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  • True History of the Kelly Gang
    True History of the Kelly Gang (Paperback) Peter Carey

    of age and know what it is to be raised on lies and silence...'To the authorities in pursuit of him, outlaw Ned Kelly is a horse thief, bank robber and police-killer. In a dazzling act of ventriloquism, Peter Carey brings the famous bushranger wildly and passionately to life.

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  • Oscar and Lucinda
    Oscar and Lucinda (Paperback) Peter Carey

    Peter Carey's novel of the undeclared love between clergyman Oscar Hopkins and the heiress Lucinda Leplastrier is both a moving and beautiful love story and a historical tour de force set in Victorian times.

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  • Parrot and Olivier in America
    Parrot and Olivier in America (Paperback) Peter Carey

    As the narrative shifts between the perspectives of Parrot and Olivier, and their picaresque travels together and apart - in love and politics, prisons and the world of art - Peter Carey explores the adventure of American democracy, in theory and in practice, with dazzling wit and inventiveness.

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  • Theft: A Love Story
    Theft: A Love Story (Paperback) Peter Carey

    Narrated by the twin voices of the artist Butcher Bones, and his 'damaged two-hundred-and-twenty-pound brother' Hugh, Theft: A Love Story once again displays Peter Carey's extraordinary flair for language.

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  • Wrong About Japan
    Wrong About Japan (Paperback) Peter Carey

    In a stunning memoir-cum-travelogue Peter Carey charts this journey, inspired by Charley's passion for Japanese Manga and anime, and explores his own resulting re-evaluation of Japan.

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  • Jack Maggs
    Jack Maggs (Paperback) Peter Carey

    What does he want after all these years, and why is he so interested in the comings and goings at a plush townhouse in Great Queen Street? And why is Jack himself an object of such interest to Tobias Oates, celebrated author, amateur hypnotist and fellow burglar - in this case of people's minds, of their histories and inner phantoms?

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  • Freedom Entrepreneur
    Freedom Entrepreneur (Paperback) Peter Carey $16.07
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  • The Tax Inspector
    The Tax Inspector (Paperback) Peter Carey

    The day that Benny Catchprice was fired from the spare parts department of Catchprice Motors by his aunt Cathy was also the day that the Tax Inspector, Maria Takis, arrived to begin her long-overdue audit of the family business.

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  • My Life as a Fake
    My Life as a Fake (Paperback) Peter Carey

    Choosing as his target the most avant-garde of the literary magazines, he submits for publication the entire oeuvre of one Bob McCorkle, a working-class poet of raw power and sexual frankness, conveniently dead at twenty-four and entirely the product of Chubb's imagination.

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  • True History of the Kelly Gang
    True History of the Kelly Gang (English, Paperback) Peter Carey

    The introduction, discussion questions, author biography, and suggested reading list that follow are designed to enhance your group's reading of Peter Carey's True History of the Kelly Gang . We hope they will provide you with new ways of thinking and talking about a novel that vividly re-creates the life of Australia's most famous and most fascinating outlaw.

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  • Illywhacker
    Illywhacker (Paperback) Peter Carey

    An illywhacker is a confidence trickster, and Herbert Badgery, the 139-year-old narrator of this dazzling comic novel, may be the king of them all.

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  • The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith
    The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith (Paperback) Peter Carey

    If you are not a citizen of Voorstand, you may not be familiar with the strange case of Tristan Smith and his illegal appropriation of Bruder Mouse.

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  • The Chemistry of Tears
    The Chemistry of Tears (Paperback) Peter Carey

    Her employer at the museum, aware of Catherine's grief, gives her a special project - to piece together both the mechanics and the story of an extraordinary automaton, commissioned in the nineteenth century by Henry Brandling to amuse his dying son.

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  • Bliss
    Bliss (English, Paperback) Peter Carey

    Peter Carey's astonishing debut novel is a fast-moving extravaganza, both funny and gripping, about a man who, recovering from death, is convinced that he is in hell.

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  • Collected Stories
    Collected Stories (Paperback) Peter Carey

    Peter Carey is justly renowned for his novels, which have included the Booker Prize-winning titles Oscar and Lucinda and True History of the Kelly Gang. He is also a dazzling writer of short stories. This volume collects together all the stories from The Fat Man in History and War Crimes as well as three other stories.

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  • Wrong about Japan
    Wrong about Japan (English, Paperback) Peter Carey

    The Booker Prize-winning author of Oscar and Lucinda describes how his shy young son's fascination with Japanese manga and anime led father and son on an intriguing odyssey to Tokyo, where they discover the intricacies of modern-day Japanese culture, from shitamachi and the Internet to kabuki and the samurai. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.

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  • Amnesia
    Amnesia (English, Paperback) Visiting Professor Peter Carey

    The two-time Booker Prize winner now gives us an exceedingly timely, exhilarating novel?at once dark, suspenseful, and seriously funny?that journeys to the place where the cyber underworld collides with international power politics....

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  • 30 Days in Sydney
    30 Days in Sydney (English, Hardback) Peter Carey

    A decorated writer's witty, energetic exploration of his home city, told through a month-long visit-- now in a brand new hardcover package.

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  • Illywhacker
    Illywhacker (English, Paperback) Peter Carey

    The history of twentieth-century Australia is seen through the exploits and adventures of conman Herbert Badgery, as the 139-year-old "illywhacker" recalls his diverse careers as an aviator, car salesman, seducer, patriarch, and snake catcher. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.

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