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  • Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness by Rachel E. Spector
    Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness (English, Paperback) Rachel E. Spector

    For courses in Community/Public Health Nursing, Transcultural Nursing, and CEUs.  ...

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  • Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance by Larry Chastain
    Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance (English, Hardback) Larry Chastain

    An exceptionally readable training resource designed in a flexible "stand-alone" chapter format, this modern book gives future industrial technicians a solid foundation in basic theory coupled with a practical "hands-on" approach that includes exposure to real-life equipment used in the industry today. Using a direct and straightforward style of writing that has won praise from readers , it...

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  • Strategic Management by Fred R. David
    Strategic Management (English, Paperback) Fred R. David, Forest R. David

    For courses in strategy....

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  • Data at Work by Jorge Camoes
    Data at Work (English, Paperback) Jorge Camoes

    Explains how to create functional charts with any spreadsheet application, detailing how to extract, clean, and transform data; sort data points to identify patterns and detect outliers; and identify how and when to use various data visualizations.

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  • Mathematics for Economic Analysis by Knut Sydsaeter
    Mathematics for Economic Analysis (English, Hardback) Knut Sydsaeter, Peter J. Hammond

    For sophomore-level and above courses in Mathematical Methods, Mathematics for Economists. An introduction to those parts of mathematical analysis and linear algebra which are most important for economists.

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  • A History of the Muslim World since 1260 by Vernon O. Egger
    A History of the Muslim World since 1260 (English, Paperback) Vernon O. Egger

    The history of the predominantly Muslim world is examined within the context of world history. It examines political, economic, and broad cultural developments, as well as specifically religious ones. The themes of the book are tradition and adaptation: it examines the tensions between the desire of Muslims to maintain continuity with their legacy and their recognition of the need to adapt to...

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  • Classic Readings and Cases in the Philosophy of Law by Susan Dimock
    Classic Readings and Cases in the Philosophy of Law (English, Paperback) Susan Dimock

    With over sixty cases as support, this text presents the philosophy of law as a perpetual series of debates with overlapping lines and cross connections. Using law as a focus to bring into relief many social and political issues of pressing importance in contemporary society, this book encourages readers to think critically and philosophically....

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  • Stage Lighting by Richard E. Dunham
    Stage Lighting (English, Paperback) Richard E. Dunham

        The book's organization follows a layered approach that builds on basic principles: Light as a Medium (Part 1), Tools of a Lighting Designer (Part 2), Design Fundamentals (Part 3), and Lighting Applications (Part 4). This presents students with a practical and logical sequence when learning basic concepts....

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  • LASSI by H&H Publishing
    LASSI (English, Paperback) H&H Publishing

    What is the LASSI assessment and what does it measure? Nine years of research, development, and testing led to the creation of this statistically valid and reliable tool for the diagnosis of study skills. The LASSI is a 10-scale, 80-item assessment of students' awareness about and use of learning and study strategies related to skill, will and self-regulation components of strategic learning. The...

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  • Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development by Jeremy Gibson Bond
    Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development (English, Paperback) Jeremy Gibson Bond

    Master the Unity Game Engine to Design and Develop Games for Web, Mobile, Windows, macOS, and More! ...

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  • The Truth About Negotiations by Leigh Thompson
    The Truth About Negotiations (English, Paperback) Leigh Thompson

    Learn to be a world-class negotiator: get what you want and need out of any negotiation! Here, top negotiations expert Leigh Thompson brings together 50+ proven negotiation principles and bite-size, easy-to-use techniques that work! Now fully updated, this edition contains brand-new "truths" for negotiating successfully across generations and cultures, negotiating in virtual environments, and...

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  • A Short History of the French Revolution by Jeremy D. Popkin
    A Short History of the French Revolution (English, Paperback) Jeremy D. Popkin

    Written for today's undergraduates, this up-to-date survey of the French Revolution and Napoleonic era offers a concise alternative to the longer texts geared to advanced study in the field. This text introduces students to the major events that comprise the story of the French Revolution; to the different ways in which historians have interpreted these event; to the political, social, and...

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  • Clinical Skills Manual for Maternity and Pediatric Nursing by Marcia L. London
    Clinical Skills Manual for Maternity and Pediatric Nursing (English, Paperback) Marcia L. London, Patricia W. Ladewig

    This is a student supplement associated with: Maternal & Child Nursing Care, 5/e Marcia L. London Patricia W. Ladewig, Michele Davidson Jane W. Ball Ruth C. Bindler Kay Cowen IBSN: 0134167228

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  • Choral Music by Robert L. Garretson
    Choral Music (English, Paperback) Robert L. Garretson

    Comprehensive and authoritative, this text provides guidelines on numerous aspects of performance practice for choral music from different historical periods - Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern periods.

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  • Elementary and Middle School Mathematics by John A. Van de Walle
    Elementary and Middle School Mathematics (English, Paperback) John A. Van de Walle, Karen S. Karp

    This handy reference is particularly useful for elementary teachers who are changing grade levels and special education teachers who teach multiple grades and multiple ability levels. ...

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  • High-Acuity Nursing by Kathleen Wagner
    High-Acuity Nursing (English, Paperback) Kathleen Wagner

    Revision of: High acuity nursing / Pamela Stinson Kidd, Kathleen Dorman Wagner.

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  • Basic English Grammar Student Book with Online Resources, 4e by Betty S Azar
    Basic English Grammar Student Book with Online Resources, 4e (English, Mixed media product) Betty S Azar, Stacy A. Hagen

    The world's most trusted grammar source for clear, direct, and comprehensive instruction, the Azar-Hagen Grammar Series  ? including Basic English Grammar for beginning English language learners ? blends grammar instruction with communicative methods. Grammar is the springboard for developing all language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. With clear, user-friendly charts...

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  • Miracle Food Cures from the Bible by Reese P. Dubin
    Miracle Food Cures from the Bible (English, Paperback) Reese P. Dubin

    Brings together therapeutic agents from all parts of the bible, explaining their use in treating hundreds of common ailments - from arthritis and headaches to heart trouble and digestive problems.

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  • Taking Flight! by Merrick Rosenberg
    Taking Flight! (English, Paperback) Merrick Rosenberg, Daniel Silvert

    Analyzes patterns of human behavior to offer suggestions on improving personal strengths and becoming a more effective leader and team member in all relationships.

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  • Geography Coloring Book by Wynn Kapit
    Geography Coloring Book (English, Paperback) Wynn Kapit

    This unique educational tool introduces learners to the countries of the world and the states of the United States. Through active participation, coloring the maps, users gain a broad understanding of the material?and retain that understanding. Each section begins with a plate containing a political map, a physical map, and regional maps. World Thematic Maps consist of eleven global maps...

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