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  • Communities for Social Change by Annette Coburn
    Communities for Social Change (English, Paperback) Annette Coburn

    Communities for Social Change: Practicing Equality and Social Justice in Youth and Community Work examines core ideas of social justice and equality that underpin community and youth work.

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  • Women Making Art by Deborah Johnson
    Women Making Art (English, Paperback) Deborah Johnson

    This interdisciplinary book examines the work of several female artists since 1960 in the areas of dance, music, installation, photography, architecture, poetry, literature, theater, film, and performance art. Each chapter is primarily devoted to an important work by a single artist, seen within its historical context, and with particular attention to how each artist incorporated gender issues or...

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  • Einstein Fellows by Tim Spuck
    Einstein Fellows (English, Paperback) Tim Spuck

    Readers of Einstein Fellows: Best Practices in STEM Education will gain powerful insight about what really works when it comes to teaching and learning STEM

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  • Teaching Black Girls by Venus E. Evans-Winters
    Teaching Black Girls (English, Paperback) Venus E. Evans-Winters

    Uses qualitative research methods to interpret and discuss school resilience in lives of African American female students. This book demonstrates how these girls are simultaneously one of the vulnerable, and one of resilient group of students. It implements alternative approaches to study of intersection of race, class, and gender on schooling.

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  • Financial Literacy for Children and Youth, Second Edition by Kathleen S. Cooter
    Financial Literacy for Children and Youth, Second Edition (English, Hardback) Kathleen S. Cooter

    The book asserts that teaching is a social and political act capable of enabling the teachers of today to delve into the practical, theoretical and socio-historical perspectives of financial literacy instruction in schools with the hopes to better the life outcomes of young people.

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  • Professional Development for Culturally Responsive and Relationship-Based Pedagogy by Christine Sleeter
    Professional Development for Culturally Responsive and Relationship-Based Pedagogy (English, Paperback) Christine Sleeter

    Presents a large-scale evaluation of a theory-driven school reform project in New Zealand, which focuses on improving educational achievement of Maori students in public secondary schools. In this book, the project's conceptual underpinnings are based on Kaupapa Maori research, and relationship-based pedagogy.

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  • Betwixt & Between by James C. Conroy
    Betwixt & Between (English, Paperback) James C. Conroy $43.15
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  • Organizational Listening by Jim MacNamara
    Organizational Listening (English, Paperback) Jim MacNamara

    This landmark study proposes and describes how organizations need to create an architecture of listening to regain trust and re-engage people whose voices are unheard or ignored. It presents a compelling case to show that urgent attention to organizational listening is essential for maintaining healthy democracy, organization legitimacy, business sustainability, and social equity.

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  • Using Concept Mapping to Foster Adaptive Expertise by Diane Salmon
    Using Concept Mapping to Foster Adaptive Expertise (English, Paperback) Diane Salmon, Melissa Kelly

    Salmon and Kelly provide a research-based framework and corresponding strategies to help teachers develop, critique, and revise their concept maps. In using this approach, teachers refine knowledge for teaching in order to expand their adaptive expertise and ultimately improve the academic performances of their students.

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  • Muslim Conversions to Christ by Ayman S. Ibrahim
    Muslim Conversions to Christ (English, Hardback) Ayman S. Ibrahim

    Drawing on international scholars and practitioners in the fields of the history and nature of Islam, the Qur'an, Christian-Muslim relations, biblical theology, and practical missiology, Muslim Conversions to Christ presents a solid academic rejoinder to the IM phenomenon.

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  • Going Inward by Susan Diana Longerbeam
    Going Inward (English, Hardback) Susan Diana Longerbeam

    Going Inward is a pragmatic text for faculty in all disciplines who desire to deepen their reflection on teaching. Through the culturally introspective writings of faculty in a variety of academic disciplines, readers will gain a deeper understanding of faculty cultural influences on college teaching and student learning.

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  • Millennials, News, and Social Media by Paula M. Poindexter
    Millennials, News, and Social Media (English, Paperback) Paula M. Poindexter

    This revised and updated book will appeal to students, scholars, journalists, and everyone who cares about informed and civically engaged citizens and a strong democracy.

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  • Vygotsky in 21st Century Society by Pedro R. Portes
    Vygotsky in 21st Century Society (English, Paperback) Pedro R. Portes

    An ensemble of novel perspectives about the legacy of Lev Vygotsky and Alexander Luria. It illustrates how well the legacy of their work is being applied and continued in contemporary research, and how cultural historical theory has been constructed and re-constructed.

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  • Power Play by Jesse Gainer
    Power Play (English, Hardback) Jesse Gainer, Tim Kinard

    This book tells the story of activist teachers and the very young together in a play-based curriculum in a public school in Texas.

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  • Berthold Viertel by Irene Jansen
    Berthold Viertel (German, Hardback) Irene Jansen

    Die Jahre des Exils wurden fuer den 1885 in Wien geborenen Juden Berthold Viertel die literarisch produktivsten seines Lebens. Die vorliegende Untersuchung gestaltet einen Einblick in den biographischen, aesthetischen und thematischen Zusammenhang, in dem Viertels Exilschaffen steht. Aus dem umfangreichen Nachlass wurden Gedicht- und Korrespondenzbeispiele ausgewaehlt, deren Auswertung einen...

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  • Television 2.0 by Rhiannon Bury
    Television 2.0 (English, Paperback) Rhiannon Bury

    Television 2.0 sets out to document and interrogate shifting patterns of engagement with digital television.

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  • Coming out of the Closet by Natalie T. J. Tindall
    Coming out of the Closet (English, Paperback) Natalie T. J. Tindall

    This edited volume shares research on the impact and interaction of campaigns and programming from advertising, marketing, and public relations on internal (e.g., practitioners and employees) and external (e.g., consumers, activists) stakeholders from the LGBT community. Chapters highlight a significant change in the focus of strategic communications and the struggle of practitioners.

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  • Eating the Black Body by Carlyle van Thompson
    Eating the Black Body (English, Paperback) Carlyle van Thompson

    In this provocative and original exploration of racial subjugation and its aftermath, Carlyle Van Thompson illumines the racialized sexual desire that reduces Black people to commodities for consumption. Eating the Black Body examines the often-sadistic forms of sexual violence during the period of slavery and its aftermath. By looking at one poem and three novels - Richard Wright's Between the...

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  • Portraits of Anti-racist Alternative Routes to Teaching in the U.S. by Conra D. Gist
    Portraits of Anti-racist Alternative Routes to Teaching in the U.S. (English, Paperback) Conra D. Gist

    Portraits of Anti-racist Alternative Routes to Teaching in the U.S. portrays how a critical teacher development framework for Teachers of Color can be applied to alternative routes to teaching and professional development program initiatives to actualize commitments to communities, social justice and visionaries.

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  • Indigenous Philosophies and Critical Education by George J. Sefa Dei
    Indigenous Philosophies and Critical Education (English, Paperback) George J. Sefa Dei

    Engages Indigenous knowledges more than a contest of the marginals, challenging the way oppositional knowledges are positioned, particularly in the Western academy. This book recognizes and acknowledge Indigenous knowledges as legitimate knowings in their own right, and not necessarily in competition with other sources or forms of knowledge.

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