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Pete Evans

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  • Fat for Fuel Ketogenic Cookbook by Joseph Mercola
    Fat for Fuel Ketogenic Cookbook (English, Hardback) Joseph Mercola, Dr. Joseph Mercola

    A guide to eating the ketogenic way from a natural-health expert and a chef shares recipes aligned with both ketogenic and Paleo principles, including such options as soups, salads, meals, and snacks, along with nutritional facts for each recipe.

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  • Compact Wales: Resurrection River by Pete Evans
    Compact Wales: Resurrection River (English, Paperback) Pete Evans $12.35
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  • The Complete Gut Health Cookbook by Pete Evans
    The Complete Gut Health Cookbook (English, Paperback) Pete Evans, Helen Padarin

    An award-winning chef and a trusted nutritionist combine forces to present this all-inclusive, six-step guide for getting your gut right through more than 100 recipes for gut health that don't skimp on flavor?including Miso Soup With Chicken Meatballs, Lamb Burger and Lettuce Wraps, Cinnamon Ice Cream and more?and a five-week meal plan.

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  • Going Paleo by Pete Evans
    Going Paleo (Paperback) Pete Evans

    The definitive guide on how to go paleo and become the healthiest version of yourself, from chef, television personality and health advocate, Pete Evans. Includes practical guide and weekly meals plans as well as 80+ recipes.

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  • Paleo Chef by Pete Evans
    Paleo Chef (English, Hardback) Pete Evans, Seamus Mullan

    Offers over one hundred recipes for people following an all-natural, unprocessed, and sugar-free diet, including such options as chia seed pudding, Moroccan carrot salad, shrimp satay, and chocolate-avocado mousse.

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  • Pizza by Pete Evans
    Pizza (English, Hardback) Pete Evans

    A collection of 40 recipes includes classic and creative options that can be prepared in a countertop electric pizza maker and conventional ovens, providing coverage of four basic doughs while sharing instructions for preparing such varieties as Margherita pizza, Chicken and Basil Pesto Pizza and Wild Mushroom Pizza with Ham and Ricotta.

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  • Pizza by Pete Evans
    Pizza (English, Hardback) Pete Evans

    A collection of more than 100 recipes that cover classic pizzas and more modern versions, and include breakfast pizzas, indulgent pizzas, sweet pizzas and pizza recipes shared by the author's friends.

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  • My Party by Pete Evans
    My Party (English, Hardback) Pete Evans

    Whether it's an elegant high tea, five-star dinner party or chilling out with a group of friends, each chapter of My Party centres around a theme for entertaining. Each chapter offers an array of delicious recipes, accompanied by a selection of the perfect drinks to match.

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  • My Grill by Pete Evans
    My Grill (Hardback) Pete Evans

    Includes chapters of recipes starting with a weekend away, through to an afternoon barbecue, finishing with an evening affair. This title contains recipes for cocktails.

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  • KetoFast Cookbook by Dr Joseph Mercola
    KetoFast Cookbook (English, Hardback) Dr Joseph Mercola, Pete Evans

    Dr. Joseph Mercola, one of the world's foremost authorities on alternative health, joins with top chef Pete Evans for an illustrated guide to timing ketogenic meals for optimal health, weight loss, and more. Includes more than 100 delicious recipes to make ketogenic eating easy and enjoyable....

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  • Paleo Every Day by Pete Evans
    Paleo Every Day (English, Paperback) Pete Evans

    The huge Australian bestseller: fresh, delicious paleo recipes to make you feel (and look) fantastic

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  • Family Food by Pete Evans
    Family Food (Paperback) Pete Evans

    Pete Evans offers quick, tasty and nutritious paleo food for all the family

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  • Cook with Love by Pete Evans
    Cook with Love (Hardback) Pete Evans

    This book bring together the classics, the favourites and the best of Pete Evans' previous six titles in the relaxed and friendly style for which he is known.

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  • Fast Food for Busy Families by Pete Evans
    Fast Food for Busy Families (Paperback) Pete Evans

    Australia's favourite chef and leading health advocate, Pete Evans, shares over 100 quick, easy and delicious paleo recipes for busy people.

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