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  • Mirror Images
    Mirror Images (English, Hardback) Diana Silberman-Keller

    Mirror Images: Popular Culture and Education is the first international and multidisciplinary effort to coalesce knowledge on education and popular culture studied as broad phenomena and not as a collection of case studies. In this volume, popular culture has been thematically treated as it appears in a variety of media, including movies, digital games, advertising, television, popular songs, and...

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  • Education in the Creative Economy
    Education in the Creative Economy (English, Paperback) Daniel Araya

    Education in the Creative Economy

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  • Etude sur L'orientalisme D'eugene Fromentin Dans ses Recits Algeriens
    Etude sur L'orientalisme D'eugene Fromentin Dans ses Recits Algeriens (Multiple languages, Hardback) Jean-Pierre LaFouge

    Ce livre analyse les sources et les qualites de l'orientalisme litteraire et ideologique des Recits algeriens d'Eugene Fromentin (Un ete dans le Sahara, Une annee dans le Sahel, 1854-1858). Il compare cet orientalisme avec celui de Victor Hugo, de Gerard de Nerval et de Lamartine, et montre comment Fromentin s'est inspire des oeuvres du General Daumas et de celles de Senancour. Se faisant, il veut...

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  • Anthropology from Asian Missiological Insights
    Anthropology from Asian Missiological Insights (English, Hardback) Man Soo Mok

    Man Soo (Abraham) Mok insightfully uses anthropological issues to examine folk beliefs, customs, and commitment. In addition, the author analyzes Korean culture to help readers grasp how the gospel took root in Korea - as it might have happened in any other culture.

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  • The Spiritual Narratives of Adoptive Parents
    The Spiritual Narratives of Adoptive Parents (English, Hardback) Ryan Noel Fraser

    Ryan Noel Fraser's cutting-edge research uncovers the distinctive re-authoring process of Christian adoptive parents' faith narratives resulting from the experience of receiving a child through adoption. Ideal for courses in family studies, marriage and the family, adoption studies, pastoral theology, pastoral counseling, Christian counseling, theological anthropology, and practical theology.

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  • Enacting Change from Within
    Enacting Change from Within (English, Paperback) Meghan Cosier

    Enacting Change from Within aims to provide a framework through which to analyze and address policy and practice in education, offering practical yet visionary ways to frame social justice work in schools that consider the day-to-day responsibilities of teachers.

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  • Inside the 'Inclusive' Early Childhood Classroom
    Inside the 'Inclusive' Early Childhood Classroom (English, Paperback) Karen Watson

    Inside the "Inclusive" Childhood Classroom: The Power of the "Normal" offers a critique of current practices and alternative view of inclusion.

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  • The Magical Life of Berber Women in Kabylia
    The Magical Life of Berber Women in Kabylia (English, Hardback) Elizabeth Corp

    Kabyle women from Algeria were believed to have been relegated to a role, subjugated by dominant males, in which they were confined to reproduction, nature, and their sensibilities. The weaknesses created by this inequality were thought to be compensated for by their living inconspicuous lives practicing magic, especially in love. Makilam rejects these preconceived ideas and demonstrates that...

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  • Gamify Your Classroom
    Gamify Your Classroom (English, Paperback) Matthew Farber

    This book is a field guide on how to implement game-based learning and "gamification" techniques to everyday teaching. It is a survey of best practices aggregated from interviews with experts in the field. Much of the book draws on the author's experiences implementing games with his middle school students.

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  • Feedback
    Feedback (English, Paperback) Robbie M. Sutton

    Presents a comprehensive, evidence-based review of the make-or-break factors that determine the efficacy of criticism, praise, and advice. This book can appeal to scholars and practitioners as a comprehensive review of the state of play in this field. It is also appropriate for use as a text for students in a range of disciplines.

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  • A New Literacies Reader
    A New Literacies Reader (English, Paperback) Colin Lankshear

    A New Literacies Reader is an introduction to social and cultural studies of new literacies from the perspectives of educators, education researchers and learners. The diverse topics addressed range from multimodal pedagogies, remix, performance poetry, and digital storytelling to issues associated with wireless environments, assessment, identity, and teachers' ways of taking up new technologies.

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  • Media Literacy and the Emerging Citizen
    Media Literacy and the Emerging Citizen (English, Paperback) Paul Mihailidis

    Media Literacy and the Emerging Citizen is about enhancing engagement in a digital media culture and the models that educators, parents and policy makers can utilize to place media-savvy youth into positions of purpose, responsibility and power.

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  • Communication Theory and Millennial Popular Culture
    Communication Theory and Millennial Popular Culture (English, Paperback) Kathleen Glenister Roberts

    Writing in a highly accessible yet compelling style, contributors explain communication theories by applying them to "artifacts" of popular culture. Using this book, students will become familiar with key theories in communication while developing creative and critical thinking.

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  • Transforming Education with New Media
    Transforming Education with New Media (English, Paperback) Peter DePietro

    This book examines the use of new media in pedagogy, as it presents case studies of the integration of technology, tools, and devices in an undergraduate curriculum taught by the author, at an urban research university in the United States.

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  • Storytelling
    Storytelling (English, Paperback) Irene Maria Blayer

    This interdisciplinary collection of sixteen readings from the International Conference on Storytelling (1999), serves as a bridge between the academic and the non-academic world by incorporating essays from scholars as well as storytellers. Topics covered include education, ethnolinguistics, First Nations studies, folklore, linguistics, literature, psychology, and sociology.

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  • Escaping Education
    Escaping Education (English, Paperback) Madhu Suri Prakash, Gustavo Esteva

    Escaping Education challenges the modern certainty that education is a universal good and a human right. It opens doors to alternative landscapes of learning and living that still flourish at the grassroots, within the cultures of the uneducated, the undereducated, and the illiterate who constitute the social majorities or the Two-Thirds World. It celebrates the richness of their traditions, their...

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  • Earth, Animal, and Disability Liberation
    Earth, Animal, and Disability Liberation (English, Paperback) Anthony J. Nocella

    This provocative and groundbreaking book is the first of its kind to propose the concept of Eco-ability: the intersectionality of the ecological world, persons with disabilities, and nonhuman animals. This book calls for a social justice theory and movement that dismantles constructed "normalcy", ableism, speciesism, and ecological destruction.

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  • Why Love Matters
    Why Love Matters (English, Paperback) Scherto Gill

    Why Love Matters provides an important introductory text to students of global governance, management studies, political economics, international relations and peace studies, and equally offers illuminating and instructive ideas to leaders, managers and practitioners who are interested in what values-based governance means and looks like and how to go about it in practice.

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  • Preaching and the Theological Imagination
    Preaching and the Theological Imagination (English, Hardback) Zachary Guiliano

    In an era in which The Episcopal Church and the Church of England have become increasingly alarmed about numerical decline, the editors examine sustained engagement with deepening the theological imagination of the whole Christian community, through renewed practices of, and approaches to, preaching, study, and spiritual development for Anglicans.

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  • Communication
    Communication (English, Paperback) Sherwyn P. Morreale, Kevin Barge

    Now in its third edition, Communication: Motivation, Knowledge, Skills is a textbook for the basic college communication course. The text emphasizes the basic themes of motivation, knowledge, and skills across the contexts of interpersonal communication, small group communication, public speaking, and computer-mediated communication and mass communication.

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