasy, and agony of rowing, the miracle of its teamwork harmony." -- Carmela Ciuraru, The Washington Post Book World "[A] small miracle of a book." -- Daniel Topolski, The Guardian

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  • My Little War by Louis Boon
    My Little War (English, Paperback) Louis Boon

    Following in the footsteps of Céline and Joyce, and anticipating the gritty worldview of Burroughs and Bukowski . . .

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  • Stammered Songbook by Erwin Mortier
    Stammered Songbook (English, Paperback) Erwin Mortier

    'What makes me saddest, is the double silence of her being. Language has packed its bags and jumped over the railing of the capsizing ship, but there is also another silence in her or around her. I can no longer hear the music of her soul.' ...

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  • Amsterdam Tales by Helen Constantine
    Amsterdam Tales (English, Paperback) Helen Constantine

    Paul Vincent presents a compelling collection of prose fiction, memoirs, and anecdotes centering on Amsterdam. Eighteen newly translated works give the reader, and the traveller, a glimpse of the Amsterdam that lies beyond the tourist guidebooks, spanning five centuries of history and culture and illuminating the city anew.

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