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  • Injustice in Indian Country
    Injustice in Indian Country (English, Hardback) Amy L. Casselman

    Injustice in Indian Country tells the story of American colonization through the eyes of Native women as they fight for justice. In doing so, it makes critical contributions to the fields of American law and policy, social justice and activism, women's studies, ethnic studies, American Indian studies, and sociology.

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  • What Does It Mean to Be White?
    What Does It Mean to Be White? (English, Paperback) Robin DiAngelo

    What does it mean to be white in a society that proclaims race meaningless, yet is deeply divided by race? Robin DiAngelo reveals the factors that make this question so difficult: mis-education about racism; ideologies such as individualism and colorblindness; segregation; and the belief that to be complicit in racism is to be an immoral person.

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  • El Espanol y Su Estructura
    El Espanol y Su Estructura (Spanish, Paperback) Silvia Burunat, Angel L Estevez

    El espanol y su estructura, Segunda edicion, es un repaso integro del espanol para estudiantes bilinguees a nivel universitario. Ha sido concebida para hispanohablantes que han vivido en contacto con el idioma pero que no han recibido instruccion formal en la adquisicion de la escritura estandarizada del idioma. Este texto puede usarse en un nivel basico como a nivel intermedio, sin embargo rinde...

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  • Einstein Fellows
    Einstein Fellows (English, Paperback) Tim Spuck

    Einstein Fellows attempts to improve the state of STEM education, not only here in the United States, but internationally as well. As the body of STEM-learning research grows, this volume provides the unique perspective of nationally recognized educators who have spent, collectively, more than 400,000 hours at the interface between teaching and learning.

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  • Using Concept Mapping to Foster Adaptive Expertise
    Using Concept Mapping to Foster Adaptive Expertise (English, Paperback) Diane Salmon, Melissa Kelly

    Salmon and Kelly provide a research-based framework and corresponding strategies to help teachers develop, critique, and revise their concept maps. In using this approach, teachers refine knowledge for teaching in order to expand their adaptive expertise and ultimately improve the academic performances of their students.

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  • When Race Breaks Out
    When Race Breaks Out (English, Paperback) Helen Fox

    This second revised edition of "When Race Breaks Out" is a guide for instructors who want to promote honest and informed conversations about race and racism. An updated annotated bibliography of over 250 articles, books, and videos with recommendations for classroom use is included.

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  • Culture and Technology
    Culture and Technology (English, Paperback) Jennifer Daryl Slack, J. Macgregor Wise

    Culture and Technology is an essential guide to that debate and its fascinating history. It is a primer for beginners and an invaluable resource for those deeply committed to understanding the new digital culture. The award-winning first edition (2005) has been comprehensively updated to incorporate new technologies and contemporary theories about them.

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  • Hip Hop DJs and the Evolution of Technology
    Hip Hop DJs and the Evolution of Technology (English, Paperback) Andre Sirois

    Using interviews with world-renowned and innovative hip-hop DJs, as well as technology manufacturers that cater to the market/culture, this book reveals stories behind some of the iconic DJ technologies that have helped shape the history and culture of DJing. More importantly, it explores how DJs have impacted the evolution of technology.

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  • Why We Love Disney
    Why We Love Disney (English, Paperback) Andi Stein

    From its beginnings as a small studio in the 1920s, the Disney Company has become one of the most influential organizations in the world of entertainment. This book examines the influence of the Walt Disney Company and the reasons for Disney's universal appeal.

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  • Black Mask-ulinity
    Black Mask-ulinity (English, Paperback) Lisa Bass

    Black Mask-ulinity: A Framework for Black Masculine Caring is a collection of research, narratives, essays, and conceptual works to lay the foundation for an important emerging theoretical framework: Black Masculine Caring (BMC).

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  • Digital Media
    Digital Media (English, Paperback) Paul Messaris

    In more than thirty essays by a wide range of scholars, this must-have second edition examines the impact of digital media and offers an invaluable guide for students and scholars alike. With one exception, all essays are completely new or revised for this volume.

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  • A New Literacies Reader
    A New Literacies Reader (English, Paperback) Colin Lankshear

    A New Literacies Reader is an introduction to social and cultural studies of new literacies from the perspectives of educators, education researchers and learners. The diverse topics addressed range from multimodal pedagogies, remix, performance poetry, and digital storytelling to issues associated with wireless environments, assessment, identity, and teachers' ways of taking up new technologies.

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  • Digital Literacy
    Digital Literacy (English, Paperback) Susan Wiesinger, Ralph Beliveau

    This textbook takes a well-rounded view of the evolution from media literacy to digital literacy to help students better understand the digitally filtered world in which they live.

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  • Disrupting Qualitative Inquiry
    Disrupting Qualitative Inquiry (English, Paperback) Ruth Nicole Brown

    Disrupting Qualitative Inquiry is an edited volume that examines the possibilities and tensions encountered by scholars who adopt disruptive qualitative approaches to the study of educational contexts, issues, and phenomena.

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  • Innovative Approaches to Educational Leadership
    Innovative Approaches to Educational Leadership (English, Paperback) Carrie Rogers

    Readers will use this casebook as a foundational text for courses in teacher education, educational leadership, business and higher education.

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  • Boondock Kollage
    Boondock Kollage (English, Paperback) Regina N. Bradley

    Boondock Kollage: Stories from the Hip Hop South is a collection of twelve short stories addressing issues of race, place, and identity in the South.

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  • Communities for Social Change
    Communities for Social Change (English, Paperback) Annette Coburn

    Communities for Social Change: Practicing Equality and Social Justice in Youth and Community Work examines core ideas of social justice and equality that underpin community and youth work.

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  • d/Deaf and d/Dumb
    d/Deaf and d/Dumb (English, Paperback) Joseph Michael Valente

    d/Deaf and d/Dumb

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  • Using Standards and High-Stakes Testing for Students
    Using Standards and High-Stakes Testing for Students (English, Paperback) Julie A. Gorlewski

    Provides examples of how top-down models of assessment can be embraced and used in ways that are consistent with critical pedagogies. This book offers readers a deepened awareness of how educators can alleviate the effects of standardization, especially for students in poor and working-class communities.

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  • An Introduction to Visual Communication
    An Introduction to Visual Communication (English, Paperback) Susan B. Barnes

    An Introduction to Visual Communication

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