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Pete Johnson

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  • How To Train Your Parents by Pete Johnson
    How To Train Your Parents (English, Paperback) Pete Johnson

    Moving to a new area and a new school, Louis is horrified to discover his parents changing into ultra-competitive parents, wanting him and his younger brother to get straight As at school and join all sorts of after-school clubs and activities like the other kids in the area.

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  • How to Fool Your Parents by Pete Johnson
    How to Fool Your Parents (Paperback) Pete Johnson Currently Unavailable More details
  • Hero by Pete Johnson
    Hero (English, Paperback) Pete Johnson, Jen Collins

    A humorous and perceptive tale exploring teen life. Luke defends his sister and ends up challenging the hardest boy in school to a fight! Will he survive the showdown? Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic readers aged 12+

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  • Awesome by Pete Johnson
    Awesome (Paperback) Pete Johnson, Jen Collins

    When Ben starts at a new school, the last thing he expects is to be mistaken for a TV star! Can he stop pretending to be someone he's not before things spin out of control? Light-hearted comedy. Suitable for dyslexic, struggling and reluctant reader teens.

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  • Mate Match by Pete Johnson
    Mate Match (Paperback) Pete Johnson, Jen Collins

    Honest and heart-warming tale for modern teenage from the best-selling author of How to Train Your Parents. Perfectly pitched for digitally-obsessed teens, this upbeat comedy explores teen romance in the Age of the App and the value of real-life connections. Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic readers aged 12+

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  • My Parents Are Out Of Control by Pete Johnson
    My Parents Are Out Of Control (English, Paperback) Pete Johnson

    Louis doesn't think much of it when his mum and dad ask him for tips on how to be cool. Until Dad turns up outside Louis's new school dressed like a rapper, that is . . .Suddenly they're trying to friend Louis and all his classmates on Facebook, and wearing baseball caps backwards - IN PUBLIC. Mum and Dad have taken things too far . .

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  • How to Get Famous by Pete Johnson
    How to Get Famous (Paperback) Pete Johnson

    Tobey is determined he will be famous. He's not big-headed, he just knows he's got something special and he's determined that everyone will know it!Tobey and his friend Georgia audition for a role in the local play - and to his huge disappointment, Georgia gets a part, but he doesn't.

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  • Traitor by Pete Johnson
    Traitor (Paperback) Pete Johnson

    Tom, Mia and Oliver are the victims of a gang of bullies - who waylay them on the way home from school. It's not at school, so the teachers wouldn't be able to help, and they don't want to tell their parents, so there's only one option - to pay up.

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  • The Ghost Dog by Pete Johnson
    The Ghost Dog (Paperback) Pete Johnson

    When Daniel and his friends make up a ghost story about a terrifying dog what begins as a story turns into a nightmare... A spine tingling tale about a boy haunted by the monsterous creature he created in his own imagination.

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  • The Vampire Blog by Pete Johnson
    The Vampire Blog (English, Paperback) Pete Johnson

    Marcus was convinced that vampires didn't exist. He was very wrong . . . On his thirteenth birthday, Marcus Howlett is faced with a bombshell. But, as he secretly blogs about the horrors of his new fangs, bad breath and cravings for blood, Marcus is unaware that his life is in serious danger . . .

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  • The Vampire Fighters by Pete Johnson
    The Vampire Fighters (English, Paperback) Pete Johnson

    Life has never been more complicated for thirteen-year-old Marcus. And they're trying not to show their disappointment every time another day passes and it doesn't appear - but Marcus is totally feeling the pressure. Giles believes a super-evil sect of Deadly Vampires is behind them, and Marcus suspects an eerie ventriloquist at the Fair.

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  • The Runaway Teacher by Pete Johnson
    The Runaway Teacher (English, Paperback) Pete Johnson $13.33
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  • Detective Brother by Pete Johnson
    Detective Brother (English, Paperback) Pete Johnson, Mike Philips

    A new adventure featuring Jamie, Reema and Harry. This funny and thoughtful story for young readers is illustrated by Mike Philips. Follows the success of "Big Brother" and "Invisible Brother". Ages: 7+

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  • Return of the (Un)Teenager by Pete Johnson
    Return of the (Un)Teenager (Paperback) Pete Johnson

    Hilarious sequel to Diary of an (Un)teenager, from the author of the best-selling How to Train Your Parents. Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic readers aged 12+

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  • Six Hours by Pete Johnson
    Six Hours (Paperback) Pete Johnson, Jen Collins

    Humorous and perceptive tale exploring the pressures of teen life. Dominic and Lara have had enough - they need a break, time to just chill. So they fake sick and slip away from school to enjoy a few stress-free hours. Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic readers aged 12+

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  • Diary of an (Un)Teenager by Pete Johnson
    Diary of an (Un)Teenager (Paperback) Pete Johnson

    Laugh-out-loud look at teenage life in all its glory, from the author of best-selling How to Train Your Parents. Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic readers aged 12+

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  • The Vampire Bewitched by Pete Johnson
    The Vampire Bewitched (English, Paperback) Pete Johnson

    And together with his friends Tallulah and Gracie, he hunts and fights a totally evil enemy: the deadly vampires, who are out to destroy all humans and half-vampires. They think his amnesia is very suspicious and sinister - and might have something to do with the weird new horror shop that's just opened up in town . .

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  • The Bad Spy's Guide by Pete Johnson
    The Bad Spy's Guide (Paperback) Pete Johnson

    Everyone thinks Tasha is a big joke because she is obsessed with spies. But when Henry, the new boy at school, accidentally mixes up his notebook with hers, Tasha has breathed her last ever bit of dull air. Henry tells her he is a teenage spy. And that he needs to use her room for surveillance on his latest targets.

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  • Rescuing Dad by Pete Johnson
    Rescuing Dad (Paperback) Pete Johnson

    Jon and Claire can see why Mum chucked Dad out. He looks a mess, he can't cook and he's useless around the house - something must be done. They are the only ones who can transform him, and impress Mum into taking him back. Disaster strikes however when Mum starts seeing slimy and creepy Roger.

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