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  • Swims
    Swims (Paperback) Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

    An evocative debut poetry collection documenting wild swimming in lakes, rivers and seas across the UK.

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  • The Old Weird Albion
    The Old Weird Albion (Paperback) Justin Hopper $18.69
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  • Cain
    Cain (Paperback) Luke Kennard

    Winner, British Book Design & Production Awards 2016 Guardian Best Books of 2016 Guardian Best Books for Summer 2016 Observer Best Holiday Reads 2016 Tricksy, acerbic and laugh-out-loud funny, Cain is the dazzling new collection from Next Generation Poet Luke Kennard.

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  • Sunshine
    Sunshine (Paperback) Melissa Lee-Houghton

    Sunshine is the new collection from Next Generation Poet Melissa Lee-Houghton. A writer of startling confession, her poems inhabit the lonely hotel rooms, psych wards and deserted lanes of austerity Britain.

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  • Cenotaph South
    Cenotaph South (Hardback) Chris McCabe

    Step through the iron gates of one of London's most spectacular Victorian cemeteries on the hunt for the lost poets of Nunhead.

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  • Mondeo Man
    Mondeo Man (English, Paperback) Luke Wright

    Explosive political satire and acerbic wit leap from stage to page in this hotly anticipated debut collection from Luke Wright. ...

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  • Trammel
    Trammel (Paperback) Charlotte Newman

    Voracious in her critique of modernity, Charlotte Newman ranges across the spectra of social and sexual politics - from Brexit to the Bechdel Test via Renaissance art and vintage computer games.

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  • At Hajj
    At Hajj (Paperback) Amaan Hyder

    At Hajj is a book of yearning and of pulling away, of things handed down and newly made.The debut collection from British poet Amaan Hyder plunges the reader into the heat and dust of the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca.

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  • Toll
    Toll (Paperback) Luke Wright

    The Toll combines the elegaic with the anarchic, placing uproarious satire cheek-by-jowl with wild experiments in form and touching poems of parenthood. In this mature follow-up to his best-selling debut, Mondeo Man, Luke Wright captures the strain of austerity Britain, speaking truth to power and registering the toll it takes on us all.

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  • Beowulf
    Beowulf (English, Paperback) Meghan Purvis

    A warrior sails to a distant land, to a once great hall plagued by a murderous enemy: the monster Grendel. Can the hero Beowulf defeat his blood-thirsty foe, save the Geats from being wiped off the map, and claim his just rewards? The Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf is brought to life by American poet Meghan Purvis in a vigorous new translation.

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  • The Hard Word Box
    The Hard Word Box (English, Paperback) Sarah Hesketh

    In 2013 poet Sarah Hesketh spent 20 weeks visiting a residential care home for people with dementia. The result is The Hard Word Box, a book of poems and verbatim interviews that takes the reader on a surprising and enriching journey through memory and imagination.

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  • Cenotaph South
    Cenotaph South (Paperback) Chris McCabe

    Step through the iron gates of one of London's most spectacular Victorian cemeteries on the hunt for the lost poets of Nunhead.Literary investigator Chris McCabe pushes back the tangled ivy and hacks his way through the poetic history of south-east London.

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  • What I Learned from Johnny Bevan
    What I Learned from Johnny Bevan (Paperback) Luke Wright

    Johnny Bevan, a whip-smart, mercurial kid from a council estate, saves Nick from living his father's safe life, but it ends tragically. Years later, a world-weary Nick is reminded of their friendship. Can Johnny save Nick again? Luke Wright makes his theatre debut with a verse play about friendship, class and a bad idea for a festival.

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  • Midland
    Midland (English, Paperback) Honor Gavin

    Midland tells the story of three women as they fight to find their feet amid the rubble of the twentieth century. From the bombsites of the 1940s to the construction sites of the 1960s and decaying tower blocks of the 1980s, Honor Gavin has created an ingenious narrative of one Midlands family that's also a startling, anarchic history of a city.

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  • The Good Dark
    The Good Dark (Paperback) Ryan Van Winkle

    In his atmospheric second collection, Ryan Van Winkle charts loves won and loves lost. A lyric voice that is both familiar and strangely different leads us through the shifting forests of memory and towards a grim acknowledgement of the obligation to get up, to be careful, to move.

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  • Spacecraft
    Spacecraft (Paperback) John McCullough

    Spacecraft navigates white space of the page and distances between people. Margins, edges and coastlines abound in McCullough's tender explorations of contemporary life and love. From lichen to lava lamps, from etymology to Brighton's gay scene, Spacecraft is a humane and spellbinding collection from the winner of the 2012 Polari First Book Prize.

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  • The Lost Art of Sinking
    The Lost Art of Sinking (English, Hardback) Naomi Booth

    "beautifully written, funny, mischievous and touching" NICHOLAS ROYLE Shortlisted for the MMU Novella Award 2014 The Lost Art of Sinking is a dark comedy about losing yourself. Sensual, funny and exquisitely written, this bold novella introduces a fresh new literary voice in Naomi Booth.

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  • In the Catacombs
    In the Catacombs (English, Hardback) Chris McCabe

    Opened in 1837 and inspired by the Pere Lachaise in Paris, West Norwood became known as the Millionaire's Cemetery. But within its opulent grounds there are twelve buried names whose currency is language: these are the dead poets of West Norwood.

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  • Forms of Protest
    Forms of Protest (Paperback) Hannah Silva

    Forms of Protest collects together for the first time the work of Hannah Silva, a poet and playwright known for her fearless and wholly original vocal performances. These poems and experimental texts oscillate between sense and nonsense, meaning and music, always testing the limits of language to represent the lived world.

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  • The Shipwrecked House
    The Shipwrecked House (Paperback) Claire Trevien

    Anchors, shipwrecks, whales and islands abound in this first collection by Anglo-Breton poet Claire Trevien. These poems are sketches, lyrics, dreams, and experiments in language as sound. Trevien's is a surreal vision, steeped in myth and music, in which everything is alive and - like the sea itself - constantly shifting form.

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