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  • Driverless Cars: On a Road to Nowhere by Christian Wolmar
    Driverless Cars: On a Road to Nowhere (English, Paperback) Christian Wolmar

    Driverless cars are being hyped strongly by industry and government as an inevitable feature of our (near) future transport options. This book argues that they will not be - as the technical, ethical and environmental difficulties are too great. Autonomous vehicles are also the wrong solution to the wrong problem.

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  • Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin by David Birch
    Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin (English, Hardback) David Birch

    Money is changing, and this book looks at where the technology of money might be taking us in the future. Technology has moved our concept of money from physical things, to unseen bits of information. But the shape of the future can be seen in the distant past.

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  • Are Trams Socialist? by Christian Wolmar
    Are Trams Socialist? (English, Paperback) Christian Wolmar

    If you have ever wondered why the roads are congested, the trains are full and the buses are no longer running, this book provides the answers. The UK has never had a proper transport policy and it desperately needs one to address the twin challengers of getting people around cheaply and safely, while safeguarding the environment.

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  • Identity is the New Money by David Birch
    Identity is the New Money (English, Paperback) David Birch

    This book argues that personal identity is changing profoundly and that money is changing equally profoundly. Cash will be replaced by a proliferation of new digital currencies.

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  • The Weaponization of Trade by Rebecca Harding
    The Weaponization of Trade (English, Paperback) Rebecca Harding

    Trade is being weaponized - and this isn't good. As politicians on both sides of the Atlantic raise the stakes, trade is increasingly a tool of coercion to achieve strategic influence. This book looks at the risks for us all as trade becomes an instrument of foreign policy, and shows how politicians could turn things around.

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  • A Better Politics by Danny Dorling
    A Better Politics (English, Paperback) Danny Dorling

    This book looks at the evidence for a successful politics that would promote happiness and health. It suggests policies that take account of this evidence. Government can and should work to make us happier.

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  • Perspectives on Family Ministry by Dr Timothy Paul Jones
    Perspectives on Family Ministry (English, Paperback) Dr Timothy Paul Jones

    A point/counterpoint discussion of differing family ministry approaches (?Family-Integrated Church, Family-Driven Faith,? ?Family-Based Ministry: Separated Contexts, Shared Focus,? and ?Family-Equipping Ministry: Church and Home as Co-Champions?).

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  • Housing by Kate Barker
    Housing (English, Paperback) Kate Barker

    With so many conflicting views and a balance to be struck between growth and conservation, what housing market outcomes might be regarded as a success for policymakers? This book attempts to give at least some answers, concluding with a list of criteria by which success might be judged along with a list of policy recommendations.

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  • Perspectives on the Doctrine of God by Professor Paul Helm
    Perspectives on the Doctrine of God (English, Paperback) Professor Paul Helm, Bruce A. Ware

    Classical Calvinist, Modified Calvinist, Classical Armenian, and Open Theist views are evenly and productively discussed inPerspectives on the Doctrine of God.

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  • Travel Fast or Smart? by David Metz
    Travel Fast or Smart? (English, Paperback) David Metz

    This book sets out the principles that could underpin a strategic policy for transport. Instead of focusing piecemeal on trying (and failing) to get from place to place ever faster, we need to think about how and where we want the economy to develop, and about how new the digital technologies can help achieve this.

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  • The Vision Machine by Paul Virilio
    The Vision Machine (English, Paperback) Paul Virilio

    Virilio offers a cool, precise look at an impending future in which reality shall simply cease to exist. Highly recommended." ?Choice Surveying art history as well as the technologies of war and urban planning, one of France's leading intellectuals provides an introduction to a new "logistics of the image."

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  • Perspectives on Church Government by Chad Brand
    Perspectives on Church Government (English, Paperback) Chad Brand

    The models of church government discussed are the Plural Elder-led Congregational model, the Single Elder-led Congregational model, the Democratic Congregational model, the Episcopal model, and the Presbyterian model.

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  • Cancer Evolution by Charles Swanton
    Cancer Evolution (English, Hardback) Charles Swanton

    Tumor progression is driven by mutations that confer growth advantages to different subpopulations of cancer cells. As a tumor grows, these subpopulations expand, accumulate new mutations, and are subjected to selective pressures from the environment, including anticancer interventions. This process, termed clonal evolution, can lead to the emergence of therapy-resistant tumors and poses a major...

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  • Perspectives on Your Child's Education: 4 Views by Mark Eckel
    Perspectives on Your Child's Education: 4 Views (English, Paperback) Mark Eckel, Tyler G Fischer

    A discussion of four childhood education models (public school, homeschool, open admission Christian school, covenental Christian school) and which is most in line with Scripture.

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  • Perspectives on Tithing by David A Croteau
    Perspectives on Tithing (English, Paperback) David A Croteau

    David A. Croteau, Ken Hemphill, Bobby Eklund, Reggie Kidd, and Gary North debate the varying views on how Christians are to give of their financial resources, addressing the myriad of questions surrounding the complex issue.

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  • Perspectives on the Sabbath by Christopher John Donato
    Perspectives on the Sabbath (English, Paperback) Christopher John Donato

    Four views of the Sabbath commandment (Seventh-day, Fulfillment, Christian Sabbath, and Lutheran) are presented by scholars in point-counterpoint style to determine which is most faithful to Scripture.

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  • Pere Et Fils by Mickie B Ashling
    Pere Et Fils (Multiple languages, Paperback) Mickie B Ashling

    Suite de Le Go

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  • The Truth As He Knows It by A. M. Arthur
    The Truth As He Knows It (English, CD-Audio) A. M. Arthur

    A. M. Arthur presents the first installment of the Perspectives romance series.

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  • Reinventing London by Bridget Rosewell
    Reinventing London (English, Paperback) Bridget Rosewell

    The financial sector has provided London with an extraordinary impetus for growth over a generation - but what will follow it? The regeneration of Kings Cross and the Olympic boroughs show what the next stage of London's growth will look like, with an economy driven by accountants and geeks, not bankers.

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  • Britain's Cities, Britain's Future by Mike Emmerich
    Britain's Cities, Britain's Future (English, Paperback) Mike Emmerich

    Why did Britain's cities, once the engines of the industrial revolution, decline so severely? What needs to be done if our cities are once again to be the drivers of our economy? This book answers these questions, looking at the lessons of the last two hundred years. .

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