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  • Classic British Steam Locomotives
    Classic British Steam Locomotives (English, Paperback) Peter Herring

    Britain was the pioneering force behind the birth of the steam locomotive. This authoritative visual reference spans over 150 years of railway history, featuring 85 class profiles, a comprehensive glossary and over 200 photographs.

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  • Mile by Mile
    Mile by Mile (English, Hardback) R. G. Pike

    A nostalgic guide to Britain's railways as they were just after the War.

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  • The Lanhydrock Land Atlas
    The Lanhydrock Land Atlas (Hardback) Paul Holden, Peter Herring

    The complete set of historical maps that comprise the Lanhydrock Land Atlas

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  • Fifty Famous British Locomotives
    Fifty Famous British Locomotives (Hardback) Peter Herring

    A guide to fifty of the most famous locomotives of the steam train and early diesel age, including the people, power and popularity that made them famous. It features photographs of the locomotives at full steam, as well as colour photos taken after their restoration.

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  • Bodmin Moor, an Archaeological Survey: Volume 2
    Bodmin Moor, an Archaeological Survey: Volume 2 (English, Paperback) Peter Herring, Adam Sharpe

    Examines the industrial and post-medieval landscape of Bodmin Moor, including streamworking, mining, quarrying, clay working, turf cutting and intensive farming. Aerial photographs, detailed line drawings, and large-scale maps add to the text.

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  • Die Geschichte der Eisenbahn
    Die Geschichte der Eisenbahn (German, Hardback) Peter Herring

    Vor 200 Jahren brach mit den ersten Eisenbahnen das Zeitalter des modernen Verkehrs an. Dieses Buch erzählt vom aufregenden Siegeszug der neuen Technologie im 19. Jahrhundert und den zahlreichen technischen Rekordleistungen der Eisenbahnen im 20. Jahrhundert. Jede Ära der Eisenbahngeschichte wird anhand historischer Bilddokumente und exklusiver Farbfotos besonders schöner Lokomotiven zum Leben...

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  • St Michael's Mount (Paperback) Peter Herring $22.07
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  • Complete English Grammar Rules
    Complete English Grammar Rules (English, Paperback) Peter Herring

    Examples, Exceptions, Exercises, and Everything You Need to Master Proper GrammarComplete English Grammar Rules is a comprehensive English grammar guide covering both basic and advanced grammar rules. Learn proper English grammar with simple, in-depth explanations, featuring key exceptions, common grammar mistakes, and thousands of real-world usage examples, plus valuable grammar exercises—every...

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  • Yesterday's Railways
    Yesterday's Railways (Paperback) Peter Herring

    Many still recall when the train was their principal means of travel, whether to school or work, to visit friends and relatives, or to go on holiday. And it wasn't just people that went by rail: so did the coal that heated homes, the food that filled them and the bricks that built them.

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